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  1. ROFLcaptain

    Change music

    seems like its not an easy change then thx for the help
  2. ROFLcaptain

    Change music

    feelsbadman I dont really have the knowledge to change the contents, only to rename sound files at best. Would anticheat get me for trying to change the music this way?
  3. ROFLcaptain

    Change music

    Hello, I always played frost decks in the past, and the most important reason for that is that i just love the frost OST, and hate the other 3 elements' music. Is there a way i can change the other 3 color to play the frost ost? I know could just play the ost from youtube but i d like some other way.
  4. ROFLcaptain

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Since the start of the test i only get the "Your client has lost the connection to the server" message after a long login... is this common or something is wrong on my part?
  5. ROFLcaptain

    freeze during new deck creation

    Dont really know if it was posted anywhere else, but now that i finally got in i tried to make a new deck and after i typed in the new deck name and press enter the game froze.

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