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  1. Shimol

    Game is stuck

    what do i do? did anyone encounter that? i hate to log off then waste all the time i spent playing the mission
  2. hey guys i started playing, sorry re-playing about a week ago and this is my current deck, any suggestions would come in handy i'm currently using this deck for all modes(even though i know it's not rpve material...
  3. Shimol

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    hey guys, i just wanted to thank you for allowing me to relive my childhood, yesterday, me and my brother spent 5 hours just exploring the game and honestly enjoying it, so thank you so so much
  4. Shimol

    Experiencing "Lags"

    happened today, the game was laggy for me even though i had no problem with my internet (checked like 3 times), been playing for a couple of days and never happened before. 1 more question, why does sometimes my computer heats up when i play? i run smoothly other games (gta v, the witcher 3,lol,eso) but only when i play this game my vent starts going crazy sometimes XD
  5. Shimol

    Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)

    I really wish all of the staff members good luck and I wanna thank you for bringing the game back. I believe that like me many others are supporting you whether if it's donation or community involvement

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