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  1. As mentioned when trying to switch quest pools, you keep the current quests you have. Currently there is only the option to reroll a quest once, which you already did, which means you will have to complete this quest (if you don't plan to ignore it). Another option you have is to wait until we add a feature to allow multiple rerolls, which is planned but no estimated date for it yet.
    Unfortunately I will not manually switch your quests as that is unfair for the rest.

  2. In general I like the idea of being able to compare your progression with other players. I do wonder though, if comparing your progression with only one other player would achieve the effect, of incentivizing players to play more, well enough? Another option is to create progression (achievement) leaderboards.

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  3. 37 minutes ago, Kapo said:

    What would be the most elegant solution is that once you have completed everything, all visual clutter is removed. no matter if you use a exclamation mark or question mark or stars or whatever, after everything is done in expert there should be no visual clutter (e.g. staring at all 3-stars forever).

    The idea would be to add an option in-game to disable the stars on the worldmap.

    As for certain maps not having standard, I would just not show that star. Another option would be to show a "stone" star, or something that indicates it is there but cannot be achieved. 

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  4. I would definitely not remove the difficulty names from the buttons: the approach to add the symbols next to the names sounds much more suitable and I think is a good solution.
    Even though I think the initial proposal of using small dots is cleaner, stars likely convey the message better. That being said, I would make them much smaller and always at the same position, like image below.


    In order to make the UI consistent with the achievements, I would make it such that the stars indicate the highest won difficulty and not all the difficulties played. As an example, if the left and middle star were yellow it would indicate that the highest difficulty won is advanced (and not that you won standard and advanced). 

    The exact details of what difficulty you won could be added in the tooltip of the map icon. It's a big widget with little information. The first image is how it is now, the second how I could imagine it being.



     So this shows as image.png in the worldmap but when hovering over it, you would see that you actually only completed advanced.

    Curious to hear what you think.


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  5. 19 minutes ago, JustCoco said:

    Again the "Dots" were an example, take them as placeholders, i'll sketch up a new draft for an even easier UI feedback towards the player, although my idea will have further modifications.

    Looking forward to the proposal(s) ^_^
    The simpler and intuitive it is, the better. Even seemingly simple and obvious features are often overlooked by players, so don't underestimate how easy/hard it is for a player to notice and understand the meaning of it. Not saying you are, just talking from experience.

  6. 17 hours ago, AmUnRA said:

    Last update for booster history was very helpful. Now we need the option to see last shown deck again.

    Especially helpful for deck rebuild or deck selling.

    Do you mean, that if you show your deck to someone and that person closes the window, that they can see the deck again without having to send a view deck request? 

  7. 9 hours ago, Cocofang said:

    Looking forward to your next project.

    So are we :hype:

    9 hours ago, Cocofang said:

    What was the reward interval on the "Completed Quests" achievement before?

    Before it was a, what we call, progressive achievement that rewarded 4 BFP for each step. In other words it means it rewarded 4 BFP for each completed quest but only rewarded the BFP at certain milestones that grew non-linearly in size.

  8. 2 hours ago, Lchf said:

    I am getting this too on OSX 


    7 hours ago, mx2 said:

    Since the latest update from 23.May 2021 I can no longer login to the game, it just says "Connection failed".

    In Documents/BattleForge/Diag/_log_proxy_x.log there is a new error message "launcher connecting error 1: Failed to open \Device\Afd\Mio: File not Found. (os error 2)" which was not present before. Maybe this is related to https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=50520 ?

    Could you please re-try? We rolled out an update that might have fixed this issue.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Dustinthebeast said:

    Is it doable to get Xp and Bfp if u do Community Maps? Like normal maps? or is it already changed?
    Cause i wanna play the fun maps in Community but if i get nothing from it just Gold or i dont know exactly atm what u get :D cause i hadnt played for a week ;)
    What i mean is i dont have much time to play and when i play i wanna get smth for the time so most of the time i just do rpve to get my dailies :DD and its getting boring

    Unfortunately rewarding BFP and XP for community maps is a little tricky. There are ideas to revamp how community maps work and how you interact with them, and even the idea of making (good) community maps official so that we can start rewarding players for playing community maps too (second world map perhaps?). It's not a feature we are currently actively working on, but definitely something we are discussing together with our map making team. 

  10. Patch #400029

    Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks,

    this is a minor update that contains mostly behind the scenes changes that were required for our maintenance we had on the 22nd of May. It also contains a new feature that allows players to see all of the boosters they have opened in the past!

    General fixes

    • Fixed postgame screen (after a match) showing a negative BFP gain occasionally. 
    • Players will no longer receive a warning in the middle of their screen that their in-game mailbox is full while in-game.
    • Improved numerous tooltips in the in-game Rankings page.

    General changes

    • The selected auction duration will not reset to its default after placing the auction. Instead it will stay at the last selected auction duration.
    • All Snapjaws Promo are now tradeable. They still cannot be obtained from boosters.
    • Changed the `Complete Quests` achievement to reward an All-Editions booster every 20 completed quests.
    • Removed the `Latest Booster` button and replaced it with a `History` button that will open a window showing the complete history of opened boosters for that player.


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