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  1. Hello! Today I noticed a strange behaviour of the game. When I logged in I had quite a lot of messages from the auction house (sold/unsold). I saw the e.g. matter mastery, several thunderstorms or worldbreaker gun were sold, while others weren't. So what I normally do is open the inventory and habe a look at how many BFP that was. So I did today. Unfortunately, the BFP-number did not change, but there should have been around 2k more. Interestingly, the unsold cards were added to the inventory (I had Sunderers and Living Towers). I asked in the global chat and some other players wro
  2. Hello! Just as information: Since the update of the files this morning my Sophos Antivirus program detects the LauncherTest.exe and removes it. Edit (as I saw the next comment): no need to reinstall here, game seems to start normal. In the launcher I see a green bar in the bottom left just below/on top of the "play" button, which wasn't there before.
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