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  1. i beg to differ. Every T1 has anti air in the form of archers, and Mana Wing has such low health it will go down so fast before ever doing anything.
  2. I think I have seen these being used in PvP Free To Play games or similar. A pretty good card for keeping your units alive since they will share life points. Probably is very good with nature splash as you can heal the units after they all take damage. Pretty good card for beginners, but only subpar if you have better cards.
  3. Well that creates a bit of confusion in the new BFR, since Tokens will be abolished. And without the elements, disenchanting upgrade cards will give you Gold, which in the new BFR will be used for upgrades. Seems like elements will also need to be reworked.
  4. How about increase the PVE XP reward for these maps for map of the month, or increase the place numbers that gets this reward, i.e.: normally 1-3 place gets reward, then for "not so popular" maps 1-10 place gets rewards for that map for that month? This will help increase the popularity of that map. That being said though, everyone will probably play in their own "speed run groups", still leaving the average player with difficulties finding a match. On the Topic of Speedruns, will speed run decks be automatically hidden or will you still need to purchase these "elements" to keep the deck hi
  5. In this process of distributing upgrades we should also keep the NPE(new player experience) in mind. That means, as far as possible, you should be able to get upgrades for common cards( especially F2P cards) in the first few maps that you (can) play. That means in Introduction, Bad Harvest, Introduction to Twilight, Siege of Hope, etc. By doing this, the new player will less likely be frustrated in not getting any upgrades he can use, which would be the case if there was a rotation etc. In that regard, I don't think the final option should apply to commons or at the very least F2P cards.
  6. In pve sure in PvP totally useless
  7. 1326 still has to edit his post to do new page hype :/
  8. This card is definitely superior to AoF in PvP, cheaper, less orb requirements and especially the fire one(siege) for base nuke or the blue one combined with northstar for some good damage when using Freeze. Having said that, the fire aff isn't particularly great at Base Nuking, mass Tremors would do a better job by far. The utility in Core Dredge lies in its what I like to call "hidden swift". All worms have this and although its not described as having swift, it moves even faster than a swift unit due to its Earth Dive ability and when moving around in general.
  9. I'm going to take a wild guess:LotV?
  10. damn i used to hoard all the weapons in that game.... the quests are pretty cool and different though...
  11. 100 power unit is too expensive, especially in PvP. The abilities are also very situational, and often doesn't have a big enough effect. Furthermore, they are way too expensive for their effects. (60 for necroshade and 70 for dark art.)
  12. @Destoyerfros Yes Void Storm... @Loptous could that be the next card?
  13. @Destoyerfros is at this point in time a Myrmidon. And I have absolutely no clue what that is.
  14. Hmmmmmmm....... I don't know........ I swear it looks familiar though....
  15. 3-12-2015 12:54: just logged in now, no dc no problems whatsoever. Logged in to forge on the first try.
  16. thats not really the reason, the reason is fire and shadow are most commonly played T1, and they both have ranged M-S archers. Thats not a good sign for Executor. Furthermore, he doesn't really fulfill any special role(no special abilities impacting the game too much) and also pretty attack-health ratio for a melee unit, meaning he will be more easily kited and taken down. Add that to the fact that shadow has two amazing M counters already(forsaken and Nox Trooper(especially his special ability) that executor becomes really redundant.
  17. New videos coming up on the community channel on friday(4.12.15) ^^


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  18. you just luvvvv counting don't cha 1306
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