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  1. Please speak English on the forums :3 The next time a crash happens please upload your log file
  2. Maybe the maps you played just drop upgrade for old cards but new cards are definitely dropping too! Check out our official loot list here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fWWdWIM1B4-ouZUUSqRYbaEuAqqGESL7RrMPD3aR4Sw/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Did you play bf on your computer before? (Before skylords)
  4. Haha, sometimes the hardest questions require the easiest fixes.. I wonder why your value was set to 10 though... now hopefully the other person who had problems was the same problem! Then we can consider the issue solved :3 @T1421
  5. You should get previous too but I’m not sure. I hope you’re not donating just for the artwork :3
  6. Usually it happens when GPU is working very hard, but with your specs it shouldnt be the case.... Are you able to make another video so we can yet again compare the difference? Other than that it can also be something to do with Windows Power Settings Setting your windows power settings to performance mode can also help to reduce or eliminate game stutter. To change the windows power setting, go to Control panel->Power Options, and set the power plan to High performance. glad that it helped abit though ^^
  7. Hey guys, We have tried and it seems to work really well. In forums here you only see the finished polished balance proposals, but most of the disccusion happens on the discord.. Here's an invite link: https://discord.gg/BYumbXE
  8. perhaps.... xD nah probably not. but maybe if i run out of questions LOL
  9. Greetings Skylords In light of trying to keep the hype and spirits up, I'm going to host some trivia events ingame! There's no set schedule to this for now, but I'll try to announce ahead of time whenever I have one planned in discord and in this thread. It could however just turn out to be a spontaneous thing whenever I got time. But I need your help too... You can't have a trivia without.... Questions! So I implore you guys to rack your brains, put on your thinking armor and come up with some interesting trivia questions so that we can all have some fun! I think it goes without saying tha
  10. Ahoy There! I sincerely apologize for your distress! Surely there is a cause for this... How may I help?
  11. Yeah maybe some PvP tournament with starterdeck or speedrun or maybe some tournaments with commons could be a good idea. We would most likely be able to sponsor some prizes too. Maybe something like: First person to finish all maps expert, first person to finish x/y/z
  12. I’ll close this discussion since it’s a lot of different things being discussed here, if you have something specific to discuss you can open a thread specifically for that.
  13. Haha nice, it’s always bittersweet to find old screenshots so I know that feeling xD especially if it’s a situation that doesn’t exist anymore.. but not in this case :3
  14. The tome mode in PvP was really dead, even at peak times in the original game. In PvP it was simply unbalanced, because PvP revolves around some cards that are core to their respective factions and tome just makes it a rng-fest. Maybe though... a tome mode for pve might be a lot of fun. But the real reason why tome was removed entirely was that we couldn’t get it to work coding wise, and since the PvP feature was not popular at all anyway... But of course that was before @Ladadoos and @John’s Addition to the team. The prospect of temporary cards personally for me still sounds like a
  15. There’s actually a lot being sold as far as I know for like 4K bfp+
  16. You have to follow the instructions on the pop up. That’s how you fix the bug, or it will keep coming up :/
  17. @o'Clock what is this regarding exactly?
  18. Ultrakool

    AH filters

    I think it’s useful let’s say you are building a fire nature deck, and not sure if you want fire/nature start t1. You can easily check prices of both factions. But in the end, it doesn’t matter much and maybe could get confusing results . So if it’s better development wise I think for those cases displaying nothing is fine too
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