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  1. EvilCookie

    Skipping animations

    Now that I look at your config.xml it looks like my actiavefpslimit was also set to 0 and what I have changed turns out to be the inactivefpslimit. Try changing that one to 0 and see if it improves the animations at all.
  2. EvilCookie

    Skipping animations

    Thank you so much Aviat0r, that did the trick - all nice and smooth now, even with VSync and AA on!! my activatefpslimit was set to 10 haha
  3. EvilCookie

    Skipping animations

    Yeah, same for me, no matter what settings I change the animation still skips, not sure why that is because I can run way more demanding games just fine.. ;/
  4. EvilCookie

    Skipping animations

    Thank you for all the help guys! Seeing how turning VSync and AA off improved the issue, I will try to fiddle with other settings and let you know how it goes!
  5. EvilCookie

    Skipping animations

    Turned off both VSync and AA and there is definitely an improvement! Does not completely resolve it but progress!! Still though, I wonder why this is happening?
  6. EvilCookie

    Skipping animations

    Tried it, still the same.
  7. EvilCookie

    Skipping animations

    Hi there, I have contacted one of the GMs while in game about my issue and after many trials and errors, I was suggested to create a forum thread here and ask help from all of you. So here goes. The issue I am having, much like the title suggests - animations skipping frames while in games. When I am in the forge - the animations are fine, but when I am playing a match - animations are skipping frames from what I can tell. I have no idea what is causing it, I have tried to play with the in game settings but nothing seems to work. I have attached images of both my in game settings and my computer hardware. GPU drivers are up to date. Also I have filmed the animations while in forge and while in a match so you could compare it yourselves. Sorry for the quality as I was filming using my phone. Animations while in forge: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LZwIPiYWlzHTOUSNYKbLxNkStXm5Z_2k Animations while in a match: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HAKYn6yAeJszEoZlWQe0ZEwHV-x6cfIn I appreciate your help and hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!
  8. EvilCookie

    in regards with rpve

    Hey there, I am an inexperienced player myself so I am not sure how much my knowledge is reliable, but here goes: T1 - I would get rid off Spearmen. Windweavers, Shaman and Surge of Light is pretty much all you need to get to T2 and T3. I would also add Dryad (blue) for 25% dmg reduction. T2 - you seem to be on the right track, but I question Frost Mage as it is T1 card. T3 - I would get rid of Equilibrium (Surge of Light and Regrowth is all you need for healing spells), I would not use Amii Monument (I think it is just too expensive in terms of void power). What I would definitely add is Shrine of Memory - you need void manipulation and specially in T4 if your units die - Shrine of Memory will be a huge help to get back your resources that much faster. Also get two of them just to keep the effect active at all times. What I also like to use is Construction Hut - speeds up building construction time and reduces the cost. For units - get Swamp Drake. While it is not very durable, it can dish out a good deal of damage and also put targets to sleep. For ground units I like to use Deepcoil Worm, it is quiet expensive though. T4 - get rid of Giant Wyrm (Gemeye does the same job, but better), also get both types of Gemeye - I think that is very powerful. What I like to use is Grinders in front as they are very tanky and heal themselves, while Gemeyes at the back dishing out damage from nice safe distance. I don't think you need Grimvine as Grinders are better in my opinion. You need to max out the amount of Regrowth spells you have, at upgrade 3 with max number I can cast it 12 times. Crowd control cards are vital, specially near the end of the match, The Incredible Mo (statue) is nice too if you have space in your deck, it can reduce damage done by enemies by 20%. I do not recommend using any towers in rpve.

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