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  1. IDonZalog

    Nature T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    WOW Radi, again a great job. Thank you for your help. Regards IDonZalog
  2. IDonZalog

    Multiplayer matchmaking problem

    I have the same problem. The game has been going horribly since yesterday. It went better, too bad ;/ At the moment, no one can play pvp...
  3. IDonZalog

    1 - cannot ready for a match

    Same too … fpor pvp and pve.
  4. IDonZalog

    Custom maps collection

    Hello Mephisto, yes, I read that. Only I did have the map folder. Do I have invest this same? It does not work. What am I doing wrong. I m stupid again ^^ Thanks for help... regards DonZalog
  5. IDonZalog

    Custom maps collection

    Nobody can help me :/
  6. IDonZalog

    Custom maps collection

  7. IDonZalog

    Custom maps collection

    Hey gys, i cant Play the Maps. Where must i invate the Maps. Look off the sreenshout, is ist correct?
  8. IDonZalog

    Fire/Frost deck

    Hey, thank you for the answer ; ) . I will try it. regards IDonZalog
  9. IDonZalog

    Fire/Frost deck

    I have Storm singer in my deck. Why is the T3 better? Can you explain why? Thank you for an answer; ) Regards IDonZalg
  10. IDonZalog

    Fire/Frost deck

    Hello guys, I am currently playing a fire / frost deck and need your help. I still have one slot free. I know it's not the strongest fraction but I love the deck; ). I play these cards: T1: Scavenger, Sunstriders, Thugs, Sunderer, Firesworn, Eruption T2: Skyfire Drake, Lava Field, Ravage, Scythe Fiends, Kobold Trick, Glacier Shell, Storm Singer, Frost Bite, Frost Sorceress, Coldsnap, Rageclaws T3: Sun Reaver, Giant Slayer I would possibly still Gladiatrix or Shield Building? What would be better? Best regards IDonZalog
  11. IDonZalog

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I have the same problem. I thought it just me ; ) Is there something new information from the developer when the problem are resolved.? Or how far they have progressed?
  12. IDonZalog

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Playing 2 hours is no problem. But always disconects that sucks. You can't play through. It seems to me at some people works the game better.
  13. IDonZalog

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I'm not doing so well. Always crashes in the game. Some people even have decks 75 updatet. How do they do that? I hope if the game works for everyone all updates will be deleted and everyone starts from new. That's just fair...
  14. IDonZalog

    Problem MSVCR120.dll not found

    Now it worked, thanks for your help ; ) . It was my mistake...
  15. IDonZalog

    Problem MSVCR120.dll not found

    When i install the c++ i have i new problem? But nothing worked.

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