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  1. Just repurpose any of the channels to allow for all languages to be spoken there freely. Don't like it? Leave the channel. Although, it might increase discrimination if English speakers push those speaking foreign just to that channel. Might or might not work, devs could give it a test run.
  2. Yes? No? I know you guys are busy but at least make me feel listened by rejecting the suggestion or something haha
  3. Hi, been a while Here are my two cents. First seasonal cycles, which is about constantly changing cards' stats and certain aspects of the game. Secondly how to possibly find a solution to reconnecting to games. Let me just say first, I have no idea what you can and cannot change in development, so reject or accept as you may see fit. Seasonal Cycles:- Keeps the game interesting and more competitive, especially in the PvP scene, where players should be encouraged to try out new things. Creating the perfect Shadow deck will not necessarily mean it will stay the best, n
  4. Not that it is forbidden, I am not the creator of the quote; but on forums members tend to not take what others already have, a way of respect.
  5. Is there a reason as to why you chose to copy my signature quote and not having your own .. ?
  6. I have no problem with you whatsoever, but are you serious?

    1. BionicReaper


      What..... did I just watch?

    2. Sykole


      Haha I love that guy, check his channel it's great

    3. ThomasMann


      A network change was detected... okay then 

  8. While I do understand your point and would understand why it may bother you, I believe it's also necessary to acknowledge that gaining early access is a reward as is. Early alpha testers were chosen on streams without signing up, however they were not forced to stay.. Anyone who had received their status could have given it up, in other words we were not forced to do bug testing. While it was frustrating to deal with constant bugs and issues, we also got the chance to enjoy the game as well, which many others had dreamed about doing. I honestly would be content with just havin
  9. I agree with the Eddio statement.
  10. 3/10 I'd go with the Kung Fu Panda animated series, or if we are talking about regular movies, then it would be The Imitation Game.
  11. 4p34WQtjT3iyc3Kt5QiS2g.png

    it's a side project. allows for sharing music with others by creating playlists or saves music locally for later use. supports sc & yt. authentication and data sync are fully functional. it's not much i know, it's for a friend and does the job well. suggestions/opinions? (started 5 days ago, around 3h of total work) 

    1. Kaliber84


      The problem with a crosslink database is that the best ones are based on user information, thus requiring a lot of people to actively use the program to work well. Obviously it's also possible to do it via genres and tags but that will either require a lot of work (as in manually registering similarities between bands or assigning subgenres) or an amazing algorithm able to automatically create an amount of precise tags for each and every song.
      I suppose it's possible to use YT's suggestion bar to find similarities between bands but even that isn't amazing.

    2. sylvix95


      Look at this, he calls himself the "Admin".

      Did you also remove 2 of your ribs recently ? :kappa:

    3. Sykole


      @sylvix95 i created it so that makes me the admin, feels good :kappa:

      @Kaliber84 yeah I thought about that, however, it is possible for me to have the user apply tags to the video manually when adding it to their list, or simply retrieve the video's tags myself using Youtube's API and store it in a database.

      It would require me to have a DB structure based on genres, this way the criteria would run faster & more efficiently.

      Say for example the following is how it will look like:




            users:<list of users with this song in any of their playlists>

            songgenres:<list of other genres this song belongs to>

            familiartags:<tags/genres similar to electronic to show in suggestion if wanted>

            familiarvideos<id of similar videos>


      So yeah, it's either manually done, or will take some time to fully automate it. Will require an algorithm either way to decide whether a video suggestion fits in or not

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  12. Sykole

    My Project v2

    Yeah, the original example required strings to be surrounded by " " but when I showed it to people who have no prior experience in coding, it caused them confusion which was what led me to simplify it in that way. My idea is to have it as flexible as possible, meaning whether a string is treated with " " or not, it will still parse, or do you think otherwise? Also yeah, thought of making a "script builder" where it highlights the syntax & pre-parse the code (without executing) to show if there are any errors
  13. Oh hello there onii-chan


    1. Shotty


      Welp, there I go logging into the forum to see if anything major happend recently, and I get to see this.
      This is why I love you <3

    2. Eddio


      He lives!!!! :o

    3. Sykole


      A habit out of sheer boredom on the forums :')

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  14. Sykole

    My Project v2

    Update - Had just a bit of time to be able to work on the scripting engine the past two days and this is the start, created a documentation to help mainly me in case I set the project aside and decide to return to it later . (Total hours: ~6h, Total Lines: ~650) By no means this it the final product, still has a long way to go. Posting it here to get suggestions and feedback on improvements. GitHub documentation: https://github.com/Mayion/fileinspect/blob/master/README.md Simplified the actual scripting compared to the prototype I had in the main topic a bunch to help not make t
  15. I'm still waiting on a picture of fiki in a mankini, and I believe Blank has the same desires as myself. I'm utterly disappointed

    1. Kiwi


      All the staff are looking forward to this I can assure you. ;)

    2. sylvix95


      I shouldn't have googled that.

    3. Sykole
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  16. I think it looks fine Finish and wrap up this version and start on creating a new one with different colors, or perhaps different poses and expression, keep it up.
  17. A duet with Eddio will make it even better.
  18. r90aiHJ.gif

    1. ThomasMann


      pretty cool 

    2. anonyme0273


      Instead of that pink stuff I imagine access to BattleForge. Fitting

  19. Happy birthday! 

    1. sylvix95
    2. Ultrakool


      Ur kidding right? @sylvix95

      Happy birthday meph :) 

  20. 1L6l16m.gif

    1. Eddio


      Pretty accurate

    2. Ultrakool


      ThomasMann seeing he received  his beta access (colorized) Circa. 2017

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