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  1. Please don't give any misinformation, I'm serious. 2292
  2. Hmmm that might get me hooked onto the RP again...
  3. The possibility is there, yes. I would certainly help certain players to accelerate their way into a completed game if they deem that necessary. Again, nothing is sure yet but it is an idea that's being discussed. If we do, however, you can be assured that gaining BFP freely will still be way more accessible and gained at a much, much faster pace than ever before, and likely faster than your average F2P business model.
  4. Rage about EA aside, which I do not encourage, you won't be seeing their logo in it as they don't publish Skylords Reborn and we are not affiliated with them as stated in the main post. What you will see, however, is Phenomic's logo as they developed the original game and we are to credit them for that.
  5. Thanks for watching guys, 's been a pleasure
  6. We're talking about completely new game editions there, that would qualify as us making a new BF game which we do not. Card editions are a possibility though! I've edited the topic accordingly
  7. Update: We are no longer part of Ardent Peak. Due to differences in interest and vision of the direction of the project, we have since parted on good terms from Ardent Peak and gone our own way. Update from Ultrakool: Due to this separation and other circumstances most of the information given in this thread is now outdated. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks! It's been a while since our last major announcement. However, since yesterday there has been some extremely big news. Now, we have been in touch with a friend of Blank, who owns an American Business called Arde
  8. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks! On Saturday the 11th of February (upcoming Saturday) at 3 PM CET we will be hosting an official stream on https://www.twitch.tv/skylordsreborn You can find a countdown right here if you're hyped: COUNTDOWN The contents of the stream will be very important! We won't tell you exactly what will happen, but we've got a really important announcement to make, so stay tuned and stay hyped. We'll also be answering questions to the extent we can as usual. We're looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, Skylords! ~MrXLink
  9. This thread also came back again. Let's stop that. /closed
  10. Topic has been reopened as the conflict has seemingly been resolved. Please stick to the forum rules and have a nice, appropriate and on-topic discussion everyone. /opened.
  11. /closed due to severe rule-breaking and conflict
  12. The second artwork is the ability icon for Twilight Hag's "Femme Fatale" ability The more you know PS: Isn't she beautiful
  13. 7/10 - That was surprisingly nice. The vocals in the end sort of ruined it for me though, so that's why it's not higher. Was quite nice without the vocals, should've left it that way. Not expecting high ratings for this one but darn have I been listening to this a lot lately.
  14. Oh boy. I think that this strangely enough has to be the most memorable boss fight I have had in any game, and on top of that also one of the most difficult ones. This is Kurt Zisa, an optional boss in Agrabah, in Kingdom Hearts 1. What makes it so memorable and awesome is the way this boss messes you up. It drags you out of every single comfort zone and makes the battle incredibly challenging by stripping you from all your magical attacks and abilities, while dealing absolutely devastating blows that you can not conventionally heal in any way. On top of that, it also has the capability to neu
  15. Important notice: The forum rules have been updated to express clearer that posting fake information, especially fake release dates, is now severely punishable, even if it is meant to be just a joke. This problem has been infecting the community repeatedly and spread false hope across hundreds of members. I will no longer tolerate this. Any fake release dates currently being spread may result in immediate warnings or, if severe, even tempbans. Please be careful about this, it's probably the most important rule to abide by recently. I am sorry we have to be this harsh, but it is getting too much lately. This is not something to joke about.

    Full update can be read below:

    4.1 Making Up Dev Statements
    Although mentioned in rule 4, it is of the utmost importance to know that making up dev statements, especially release dates is strictly forbidden as it will spread like wildfire, potentially giving hundreds of fans false hopes. Do not assume you know more than forums, streams or official social media tell, and never make up any release dates or fake information, not even as a joke. This is a serious matter and will be punished.

    Failure to abide by rule 4.1 specifically can result in immediate warnings and even short temporary bans. Seriously, be careful with this, we won't be extremely lenient on this one anymore.

    1. Shotty


      Did people actually make up even more dev statements regarding the release date? Man, that´s really stupid.

    2. Kiwi


      Yeah they do sadly and new members believe them not realizing it is fake.

    3. Fauchderial


      I will be happy when new people will read carefully this59467326222f9_noreleasedate.thumb.PNG.5aba4f7beb49927ff8805704f86772fc.PNG

      I suggest to put it more  BIGGER.

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  16. Have you tried scrolling through all pages? The first page on Shadow only opens through upgrading Executor.
  17. We are not making a public announcement (yet) because there's no sure way whether we need one in the current circumstances. Regardless, donations will be open again as soon as it's possible for the owners. Have some patience and we'll let you know when it's possible again.
  18. I'm going to lock this thread as we currently have some form of manager when necessary. I might reopen it if the situation asks for it.
  19. It might require some getting used to, but at least my name and title now don't burn your eyes out :)

    1. WaterMelonLord


      I rate that colour and now my eyes won't burn. 

    2. anonyme0273



    3. BionicReaper


      My eyes burn because its not blue :kappa: 

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  20. What if I told you teal is a colour I feel closer to and maybe reflects me even better @SpiritOfTheAbyss
  21. if captivating means burning it in your retinas... then I guess no
  22. Skylords, Skyladies, Skyfolks, Just a quick and silly update here. I've been receiving some messages from people who think my forum name is either burning their eyes or hard to read compared to the rest of staff. I know, I know, details and bragging and whatnot, but I don't want my name to be that much an eyesore to people and therefore, as suggested by @Kiwi I propose my name to now be in a way better colour, teal. It'd mean that instead of MrXLink I will be MrXLink. Simple question for you guys, do you consider the latter to be more readable and to look better? Is it a better sight than
  23. MrXLink

    Kiwi Shipping

    You know, it will only be official/canon once we reach 69%
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