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  1. update:

    - fixed drag and drop sorting functionality of cards and main page sorters when using the website on a mobile device

    - added information button to the header to show a tooltip with info on:
       - when new price data is available from the official api
       - when current and short term prices were last updated
       - when notable prices (recent/median/mean/min/max) were last updated
       - what the discord server provides

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  2. update:

    - fixed creator reset everything button issue, where you needed to press the button twice to cause a full reset

    - fixed heatmap weeks sorting


    - added "Show Empty Weeks" checkbox to the heatmaps to show weeks with missing data for each day of the week, since the default was set to not showing them

    - added available previous data in long term format, with data from the release and from the introduction of the reforging system with the 1 year anniversery


    -  updated maximum number of weeks to look back on for the sums displayed on the Totals Views of Main and Deck Page, due to data sizes

    - updated long term database and schema, with additional data information (available only on the "Daily Mixed-Chart" of any card for now):
       - Open/Close Time, for info on when a day's open and close prices were recorded
       - Data Quality, for info on how accurate the prices are, with 5 different quality stages, ordered by severity:
          - 0: Complete (at least 1 data point every 15 minutes)
          - 1: Sufficient (at least 1 data point every 30 minutes)
          - 2: Duplicates (possibly more than 1 data point recorded for an api update cycle, still needs fine tuning as there seem to be quite a few false possitives)
          - 3: Missing (no data point for more than 30 minutes)
          - 4: Damaged (less than 12 data points in a day, or multiple missing datapoints in a short time frame)
       - Data Correction, for info on wether or not the data was corrected to remove potential troll prices (not yet fine tuned and it may cause missing data or inaccurate prices for some cards on certain days. Example: Amii Monument between January 2021 and June 2021)


    Data Quality and Data Correction parameters will be adjusted again and Long Term Data will be updated at a later date.

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  3. update:

    - fixed a creator issue where the personal artwork would reset every time a modifier was changed if no card preset was previously selected

    - fixed a creator issue where it was not possible to reselect the same personal artwork again if it was the last selected artwork

    - updated creator "Download Image" button positioning to be above the image to prevent missclicking it instead of the "Upload Artwork" button

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  4. update:

    - added "Download Image" button to the creator

    - added image scaling UI component to the creator, to allow for downloading scaled images from 0.5x to 10x size
    (this may be useful if you upload a higher quality artwork, but keep in mind that the images may end up pixelated if enlarged and the scaling doesn't seem to appy to text shadow correctly)

    - added creator url parameter input validation


    - fixed creator issue where setting card preset, uploading own image and then changing any modifier would revert the artwork to the previously set card preset artwork

    - fixed creator issue where resetting everything didn't reset the artwork

    - fixed creator issue where setting orbs and most of the text inputs wouldn't change the color to "Neutral", if is was previously set on "None"

    - fixed lists issue where the displayed lists/decks wouldn't change if a new list was added or changed

    - fixed short term charts buttons positioning

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  5. update:

    - fixed creator automatic color change when "None" is the active color and any modifiers are changed (except the 2 checkboxes and color filters) will automatically change color to "Neutral"

    - fixed personal max input of the heatmaps, which wouldn't reset, when changing cards

    - added new api route to generate deck images on the server for embedding them in the forum, discord and other things (correct font and symbol color is not applied, just like the other server generated images, as I still haven't figured out how to fix this)
    Any deck code type works, the code can contain more than 20 cards, but the image will only render the first 20. the cards will be displayed as fully upgraded and there are 3 optional modifiers:
      - "columns" to adjust number of card columns (standard max: columns=10)
      - "upgrade" to adjust the upgrade level (standard: upgrade=3)
      - "charges" to adjust the number of charge (standard: charges=3)
      - "scale" to adjust the size, with the maximum scale being 0.6 which is also the standard value, since there are problems with my server if the exposed image exceeds 4MB in size
      - I can very easily add the same url parameters supported by https://smj.cards/image if needed

    Example: https://smj.cards/api/images/deck/MiEwEkI8E (schema https://smj.cards/api/images/deck/[code]?columns=10&upgrade=2&charges=1)

    Just pasting the link into the forum message automatically imports the image, so you don't need to manually generate a deck image with https://smj.cards/image , download it and then post it. 🙂 (but keep in mind that the correct fonts and symbol colors aren't applied this way)



    (this image was automatically imported just from pasting the image link here)


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  6. update:

    - changed heatmap number of steps from 6 to 7 and colors to be a gradient from green to red

    - added long term weekday heatmap to the card pages,

    - added "Missing Data" group to the heatmaps to not cause sivual bugs, if there are no values available for a given day

    - fixed creator card preset functionality

    - added ability to set personal max to heatmaps, to not lose usability when there are some outliers. values exceeding the personally set maximum will be grouped under "Excess"

    - updated charts display so that they hopefully aren't squashed to unreadable on mobile anymore

    - added unrestricted positioning functionality to the creator, which prevents orbs and abilities from being pushed together to not have gaps on the image and prevent correct orb order from being applied

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  7. update:

    - total views of the deck and the main page now show sums of daily median prices
    if there is no median available for the card on that day, the 1 week median is used. this is a temporary solution until ich change it to the last known daily median in the next update, as well as adding some price heatmaps.

    - creator page now adjusts the url and inputs can be changed through the url parameters
    this means that creation presets can be shared, everything except the personal artwork upload is applied when opening a preset link. there is one parameter which doesn't have a ui component, which is "cardArtwork" it is set with the card preset and persists even if you change modifiers that aren't your own artwork upload.
    there aren't many input checks set up yet for the url inputs so changing values to something that isn't supported may cause some visual inconsistencies with the image.

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  8. update:

    - added new deck encoding type (in accordance with the types supported on: https://jakub.bandola.cz/wa/deck_info/)

    - added "None" as an option for the color selection of the creator, to allow for the color modification of the card back artwork

    - changed color filters order of the creator so that sepia is applied before hue to make fully mono colored cards of any frame color possible

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  9. update:

    - lists page now has two different buttons to save as list or deck instead of selecting type and the single add button

    - deck page now shows every type of the list/deck code for you to copy and check

    - fixed a code decoding issue.

    there is still something to keep in mind when using an official IDs code when only one id is in the code, since for example 1640 as an smj code is Mutating Frenzy and Nomad R while as an official ID it would be Amii Phantom. therefore please add a "," to the code if you want it to be decoded as an official ID. this is a very specific edge case, so changing the encodings for the two types wouldn't realy make sense, so it's just something to keep in mind, when you want to use official IDs as input.

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  10. update:

    - removed the code type setting when adding a new list/deck, since the input is now decoded automatically independent of the type, anywhere you are able to set a code, if I didn't miss any places.


    - added a deck page (https://smj.cards/deck) for additional info on decks/lists, also accessible by clicking on the name of the saved decks/lists on the lists page (https://smj.cards/lists) where you can edit your lists/decks like the regular lists table, but with a bit more info on the prices. the page also makes it easier to share decks/lists among one another.
    Please note that all adding/saving of lists/decks will still overwrite lists/decks of the same name if you have any with the same name, and saving the lists/decks from the new page under a new name will not actually erase/overwrite the old list/deck so it is generally better to update them from the lists page. As for the overwrite checks, they will be put in place at a later date.




    - added List/Deck image generator, if you want to share just the image, or if you want to create a wallpaper out of them.
    It is accessible through the totals view of either the main page (with sorting applied) or the new deck page, or just set the options yourself from the url.
    You are able to set:

    - the upgrade and charges set in the totals views will also be applied to the cards in the image
    - the scale of the image (I recommend reducing the scale if you want to share the image since they tend to get very big in size)
    - the number of columns (leaving the columns at 0 will place the images in one line)
    - the gap between the images (with a gap of -10 you are able to get the cards as close to one another without overlapping the actual cards)

    there are 2 more options that don't have a UI element yet, but you can add them to the image generator url, they are:
      - "type=jpeg" which, as you might have guessed generates a jpeg image instead of a png (in this case I recommend a minimum gap of -5 to not clip into the card image, but anything lower will automatically changed to -5 anyways)
      - "background" which adds a specific background color to the image, so "background=000" would add a completely black background instead of a transparent background in case of the image being a png. The input for background can be any hex color code.



    this will generate:



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  11. update:

    - added reset button to the creator

    - added "None" as an option to the type modifier to allow for the creation of cards with a regular non-spell frame without any unit or building symbols

    - added color filters to allow for a wider range of image modification to create even more unique cards.
    filters include hue, saturation, brightness and sepia, they are applied to the frame, tokenslot, upgrades, charges, badges as well as damage and health symbols, if symbol colors modifier is applied. Example:


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  12. update:

    - removed Ability 5 Slot from the creator modifiers to avoid confusion (was put in place to be able to write in a 5th line when recreating long card upgrade texts)

    - added card preset option to the creator, with which it is possible to automatically preset all relevant modifiers:
    while there is an active card preset (name visible in the card preset input field), changing upgrade/charges while the preset is a non-promo card will result in the automatic adjustment of relevant modifiers. if the preset is a promo card and the upgrade/charges are changed or any modifier are changed while any preset card is selected will result in you being able to adjust the image from what it was set to and the modifiers not changing automatically anymore.

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  13. update:

    - decided to improve generated image styles a bit more, to be closer to the ingame styles and colors (now it should really be final)

    - added a button that let's you switch between displaying sever generated and locally generated general card images, with a tooltip clarifying the differences


    EDIT: I think I know the reason for the wrong font on server generated images, same happens as well on mobile with the creator. I will look into it next, but I don't think it will fix the symbol coloring, sadly.

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  14. update:

    - switched to generating the general card images in your browser for the symbol coloring to work, until I figure out how else to do it

    - added symbol color modifier to the creator for those that like the plain black and white symbols more

    - adjusted style of some elements that are drawn on the image (element positioning and style should now be finalized)



    - switched back to api generated general card images, as load times were just too big and images didn't change when switching to another card, will have to make the symbol coloring work some other way (font also doesn't seem to be correct when generating the images on the server)

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  15. newest updates:

    - custom cards now have colored damage and health icons (doesn't seem to work for the general card images, I think that is due to them being generated on my server and then exposed through the api instead of them being generated in your browser)

    - mini deck builder on the main page now also has the delete by right clicking functionality

    - sort by prices was moved to the start of the sorters list

    - main page window size was increased to be more user friendly on larger screen sizes

    - some list name restrictions and auto adjustment was put in place, like trimming spaces and more (note that there is no check in place if a list/deck name already exists and will replace any list/deck of the same name, when adding and editing!)

    That should be all changes.

    I thought of maybe doing these smaller patch notes from now on when there are changes that affect users, not sure if they are of use to you, but I felt like keeping you all in the loop of changes a bit more. 🙂

  16. The lists received an update so you can add cards to a list by fuzzy searching for and selecting them in the improved card add input field. Deletion method of cards from list was also changed to deleting by right clicking on the card, same will be implemented for the mini deck builder on the main page at a later date. The option to copy the list by its official ids and also adding a new list or deck by its official ids was added.

    Hope you like these small changes. 🙂


    EDIT: This update also included the correction for the reforging average calculation, which was not only changed recently, but also had a wrong calculation formular for neutral and hybrid cards. The average value of the forged card when destroying 4 of the same card should now show the correct average. 🙂

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  17. There is a tiny bug with the stars placement of Ability 2 if no Ability Type is selected while one is selected for Ability 1 and vice versa. This will be fixed in the next update. For now I recommend using Ability settings 1, 3, 4 and 5. 🙂

    EDIT: fixed

  18. Hey everyone,

    I am here to tell you that there are two new features available on the website and I hope you will like them. 🙂


    Lists and Decks: (https://smj.cards/lists)

    With this feature you are able to create custom lists and decks, as well as rename and edit them as you like.

    Both work in an identical manner, with the only difference being that a deck is limited to 20 cards. There is one special list named "Favorites" and one special deck named "Current". In the table view on the main page it is currently only possible to add new card to these two special lists.

    To add cards to a different deck/list simply rename "Current" and/or "Favorites" in the lists tab to something else. You are also able to add specific cards to existing lists while editing them, but this currently only works with SMJ Card Ids. I know this is not quite ideal, but I will probably change things to make it more convenient in the future.

    All your set lists and decks are stored in your browser, if you want to migrate to a different computer/browser, simply export the data to a JSON file and import it again when and from whereever you like. You can also share SMJ and base64 codes of specific lists/decks for others to add them to their lists.

    I plan to add overviews and more features to the seperate lists, like total costs and more in the near future, which is technically already possible by selecting the respective list and clicking "Display Totals" on the main page, but still.


    Card Creator: (https://smj.cards/creator)

    With this tool you are able to generate custom card images, like this one:


    I left the options quite flexible, but there are some restrictions for input convenience.

    Restriction Example: Orbs 1,2 and 4 set and 3 left unset will cause Orb 4 to be pushed to the slot of Orb 3 (same goes for abilities)

    Please let me know if you would like me to remove those restrictions.

    You are able to upload an image to be used as the artwork and to prevent distortions I recommend using an image with an aspect ratio of 1:1.

    There are also some things that still need work, like the coloring of the damage and health symbols, which I will fix at a later date.


    I have a few more features planned for these new tools, so stay tuned. 😉


  19. The new iterations of the website and bot are online, go check them out. 🙂

    Since I changed the data schema again to be more future proof, there won't be any notable prices or long term ohcl prices at first and since they require more intensive calculations than my simple server can handle at the moment, I will have to add them manually once enough data is in the database again for it to be relevant.

    I don't plan to add past short term data at the moment, but I may add past long term ohcl data in the next few weeks or so.


    I am sorry again, that it took so long for me to fix the issues. 🙏

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  20. 23 hours ago, Vultagx said:

    Are there any updates about one of the SMJ pages? Sometimes it´s difficult to know all the prices.

    I am actually currently reworking a lot of things behind the scenes and adding the newer cards to the site and the bot. No promises, but expect to see the new iterations up and running again some time next week. 🙂

    Sorry that it took so long for me to finally fix the issues. 🙏

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  21. 7 minutes ago, Kaldra said:

    Really great site!

    Only thing I was wondering:

    Are sorting options for prices missing? Sorting by difference would be really interesting to see market manipulation.


    Sorting by price is planned and one of the things I will work on next, I just haven't gotten around to implementing it yet. 🙂

  22. I decided to implement a few additional feature that were suggested, and were on my list in some way anyway, so I just went ahead and coded them up. But keep in mind that they are only in a preliminary state and layout changes are highly probable. It was surprisingly fast to code with 2 long evening sessions. xD

    Anyway, the features are:
    - add cards to a favorites list that is stored locally in your browser
    - filter the cards on the main page with your lists or a List Code
    - copy the List Code of the currently filtered cards
    - set the favorites list with a List Code so you don't need to click on the favorite button for every card
    - copy the current favorites List Code so you can store it in a textfile or somewhere else in case you want to switch browsers or devices
    - calculate the total amount of gold to upgrade a list/all cards and how much bfp it would cost to complete your collection with some additional adjustable settings (filtering is done with a List Code)


    You are now probably wondering what a List Code is, it's simply a string of SMJ ids that are joined together.
    Example: "A1A2A3A4A5A6A7" is a list of all the newest cards (the order doesn't matter). The List doesn't have a maximum size, so go crazy with it. xD

    You can also place as many commas or spaces in the string if that helps you with readabiliy, but they are removed when stored in the localStorage, it also removes duplicate ids and sorts the ids for better readability when you copy it again.

    I set it up to allow the addition of other personal lists in the future, but I haven't coded that yet. Nonetheless, you should be able to adjust the value of the "lists" key in your localStorage to manually add another list and use it on the main page. 🙂


    I haven't tested every little detail yet, so please tell me if you notice any weird behavior/have problems with the usability and have a better suggestion.

    On a side note, I also fixed a few bugs (Mini Booster values were wrong, Card Auction Details didn't change when the card changed) and added some tooltips here and there.

    Next I really have to fix the prices, since the Long Term and Notables data haven't updated for a few days and the I should finally migrate the old data from before the patch 🙈


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