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  2. Pakman27

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    i need update, but link broken
  3. Today
  4. Halis

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    New time for Empire, but it was not really a good run, so might be improved in the future
  5. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    They are working again
  6. Ladadoos

    Can´t open mail

    Should be fixed.
  7. This error should be solved.
  8. MartyMcFly

    Can´t open mail

    hi, i have the same bug too. could you please help me
  9. Sloion

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    Ребята, вы лучшие! Спасибо за игру, Россия любит вас!)
  10. Alpha0megA

    New development on Skylords Reborn Mac via Wine!

    I'd recommend using official versions instead of OS provided versions. Allows people to have 0 ambiguity with what to install. <This is because OS may differ on the versions of wine/winetricks they provide as part of their distro/image>
  11. Kontroar

    Game won't start after last update.

    I have the same problem as the OP. However, it worked last night repeatedly. When I woke up this morning it indicates a file or directory is corrupt. I can note that the patcher is v0.8 and that it is constantly downloading the launcher.exe file. (BattleForge folder is whitelisted) As I said, it worked last night, no changes to my computer or updates, but now it Battleforge won't work. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks
  12. Ladadoos

    Can´t open mail

    @Noy31595Should be fixed.
  13. Well, I think it does carry over, at least I had that happen to me once. I'm not sure that was because it was within 10 hours or so, but at least it was across 2 days
  14. Noy31595

    Can´t open mail

    Hi, I also have this problem, can you help me to?
  15. rorito97

    game doesnt respond

    my game doesnt respond after i finish the map whenever i it finishs and i try to click on close the screen freezes. what should i do ?
  16. wanky

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    i would like to share the replay from serval GoL runs (solo duo Trio and quaddro) but at the moment old replays does not work anymore. Just ABO our Speedrunner YT channel for beeing updatet alltime.
  17. Sorry guys, I missed Launcher.exe as an exeption... It worked for me
  18. rorito97

    Game won't start after last update.

    i tried again same thing keeps giving different msg like access denied or cant find the file specified and after that it delete the updater by it self.
  19. Aviat0r


    If you're using Windows 10 and you uninstalled a third party anti virus, make sure to also add an exception to Windows Defender. Windows Defender will always activate again when a third party anti virus isn't available anymore.
  20. Aviat0r

    Win32/Wacatac.D2!ml the new update?

    This is normal behaviour. Our Launcher.exe injects some code into the BattleForge client to redirect the traffic to our servers. This is kind of suspicious for an anti virus software. Hence we told you guys in our troubleshooting topic, that you need to create an exception for the whole BattleForge installation directory in any kind of anti virus you're using. We won't harm your PC in an way, but this is needed that you can play the game. If you don't want to create an exception you can mostly likely not play the game.
  21. Where you have to play at least an hour for, which is doable for some days, but definitely not all days. I would suggest that if you play a half hour on tuesday and a half hour the following day you get the discount. I.e. the time you spend playing ingame carries over the next day. Right now the system stimulates playing either at least an hour a day or a bit longer in a couple of days. With the carry-over mechanism, you also hit the market that can spend around 30 minutes a day.
  22. As i start the game, windowsdefender shows me this oO Whats going on?
  23. fiki574

    ART PSD files for cards?

    Not sure that there are more than those PSD images. Also would depend on what you would want to do with them, since they are still official artwork and we (staff and community) shouldn't be messing with them a lot. Nanorhino does our own artwork from scratch, does not reuse existing images.
  24. VolvoxGlobator

    Recent BFP Reward Changes are Bad for Daily Players

    It should be noted that proce of the boosters has to be compared to the earnings. If earnings went down by half (for certain type of the players at least) then 100 bfp discount does not compensate at all. (not even considering difficulty in acquiring the discount for some)
  25. chickennoodler

    Recent BFP Reward Changes are Bad for Daily Players

    The market is not really working. The only change is now everyone is mostly avoiding buying and selling boosters. Now they just either wait for daily discount, or they don't buy at all. Daily booster discount is not a 100bfp benefit. It's a 350 bfp drain daily. Essentially the system is designed to suck bfp out of players who then also have to dump commons and uncommons to try to not lose more bfp. This benefits newbies.... and pretty much no one else. Why is this bad? Boosters are now Cheap, cheap prices follow right? Market will correct itself? At worse no more idiot booster sellers right? No, the 350 bfp booster price is artificial, it's tied to the daily discount. The entire booster economy is tied psychologically to fact you can wait 24/7 to buy it at that price. What actually has happened was you as a player earn less bfp for your time, specifically the 1st hour or so. Overall, that means everyone actually earns less bfp as a whole because LIFE DemanDs Yooooooouuuuuuuuuur PRESENCE!!!! So market Bfp spending went down too, Bfp is thus more valuable then before. Why would most players then use that harder to earn bfp on random boosters then? They want to save for that Overlord, they don't want to gamble it for promo 40+ boosters later... plus it's still 350 bfp drain a day. Wtf, gotta save baby, ain't got time for that!! So now players got less bfp earned for their time, cheap boosters. Yet almost no one actually wants to buy boosters because they're saving Bfp for big purchases. They also earn less bfp overall now so now everyone is mostly funneling bfp to save to buy cards and the card supply is actually shrinking cause fewer booster openings, hence no Card price drops despite cheap boosters. I don't know, if it doesn't happen, it doesn't, but cheaper boosters doesn't always mean cheaper prices as a whole. *typos. :/
  26. chickennoodler

    Log in Screen Kicks you for using On Screen Keyboard.

    *edit: Kay, got in. The fullscreen stuff is buggy as shit, but whatever.
  27. remmsten


    ive been hosten some server myself and i noticed since open beta crashe have been occuring and this whas around since open beta hasnt changed afther a restart its gone for 1 /2 hours orso it starts crashing againv but due to battleground thats has been there from the start i do believe you might wanna put battleground down for a while and see if it still crashes i think battle ground sinces it a random gen map could place 1 thing rong that mostly happens afther you get second orb then afther a little bit it crashes this is not always so but you might wanna try putting those down for 1 day just to see if they do
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