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  2. RadicalX

    Help shadow/nature

    fathom lord + drones + ashebone (+XL unit) is a decent T3 aswell. There are alot of viable options in T3, depending on meta and your personal playstyle.
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  4. Eddio

    when the PvE 12 players maps will open?

    It will be available in future beta iterations but there is no set date for them yet.
  5. Ggoblin

    Enhancement of Cards

    The level requirement is only for crafting the upgrades. Enhancements only need gold. In other words: yes you can.
  6. fEDM

    Help shadow/nature

    I was planning on going fathom lord for t3 is it not worth?
  7. odaifgh11

    when the PvE 12 players maps will open?

    I finished the story except for the 12 players when it's will open? I'm excited about it
  8. Treim

    rPvE 9 - need advice - Bloodhorn centered deck

    Tbh i would build the whole deck differently. Inc. Mo does nothing for you in this deck. Sure the damage reduction is nice but why bother when this desk is all about nuking bases. I would also add the other affinity of cluster and Inferno and frenetic assaut instead of aura of pain, blood healing lavafield. Would also add Cultist Master for a faster transition from t3 to t4. Nether warp is worth thinking about, the utility it offers is simply to good to pass up on in a lot of cases. I would probably use this: Forsaken Shadow Mage Viridya Soulhunter/Ashbone/Lavafield (or any other card you want really) Cultist Master Bloodhorn Bloodhorn SoW Resource Booster Soul Splicer Cluster Explosion Cluster Explosion Inferno frenetic assault (nature) Infect Soulshatter Nether Warp Motivate Offering Unholy Hero The additional damage and cc spells should solve much of your issue with small units. I tend to play fire t1 for that case and just have eruption for those cases - but it really is just personal perference. You could try to use offering on CM and then just double soulshatter or something. There is no single best card for close bases, its more about how you play those out in general in regards to timing, taking wells and positioning. Shadow Mage with splicer is a good solution for defences though. Phoenix not bad either though - it is important to not use them brainlessly though - shouldnt be to much of an issues anyways with embalmer shrine though. For bosses you can just use Unholy Hero. For the small ones like Nyxia you simply leave one red affinity with activated ability and unholy hero behind and move on with the rest. After shes dead just offer and resummon. I dont take bloodhealing because you either just offer and respawn them when they get to low and the healing of stampeding through buildings is generally enough of heal with all that nuke potential - thats why i dont take earthshaker either - you basically cut your own healing which is suboptimal.
  9. Aviat0r


    Server location is in France. So it might be the problem. Although we also have some players from USA and it's ok for them. I can't tell you if we can maybe add clustering in the future. But if we can, we can probably locate a server in the USA. Currently the majority of players is located in Europe (to be precise in Germany). And we're still in a testing phase where we cannot serve multiple machines. The game servers (the actual software) has first to be absolutely perfect without bugs and memory leaks before we can share/cluster servers. It's going pretty good, but there's still a lot of work to do in the upcoming days and months.
  10. This is my current deck. In general, I'd say Shadow Phoenix would be better than Shadow mage, but when T3 is close to T2, then the Mages are definitly more stable (with Soul Splicer). This deck destroys camps wery well; Infect, Cluster Explosion, Stampede. But it really struggles against two things: single unique enemies like Nyxia (Only a few Bloodhorns can attack simutanously, I do spam Ashbones in that case, works ok-ish) and even worse: other small groups of enemys on the run. Bloodhorns are not very effective against those. Usually, Infect and Undead Army don't work on those (because not dead yet), Lavafiled and Soulshatter do not kill all of them. It just takes ages to kill them. This is why I 'd like some advice, maybe a card I overlooked. Aura of Pain is the least used card (and also very, very ineffective), so I do have a spare slot. Which card to substitute? Thanks in advance.
  11. Yesterday
  12. RadicalX

    Help shadow/nature

    If you look for a shadow nature deck I recommend starting with Shadow T1 as it is more solid overall and easier to learn in the first place. High dps units are nice to provide a strong early game, that synergizes well with the strong early T2 by shadow nature. Just to give a strong deck example for a Shadow Nature deck T1 Dreadcharger Forsaken Nox Nasty Motivate Phasetower Nightguard T2 Nightcrawler Darkelf Assassins Amii Phantom Shadow Phoenix Ensnaring Roots Curse of Oink Surge of Light Hurricane Aura of Corruption T3 Silverwindlancer Ashebone Pyro Shield Building Lost Grigori (Purple) If you prefer playing a 3 card T3, you can pick up Ghostspears in T2 (they are quite useful against pure Fire) or the Burrower for some easier, but slightly less effective attacks. If you have any questions regarding the deck, just let me know.
  13. Abominita


    im also from brazil and also kinda laggy...
  14. Toggy

    The Stress Test Open#3 08.12.18

    Thanks to everyone for participating and gratulations to our old and new Champion RadicalX! Greetings, DasToggy
  15. fEDM

    Help shadow/nature

    Im looing to build a shadow nature pvp deck, what t1 would be better and what cards should i ran?
  16. Eirias

    The Stress Test Open#3 08.12.18

    To spread out the prizes, I would suggest running something that is known as "sections." In chess/battleforge once rankings are in, you can split the tournament into smaller sections based on ELO, so there is not such a high skill gap between players. I would suggest self-selected sections, with section A having prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and section B only having a prize for 1st, which is lower than the 3rd place prize. This way players can choose which section to be in, but there is a strong incentive to be in the top section, so only rookies would choose section B.
  17. Toggy

    The Stress Test Open#3 08.12.18

    Hello there, 4 Players out of ~16 already get a reward but if it is demanded it would be possible to downscale rewards in further tournaments. A Double Elimination Tournament is planned and will take place in the next year :-) . See you all later for the tournament! Greetings, DasToggy
  18. NeverKnowWhyThis

    Ability Description - Rioter's Retreat - Gifted Retreat

    Turns out this is a feature, rather then a bug. I can't seem to find how to remove this thread, however.
  19. Alpengringo

    The Stress Test Open#3 08.12.18

    I can't make it sadly I have an appointment at 16:00 I can't miss :/
  20. Last week
  21. Aviat0r

    Game crashes after pressing play

    Try to remove your config.xml file in MyDocument\BattleForge. If that doesn't work, try to delete the whole BattleForge folder.
  22. Aviat0r

    Launcher Crashes as soon as i start it...

    Looks like a problem with your Anti Virus software. The game wants to check for updates, but it is getting interrupted. So try to disable your anti virus for that moment to check if the problem still persists. If not, add a exception for this whole folder (and subfolders) to your anti virus software.
  23. Hirooo

    The Stress Test Open#3 08.12.18

    I like the idea to spread price pool down to reward most participants in some way. If possible with time concerns in mind a losers bracket would also help to increase the minimum amount of matches a player is able to play.
  24. RadicalX

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LAzuMCkw2I& There you go
  25. Darkflo

    Battleforge has stopped working

    Finally I have reinstall the game and it works Thanks
  26. Mak

    2 - Random PvE 10 1-player map

    Indeed, the balancing difficulties. It would be great if this work was done evntually, not left for next time like EA treated it. As a temporary solution, please see the screenshot, needs notepad++ and an hour of free time to identify, no idea how long to fix. I agree with all this highest difficulty stuff, extensive strategies, level 9 too easy, still lets agree T4 extra large artillery units basically shot away at 2nd orb isn't an obstacle but a misconduct of lazy EA staff. And then for years before BF got closed noone cared =] On the contrary, YOU guys are great, big THANK YOU for bringing this game back alive! Sorry for the off-topic.
  27. nofearek9

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    @mato0077 if you have already installed : http://www.mediafire.com/download/66qcju6wesb0i6u/GearboxRedist.exe https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 then download and extract to your BF folder the file below: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7qzpfuvzy5ay7jh/msvcr120.dll/file#
  28. xxxShadyxxx

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Hello, when do we have reset? Are we going to lose everything?
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