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For years I thought that crystals works for element and considered them quite useless.

Today I found out that they are even worse and work only for certain affinity which makes them total garbage cards.


1. Change them to work with elements instead of affinities.
2. Nature crystal: 400 => 1%/s.
3. Frost crystal: 20% => 15%.
4. Dark crystal: 50% => 30%.
5. Fire crystal: 15% stable damage.
6. All of them: Effect for 20 seconds and 60 seconds cooldown.

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Yea they are really lackluster 😞 They are on our radar though: taken from the Balance Discord: 

"We have some changes planned for all 4 elemental crystals. Part of those changes will be allowing them to affect allies as well as units of their respective element. So Ice Crystal will work on all friendly Frost units as well as all friendly units with a Frost affinity."
- Windhunter

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