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Can provoke be made to work on bosses?

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Provoke at t4 on grinders seems like it was made to be used for boss fighting but then doesnt even work on them. This basically limits it to maybe some t4 xl units but realisitcally theyll all just get ccd or killed by other forces quickly enough that it wont be worth it to use. 

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I don't know if going down the path of loosening leader immunity is correct way to make promo / :shadoworb: Grinder more useful as a tank in boss fights... I would much more rather gave it an active ability to buff itself or something and that can work regardless of lead immunity or not.


Not sure if this is too much to ask but my idea to solve this is to give promo / :shadoworb: Grinder something along those lines cover/damage reduction ability of Lifestream (:neutralorb::neutralorb::natureorb::natureorb: + Rare also but support building) and Dreadnought (:frostorb::frostorb::frostorb::frostorb: but Ultra Rare and also immobilized). Maybe something weaker so Grinder can still move/attack like now but it would serve same purpose of provoke (although it does cover more than 1 source of damage then). Only problem is I am not too sure what to do :fireorb: Grinder (maybe give him cover ability to take some damage for other units but with no damage reduction and stick to some sort of +% damage buff?).

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i was mainly suggesting because as of now it is basically a useless ability. the only targets youd want to use taunt on are bosses but it doesnt work so it ends up being useless and making it work on bosses was from my point of view the simplest fix. the main issues with attempting to control the boss target is that u cant control ally units and theres also the tedium of moving the grinders as well as the fact that the grinder heal passive doesnt mesh well with gemeyes long range in a mixed composition. You need to try and place them close enough to reach his passive range while still far enough to avoid boss aoes and considereing theyre all xl it just isnt realistic in many cases and not quick in most cases. 

I think since provoke wont be changed that grinder should then get a new active ability so it at least has something to use compared to its currently useless ability.

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1 hour ago, Cocofang said:

The red affinity isn't half bad. 50% damage buff to 7500 DP20 in an orb combo that only has the somewhat clunky Home Soil+Ice Barrier combo. And technically Green Peace R.

50 energy for a (de)buff on a single unit is just poor and not useful at all

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