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Can the motm be switched to fire?


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Yeah, why not switch the motm to the wishes of a single player? 🤔 And if Abaddon does not show up (because he is not guaranteed) we switch as long till he shows...

But you can be helped. The single player motm is fire (also three in a row) and those who will seek, find Abaddon 🙂



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it was just a suggestion to mix things up considering this will be third month in a row with the same faction and theres never been a 4p with abaddon yet and 1p or even 2p depending on map layout is not representative of 4p experience (not to mention uber boring) 

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On 4/5/2022 at 12:27 PM, Emmaerzeh said:

There is a boss test map with all the fire bosses. 

But Abbadon will be nerfed a little innext patch alongside the fire rpve changes. 

do u know the name of it?

also why is abaddon being nerfed? also it is odd because the last few days i played i saw other players kill him without too much difficulty (one day i saw someone kill him using 2 overlords and only a single regrowth but idk how) which is much different from when i played a month ago where he would melt everything except turtles and things getting spam healed with defensive bonuses. 

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