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Banzai Lord affinities

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Both affinities are identical in terms of their respective strengths. The tainted affinity deals 1000 damage to up to 3 targets, while the gifted affinity heals 1000 life points to up to 3 targets. The description on the gifted affinity Birds is just incomplete.  

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I tested - they heal 1000 total 300+ per target in case od 3 targets and 500 on 2 targets. Description is unfortunately OK 😛
So they are 3 times weaker than tained ones... even when considering that heal should be equal as damage - not  higher 😛

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Just wanted to update everyone that we will be changing Banzai Lord birds in the upcoming patch.

Banzai Birds
A. Damage (p) / Healing(g): 1000, up to 3000 --> 1500, up to 4500
B. Life points: 800 -> 1200 (+400 life points on each upgrade)
C. Explosion radius: 25m --> 20m
D. Total Birds: 3 --> 2
E. Remove +1 Banzai Bird summoned from U3 upgrade.

The idea is to condense the strength of the card from 3 birds to 2 to reduce performance impact, while giving a small nerf by reducing total explosion radius from 25m --> 20m. Additionally, as regards the main point of this thread, we are fixing the green affinity's heal. It will now heal the 3 nearest ally units by up to 1500 each instead of 1000 in total. This should help equivalize the strength of the two affinities and make Banzai Lord(g) a healing option worth considering. 

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