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Nature/Shadow combination seems to fit Twilight more

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This is just a minor pet-peeve of mine, but I have long felt that the Twilight faction should've been the combination of Nature and Shadow factions, not Nature and Fire. Obviously, I am not talking about the general in-game balance, neither lore standpoints. This stems from purely the visual feeling of the Twilight.

I mean, they are literally called after the cycle of day, where the amount of light lessens (and shadow/darkness takes over). Their color pallete and designs fit my idea of shadow taking over nature much better, rather than the notion of combining Nature with Fire. That would logically (though that's not as important, this is a fantasy game) produce some kind of Ash faction, akin to Stonekin. 

On this front, Amii Phantom kinda gives me the fire/nature vibe much better, mainly from her ability Amii Ashfighter. What creates ash? Well, fire burning nature, for example.  

It just irks me in the back of my head, I am not advocating for changing anything. 

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I always felt that Twilight is Nature gone wrong, infused with the aggression of Fire. Guess my impression stems in large parts from how Rogan introduces them:

"When we returned to the surface, we found everything has changed! Become… twisted! They attacked us, like vile beasts!"


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Yeah, the twilight spreads uncontrollably - like a wildfire. Also the whole shadow theme of sacrifice and corpse collection doesn't really match with what the twilight curse is. Of course if they would have designed the shadow splashes in another way, shadow nature might have been more intuitive.

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