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Current state of game

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Hey guys

Did not play in the last month or two, can anyone tell me how is the game doing currently ?

Is the playerbase still decent enough or decreased much ?

How is the auction and market looking ?

I see no patch notes so I assume no real content has released since January but correct me if anything is on the radar worth noting


Thank you in advance!

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The numbers settled down, which is normal for all games, but are still around 500-800, mostly. So good enough to find people for all maps during reasonable hours.

Rare and sought after cards keep getting more expensive. There are frequent spikes for cards when their stock gets bought up. Usually they dip down after a couple of days again but sometimes it leads to a more permanent price increase.

More common mid-tier cards and below are pretty worthless. More common high-tier cards seem to slowly decline.

Overall, I'd say the value for cards is slowly shifting towards the top end, leaving the mid- and low-end less valuable.

Development has come to a near halt again, the team needs more members. There was one big patch that fixed and balanced a lot of cards though.


I think the game is in its best state it ever was. Progression is alright, servers are very stable, I haven't had any crashes, group play works pretty well. I encounter very few issues, I'd say fewer when the game was still under EA even. Anything that is yet to come is just a bonus.

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19 hours ago, LeMazarin said:

I play MP only. Havent been playing since 2-3 months. Is the current playerbase big enough to be able to find game with automatch?

Yes, but usually only during evening hours in europe (17-22 CEST).

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