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Game Balance Issues - Only a Small Number of Cards is being used

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The balance problem of the game is obvious if we take a look at card prices and how often certain cards are used while others are not.

some cards are so much better than others making them very popular so their price is much higher.

For example, some Ultra-Rare cards are worth only 20 BFP in the OH and then you have "Infect" that cost more than 5000 BFP.

The solution for this problem would be to boost unpopular cards in order to make them more powerful.

That will increase their use as well as their value and while reducing the value of current popular cards.

This will have to be a never ending process that keeps boosting unused cards to a certain point.

That is how I we can bring card values closer together while making unpopular cards more popular and more useful.

This will allow players to adjust their game play and develop new strategies which will make the game more exciting.

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Posted (edited)

Bad cards / options are not a bad thing this goes for all cardbased games such as Magic the Gathering. If you're interested in carddesign and balancing, I'd reccomend you and everyone else to read into it why the first solution of making everything "balanced" does not work.

Check this article out about MtG, Google will help if your interested in more topicrelated articles:


Cardvalues and rarity is a whole other topic which I wont even touch. The battleforge marketsystem is deeply flawed and we can see the results on the current (prelaunch) server. Without currencydumps inflation is a huge problem with no end in sight, since we're not getting new expansions like World of Warcraft a.e.

There's a Youtube channel called "Extra Credits" which talks about game economys a whole lot. It's mostly MMO, but its the same for many other gamegenres. Here's an interesting one to tune in:

Unfortunatly I have no insight how the dev team wants to fix the economy. I frankly dont think it can be fixed and needs a complete overhaul to function over an extended period of time. This (of course) includes the rewardsystem which is very nice and all, but a nightmare if you'd like to achive something else than inflation.

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