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For those who don't know me, I am Taker, a 25 year old pure fire player from Germany. I played battleforge since the Renegade beta (with several breaks), where I was in the top 10 for several years. 
I decided to stream some of my ladder sessions.  

On stream I simply play either ranked or sparring. I will commentate the games while playing, at least I try so.

- The Stream -

I try to comment here whenever the stream is online.

Let me know what u think about it. 



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2 hours ago, ImperatorSK said:

Do not make it online at the time, so please save the stream :). Gl may the streamer luck be with you ;)

I rly missed to save it, but it was only 1 hour. I will save all upcoming streams, sorry.

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Im planning to start streaming my ladder games again. 
I didnt rly play much lately, and Im still rusty as hell, but i still want to share my progress with u and maybe we can help eachother improving.

I'll most likely stream in german, but im not sure yet. Even if im talking german, all who dont speak german, are welcome too, for any english questions or conversation ill switch to english, so dont worry about that. 

Whenever I am going to start streaming, ill post it here and let you know that im live. 
The first stream should be whether today or tomorrow, ill tell you in time. 

Here you get to my stream

Im looking forward to see you guys in the chat.

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