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  1. Saw the replay on Youtube, nice execution and thanks for sharing. Didn't think of spawning Shadow Pheonix to help clear the frozen wave and get the early void back, I tried double stone of torment instead lol. What do you think of pulling away one squad of defenders some seconds earlier towards the soul tree (since the target they are shooting at will die to SP)? Could maybe use them to aggro the Stone Aggressor into position for the Shadow Phonixes, so they can dive insantly. Just a thought, good luck getting that 9:39
  2. Damn good job! Never figured out the strat to go that low but it sounds good as fuck. Do you think a sub 9:40 is possible?
  3. I bet it's Nature T1 and clear the path to the soultree with Mana Wing immediately when game starts
  4. I can't figure it out, I got no creativity in my soul
  5. So basiclly you're telling me to try shadow t1
  6. I assume your talking about this: In the video he finishes the map in 11:33. I did some changes like taking two instant power wells and only using mine for the start. Gave me additional power to clear the stonekin faster. Ended up with 29 seconds improvement, 1 additional minute seems impossible though. Must be some other strategy
  7. 9:40 on Soultree damn that's fast :o And here I thought my 11:04 run was good. I must know what cards you used for that sick run
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