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28 minutes ago, Kubik said:

I can list few more from other topics, so it is public info that they fighting each other. I will not tell you their strategies (because I do not know them) but you are incorrect :P 

I even think these two teams have different strategies.

How can you say I'm incorrect if you didn't see the replays? :D

Also I've been following this thread and now where you bring it up I wanna say that I don't like the attitude of both these teams. In my opinion we should work together to make the absolute perfect fastest times for every map.

ps: Could also be 2 players getting fed by 1 player each. Still same thing just kinda mirrored. Mark of the Keeper is one of the oldest cards for these situations too so maybe it's getting used too. But whatever, I'm more of a PvP player. There are people that can guess it better, I'm just saying these tactics have been around. We know them. So we should make decks public for the newer players to get into speedrunning (and probably expert maps in general) easier.

ps2: And I'm repeating myself when I say Guns of Lyr and MAYBE Oracle are kind of the only maps left where the meta tactic isn't 100% publicly known.

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I forgot to give the link but i already posted some deck (both PvP, rPvE, and Speedrun) in the PvP section.

I'm not OK to be able to see speedrunners' decks ingame, but lots of people don't care of sharing (that was my case actually). :)

And when there will be a reset i want to have a backup of my decks.

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On ‎2‎/‎1‎/‎2019 at 11:58 PM, Pritstift said:

Asgard57 it is nice that you are willing to write something in this forum but it should make sence. Lets have a closer look at the history:

1) From October 2013-2019 the record for guns of lyr was 06.48 min.

2) The first team that was able to beat 06.48 was our team and not YOUR team. Btw we used a new tactic that was developed by ourself. For sure we are sorry for this.

3) The first team that was below 6min was our team and not your team. The first team that was below 5 min was our team and not your team.

@MephistoRoss@Kubik@MrXLink - is it possible that you can show a time list for guns of lyr speedruns for which both teams were involed?


Team "Germany" including Pritstift, Treim, Lebovin, Tomate, Wanky, BehaaaveBaby  (replay times):

23.01.2019: 06.41 - beat old record - YES!!!

24.01.2019: 06.20 - improvement

25.01.2019: 06.10 - improvement

25.01.2019: 05.59 - first time below 6 min - YES!!!

26.01.2019: 05.49 - improvement

26.01.2019: 05.30 - improvement

26.01.2019: 05.29 - improvement

26.01.2016: 05.12 - improvement

01.02.2019: 05.04 - improvement

01.02.2019: 04.58 - first time below 5 min - YES!!!




17.03.2019: 04.01 - improvement - replay will be published on YouTube soon


So please stop to flame here. The Devs (no Germans) can also confirm this. You can write something here but stop to lie and to write things that are not true. You have to accept that there are also other goood players that are able to compete with you. BTW this players are not just Germans.

I think for you and your team it is a new experience that there is a team that is able to beat you also in 4player maps. Do you know how we call this in Germany?


BTW we also able to play all other 4player maps fast. We just need the time for it.

I want to clearly point out for all of my teammates that we never used any cheats or even server hacks or sth. like this. Our times are the result of good ideas hard training and skilled players.


I am sorry that the RUSSIAN speedruners cant accept this. It is also not ok that you try to involve the developers of Skylords Reborn in this. The whole team never would give out replays of other teams.


To finish this : It seems like that you and your team are just sore losers.


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On 3/20/2019 at 7:57 PM, Navarr said:

Why did you quote your old post where you feed into the germans vs russians thing? xD very unprofessional imho

Cause of this edit he made: 17.03.2019: 04.01 - improvement - replay will be published on YouTube soon

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