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Favorite Worm

Favorite Worm  

65 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite worm and why?

    • Core Dredge (Blue)
    • Deepcoil Worm (Green)
    • Fire Worm (Red)
    • Shadow Worm (Purple)

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After careful thought, here is my ranking 

1. Core dredge. Dude has a house on his head, nuff said

2. Shadow worm. That black tongue evil thing looks bada$$

3. Firework looks cool(ish) and powerful 

4. Deepcoil kinda looks a little bland for me, but ultimately still a cool dude

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47 minutes ago, indubitablement said:

Worms have the stats I would expect on a flying unit. Why are they so bad?

Cuz they have extreme trample range+dmg and strong abilities

Shadow Worm is the one and only worm imo. Mobile church <3

Edit: and M knockback !

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Worms are the fastest units in the game and do have 50% dmg reduction during their movement. The additional Siege dmg on Coredredge and Deepcoilworm is somewhat nice. It is true though, that the T4 ones are underwhelming. 


Here is my ranking

1. Core Dredge: 

Red affinity has 100% Siege dmg & is probably the only worm that is viable in PvP, especially in 2v2 that thing is crazy good once you micro well

2. Deep Coil:

Siege and fast movement are decent for PvE, especially against big armies you can use the dmg/knockback mechanic of its movement animation to maximize the dps. 

3. Shadow Worm 

Weak stats and nothing but a disappointment in a pure Shadow deck. Only useful in nature splashes with enlightenment due to the ability. I mean it's cool here, but no one would like to use the card without massive heal support

4. Fire Worm 

I don't know why these T4 worms are so underwhelming. I'm about to finish a post about these type of cards soon anyways. Fire worm has shitty stats and simply lacks dmg to be effective

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