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[POSTPONE] 3 - Booster wrapper randomizer isn't randomising properly


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  • NAME: Booster wrapper randomizer isn't randomising properly
  • LOCATION: The booster section in your inventory
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: Randomly when buying boosters
  • DESCRIPTION: The booster wrapper randomizer doesn't seem to be random at all. Most of the times when buying boosters, I receive boosters with the same wrapper, namely Twilight Edition wrappers. That being said, there are a few instances where I get a lot of the other wrappers, x1 only. Whenever I do get all the different ones, they always seem to come in the same order. After I received x1 from these types, it switches back to only giving me Twilight edition wrappers again. (Check both pictures. You will be able to see that the first boosters are in the same order).
  • SCREENSHOT: http://imgur.com/8ahV5tF and http://imgur.com/ewvsjpj 
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