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  1. Chorba liked a post in a topic by beijingguy in Bejingguy pure nature deck   
    If I’m ever actively playing again feel to message me and we will set up a spare match, Chorba. 
    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who enjoys that particular T3 
    I haven’t played in ages but I will try to find time to play in the Fight Club sometime, sounds really awesome. Unfortunately this week is not going to work. 
  2. beijingguy liked a post in a topic by Chorba in Bejingguy pure nature deck   
    hollyyyyy shit. you are the best
    thank you!! will def try it! 
    if you decide to play pvp anytime hmu! would love to spar 🙂
  3. Chorba liked a post in a topic by beijingguy in Bejingguy pure nature deck   
    Hey Chorba
    Windhunter was kind enough to reach out to me and let me know about this post. 
    It really warmed my heart to hear you have fond memories of watching my replays back in the day and still remember to this day.
    Windhunters suggested deck is pretty close to what I'd play but there was never really any final version of the deck. I will try to share my favorite iteration of the deck. 
    Meta: Windweavers, Spearmen, Dryad, Shaman, Roots, Hurricane, Surge of Light
    Off-meta: Werebeasts, Amazon(Green), "Primal Defender"
    Windhunter already mentioned that it is actually not a super strong deck so every small advantage you can find matters. I liked picking Werebeasts over Swiftclaw because it felt easier to trade it more cost efficiently for enemy units. Swiftclaw while hitting like a truck is also an easy target and at the time the only two factions you would play against in T1 was Fire and Shadow both of whom loved to play a S/M as a second unit. 
    Green Amazon doesn't actually counter anything you would encounter in T1 but they boost Werebeasts regeneration and any healing they might receive from a shaman, combined with the aura from Dryad it can pretty brutal. 
    Primal Defender is far from mandatory but really good at punishing an enemy that is too greedy buying wells in T1 or force out an eruption thereby building a tiny advantage. 
    It looks like a pretty giant T1 but the three spells scale incredibly well into T2 and the three support units are also really helpful in keeping Spikeroot alive(Green Amazons also works on Spikeroot). Not that you would necessary summon them in T2, but if they happen to be the units you have left over after the T1 fighting is done you are very well set going into the midgame. For most other T1 units, as soon you reach T2 you are more or less looking for any reason for them to die so you can reclaim that power and summon stronger units. 
    Meta: Ghostspears, Spirit Hunters, Spikeroot, Oink, Parasite Swarm, Root Nexus
    Off-Meta: Living Tower
    You can argue that Spikeroot and Root Nexus are off meta but since we are talking about a root network deck I feel like they are obvious meta-picks so the only non-meta pick in T2 is actually Living Tower. 
    The standard root network attack strategy for me was always Living Tower into Root Nexus into Spikeroot built with the distance between them so Spikeroot could hit whatever Well or Orrb was the intended target while the Living Tower was so far away they would have a hard time contesting it being built. On some maps that meant you could build the Living Tower next to your own Well/Orb while on other maps you would build it in the middle of nowhere but it still gave you a fallback position. You could do Spikeroot into Root Nexus into another Spikeroot but its 50 power more expensive, does not give you any protection from air attack and is vulnerable to Aura of Corruption. 
    Meta: Razorleaf
    Off-Meta: Timeshifter Spirit
    Rarely will a game be decided in T3 but Razorleaf combined with any remains of the T2 Root Network counters pretty much everything, put in a Timeshifter to give you a Spellblocking aura around Razorleaf and you can pretty much take on the world.
    That's 19 cards, leaving the last slot open since I might have forgotten some mandatory card, if I did not I would probably add Mana Wing in T1 just to increase the chance of getting some small advantage going into T2. 
    I apologize if some of the information is outdated. 
  4. Chorba liked a post in a topic by WindHunter in Bejingguy pure nature deck   
    From what I can remember this was his deck: 
    Depending on the day he would swap out Envenom and include Mana Wing and/or Werebeasts. Other times he would run both Root Nexus. Every so often he would include T3 which was usually Drones + Fathom Lord. Again, this deck was fairly inefficient and it is also is from before any balance changes but largely should be better due to the T1 and upcoming T2 Nature buffs. The version RadicalX posted above is more meta which still preserving a lot of the beijingguy flavor.
  5. Chorba liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Bejingguy pure nature deck   
    I can only make a guess, but with a Werebeast/Treespirit start you might want to cut Swiftclaw/Spearmen. In T2 Burrower/Deep One also end up being less relevant as you apply siege pressure through Spikeroot. Since root network strategies require to accumulate advantages by slowly building up pressure the 100 energy downtime through building Shrine of Memory also grants less value in this set up. This should open up enough slots to play the full root setup without cutting down T3 which would be another option of opening up the deck slots.  
    Attached a root network deck, that I like to play from time to time. I don't use living tower as it is way to static for my liking (root nexus + living tower can be a good response to aura of corruption though) and kept Deep One due to its overwhelming stat efficiency. Razorleaf is more for style points, Brannoc/Mo usually are more powerful XL options in T3. 

  6. Dallarian liked a post in a topic by Chorba in Pure Fire vs Pure Frost   
    The t1 was a mistake, I agree. Killing stormsingers with enforcers I don't find so easy - stormsingers are swift, and I only have one charge. plus, you always carry a war eagle with you that 2 shots the enforcer.
    The jugger play was a mix of tilt + I wanted it on the field because I knew my orb was gonna fall.
    Thanks for the tips
  7. Dallarian liked a post in a topic by Chorba in Pure Fire vs Pure Frost   
    I've been playing almost every element (besides shadows mix and pure shadow) in pvp and one matchup I couldn't work no matter how hard I tried is pure fire vs pure frost.
    I genuinely think this issue needs to be addressed. I wouldn't mind a hard matchup, as this is part of the game, but I honestly feel like this is hardly playable.
    As long as you don't get some massive t1 lead (map dependant - can't always scavy rush, and even if you do the frost player can defend it), on T2 you get destroyed in any point of the game. 
    Defending is next to impossible because fire doesn't have building protect spells, so even if you kill the units a well probably will drop. 
    frost has stormsinger + abillity, area ice shield, skyelf, cc (coldsnap) and homesoil and you have drakes. can't even play gladi for the skyelf cause they'll get destroyed by an eagle so
    you're force to spam drakes which doesn't work cause you can only cast ravage on one of them.
    Carrying Global warming (which is not effective AT ALL in any other matchup) is a bit dumb, cause it's only for frost matchups (and maybe fire frost).
    Rushing T3 doesn't fit fire playstyle mostly and it is not that effective since frost players can easily counter juggernaut stamepede, even if you manage to get one.
    Would love to get some insight, and/or suggestions. I couldn't think of anything, because pure frost isn't as strong as pure fire in PVP in general and nerfing frost is definietly not the right call.
  8. MrDanilov liked a post in a topic by Chorba in The Stress Test Rookies! 23.02.19   
    is it okay if im #21? lol
  9. Chorba liked a post in a topic by Hirooo in The Stress Test Open#4 26.01.19   
    How do I wake up in time to play?
  10. Chorba liked a post in a topic by FarRockBF in FarRock 1st Video on YouTube   
    Hey Guys!
    A short RPVE (not short enough  sadly I'm terrible right now) video about me, my life, what I've been up to, etc. Catchin y'all up to speed. Looking forward to some real PVE matches and even PVP when it gets real!
    See you soon!
    Sorry for the delay. It's processing quite slowly.
  11. Chorba liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Cannon tower spam   
    Okay I watched the replay and it was pretty much the issue that I assumed earlier. Your void level lowers itself by 250 from picking up T3 and this makes Eruption for Cannon Tower trades more than effective for your opponent. What is more important though: You mentioned, that you outplayed your opponent and were in a good spot to take the T3. That wasn't actually the case. You lost T1 by a wide margin and this shows in the power scaling. You did well in T2, but still you were slighty down in power at the end of your T2 (1805 vs 1824), so there was no lead at all during the time you went T3. Since there was no power lead in the first place you ended up losing as Fire Nature doesn't have the strongest T3 in this game. If you don't pick up such a greedy powerwell in T1 you will most likely be able to win these type of games before any cannon towers hit the ground as your mid game was quite good and it's fire natures strong point anyways.   
  12. Chorba liked a post in a topic by sylvix95 in My Improved CardBase   
    I like this, I like this a lot.
  13. Chorba liked a post in a topic by mathdos in Huge Thank You + Help if Needed   
    Just wanted to say you guys are great for doing all this and I appreciate you reviving a game which is so unique to me and I've wanted to play for the longest of times. If theres any help you need I'm currently programming at university so if theirs any way I can contribute I'd be happy to. Thanks a bunch guys.
    P.S Hope this was posted in the right area
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