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  1. Agreed. Also, many people say "they take away a part of the game, i.e. grinding for a PvP deck", but imo it's the opposite, they open a new part of the game for me. The thing is, that I do not have that much time to play because of family and work. But with the free PvP decks I can still play some PvP when I have the time and, at least in theory, compete with everyone. If I had to build a PvP deck from scratch, I would already have a disadvantage, because I wasn't able to play over the weekend. This would make it, that even with perfect gameplay I would start with a disadvantage from having worse cards/upgrades. This would snowball over the months to come and I would virtually be locked out of PvP until I have a competitive 120 deck, which might take months. In the meantime I would have to grind BG9 for months, if I wanted to get into PvP as quickly as possible, which would get boring and repetitive very quickly, making me lose interest in this project. Long story short, if you want to grind - go for it, but don't force everyone to do it, since it makes people have to do "shores" in order to even play the game. If I wanted to grind 24/7 I would play World of Warcraft or smthng.
  2. Today I played some games after the official release and noticed something that bothers me. It is the fact, that there is no keyboard shortcut for grouping units, i.e. the +/- symbols in the top left, and no shortcuts for "select all groups" and "select all units", i.e. single/double click on the bell. Would it be able to add those shortcuts?
  3. Congrats to TopS3cret for winning and all the other participants as well. I sadly couldn't make it todsy, but can't wait to watch the commentary!
  4. I get your point with the unlocking part. But that would make for a very hilariius calculator though Tbh, Smash Bros. Is the only fighting game I really played more than just occasionally. That's a nice map, thanks for providing it! The point is however, that you would have to explicitly go to the map and therefore no longer be in the "main menu" and thus unable to go to the market or join other games. This also makes it impossible to test cards, which you don't own in this map. My idea was to add it to the forge, because I like how easily accessible it is.
  5. Hello everyone, one thing I love about this game is, that you don't wait on some boring main menu screen between your matches, but indeed you are in the forge - a huge playground to play around with your cards and test out interactions. There are a few things, that bother me about it though, which is why I want to give some suggestions on improving this cool part of the game. They might hard, if not even impossible, to implement - especially with the release just around the corner - but maybe they can be kept in mind as some long-term goals to implement in the future. 1. The selection of NPC units you can spawn in the forge is very limited. It would be nice, if we had access to a wider variety of enemies to test out interactions or develop strategies for PvE. My suggestion here would be to simply add more units to each faction (and to even include Lost Souls as a faction in the first place). One could go even further and allow the player to spawn PvE bosses in the forge. An idea to avoid spoilers would be to make the unlockable by beating the map they appear in first (Maybe even on expert only, to give an incentive to beat all expert maps). This unlocking could also be considered for some regular units too, e.g. strong ones such as the Twilight Dragon, Stonekin Grinder, Bandit Tortugun etc. 2. There are no Momuments and Wells in the forge. It would be nice to have monuments and wells to simulate some PvP interactions, e.g. how fast can unit X destroy a well. Right now one can use buildings with 2k/3k health to improvise, but since wells have a different behaviour when getting repaired and monuments shoot, this is not a 100% accurate correspondence. My suggestion to this would be to add a monument and a few wells to the forge, maybe in the bottom corners behind the walls, so players can play around with them. 3. The concept of ground presence and well/orb proximity does not exist. This means you can play out any card at any time anywhere. This clearly has its advantages, but limits the amount of scenarios you can test out/pratice, e.g. dazed Thugs vs. undazed Forsaken. My suggestion here would be to add a button, which toggles the "realistic" mode on or off, where the realistic mode would include dazed units, ground presence needed etc. (maybe even the global cooldown), and the "unrealistic" mode would be the forge as it is right now. 4. There is no "fight recap" tool. I know, this is getting quite involved now and is probably impossible to implement atm, but I just like the idea. The idea is to have a small window, which keeps tracks some statistics of what happened, after you last pressed the "reset forge" button. Such statistics would include things like units/spells/buildings used, power spent, units/buildings killed/lost, void power gained, damage done to units/buildings/orbs/wells etc. This would make it possible to simulate more complicated pvp scenarios (e.g. shadow army of a few units, one might get nastied and another motivated, vs. fire army of a few units, a few mortar shots and an eruption) and easily estimate, which side has gained an advantage without having to do the math. Well, those are just a few ideas. Feel free to share your opinion about it. Maybe some of them might make it into the game at some point in the future
  6. It is open for everyone to play. See this thread for a setup instruction:
  7. Wow, this looks awesome! Give this man a job!
  8. Today I baked a pizza too! This thread kinda inspired me to do this a few days ago tbh...
  9. Wow, really cool runs and really creative strategies used! I am glad, that I dor once found a strat, at least for T1 that was viable, eventhough the rest was done very inefficient. It's always cool to see, how far some players can push these times down.
  10. This month's motm (November) is a bandits map, a very easy one on top of that. Therefore quite a number of people were farming it for gold in order to avoid hard maps. For random maps I can neither confirm nor disprove you, as I am not a dev and do not know the code that generates the maps, but my exerience with random maps in the recent past has also shown quite a few hard LS maps too.
  11. Here's something that came to my mind recently: When the new balance changes are applied at the official release, will the decklists of the free PvP decks maybe change in the future to account for shifts in the meta? E.g. adding wearbeasts to Nature T1, removing thugs/mortar from fire T1 etc., if it turns out that these cards become (un-)viable to play.
  12. 2950 Can we reach 3k before the release?
  13. Name: Inconsistency in active ability void return Description: While playing around with infected towers I found out, that some active abilities return 90% of their power cost back to the void, while others give back 100%. Reproducibility: Always, but depends on the card used. Video: Log: See attached file. Additional Information: As I already stated in the video, I don't know whether this even is a bug or if it maybe even is intended. And even if it is a bug, I do not know for sure, which mechanic is correct, returning 100% or returning 90%. _log_proxy_latest.log
  14. I can confirm, that Kobold engineers will try to repair it, eventhough it is at full hp. But I have to revoke what I said about it always working in the forge. I just tryed it in the forge again and it didn't occur, but in a match it still does.
  15. Name: Infected Tower repairable with full HP Description: When I spawn an Infected Tower (works with both affinities) It shows the "Repair Building" symbol, even when the tower is built with full HP. Reproducibility: Works always, in games as well as in the forge. Video: Log: (See attached file) _log_proxy_latest.log
  16. 2947 We have to join our forces in order to reach infinity!
  17. Hello everyone, yesterday I was wondering, if there is some place, maybe somewhere in the forums or on dicord, where I can find a list of all the balancing changes, which will be made in the official release or are already in place on the testserver. If there is, can someone please share a link to it? Thanks in advance! Peace!
  18. First, that's probably still illegal and would get the stuff into trouble if it come out. Second, as soon as some people on Patreon leak the information, everyone can get access. Third, and imo most importantly, this would ruin the whole experience of the project for me. I love that this project is completely free and breaks with the whole pay2win concept of the old BF. Even if it is just coametics, I would feel left behind for not paying money - it would feel like a two class community. And since this game has a great community, this would make my experience with it way worse. I guess I am not the only person who would get turned off by it. I would actually rather donate now when I don't get rewarded for it. tl;dr: just no, please don't do it.
  19. Wait, is it actually possible to submit own videos to get uploaded to this channel? I didn't even know that! Cool!
  20. I'm bad with names for these effects, but some ideas: - Friendly units explode/spawn nightcrawlers on death - Friendly units have a X% chance to get CC'ed every Y seconds - Enemy units reflect X% of the damage they take back to the attacker - Friendly units do not get healed near buildings - Every units get spawned with half health and does not heal up to full after a certain duration Might add some more ideas later...
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