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  1. I think it is possible to make custom PvP maps, which have all of the things you mentioned here. I also think new PvP maps will be surely added to the official pool at some point in the future, but only after extensive testing. Also, all of the points Majora mentioned still have to be considered. But hey, maybe someone will create some bigger/slower maps, which are decently balanced at some point 🙂
  2. There is currently already a plan of making it deal full dmg to frozen targets to fix the first issue. For more info on that, check out the balancing discord.
  3. Glad to hear, that community maps are getting some more love! But I think the biggest feature mentioned hear is the "view lobbies while in a ranked queue" feature. Finally you no longer have to commit to only waiting when in a queue, but can still do other stuff meanwhile. This is such a great feature imo! I think this can help PvP playercount a lot!
  4. In the order that they appear in the deck: Curse of Oink Creeping Paralysis Equilibrium (g) Regrowth Disenchant (g) Revenge Twilight Pestilence (b) Thunderstorm Inferno Cluster Explosion (both affinities) Earthshaker Eruption Mine Nomad (g) Gladiatrix (g) Twilight Creeper (p) Abomination (b) Breeding Grounds Shrine of War
  5. Very cool guide, thanks a lot for it! Is it also viable to use bloodhealing on a night crawler spawned by infect?
  6. I see your point and, to be honest, I don't really care for 5bfp most of the time either, but I think the main advantage of this system is, that it might discourage players from rerolling quests for specific maps and thus increasing the popularity of lesser played maps by a bit.
  7. I think this is intended, since the ranged attack does siege damage (+50% against buildings). So basically the ability not only changes range but also dmg type.
  8. In case it hasn't been mentioned here yet:
  9. I don't think you can warp into the middle canyon (If it is possible though, I am open to see how :)). What you can do, however, is warping over the gate before the boss with nether warp. This is for example done in the speedrun:
  10. Great idea! Another option would be to do it like in WoW; grant achievement points for each achiev - more for harder ones, less for easier ones - and have a leaderboard for those points.
  11. There is already a brainstorming thread for that:
  12. Wanky and Lebovin in the novice category? Man, that makes me hyped for the expert category! 👀
  13. How about a feature, that when you right click a players name, a new option called "Compare achievements" opens up, where you can compare your progress on all the achievements ingame with that of another player? This could be an additional incentive to grind the repeatable ones/beat the one time only ones, since you can then officially brag with them.
  14. How about making monthly achievements for the Motm lvl 10 rPvE's? Something like "Beat the 1/2/4 player randomly generated map of the month for the month of Jan/Feb/... of 2021/2022/...". This way you can later see, in which months you managed to beat the lvl 10 maps.
  15. I think the renaming was ordered by EA in oder to avoid copyright issues.
  16. You can use the max bfp field to enter a number, which limits the range of the y axis. But what would also be great is a smoother version of the curve, for example a 5 day average or something.
  17. In this post you can find all of the winning replays of the challenge. Thanks a lot again to everyone who participated and everyone who helped in making this event possible! Community Challenge Nr3 replays.zip
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