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  1. This card's trigger ability gas is terrible. The green version has an awesome aoe twi transform debuff that also prevents all ranged attacks. Red version is some sort of anti buff debuff for pvp. So what I do is run him in, press twi transform, transform into the exact same mutating maniac green again, then use the mutating maniac as usual. To be fair, I almost never use t3 anyways, but it is hilarious on Extreme maps when I get to do this.
  2. So it's not complete then? The Gold Overhaul. That makes more sense. Okay. inconvenient but shrug I guess.
  3. 10/17/20 If lowering pve disenchant upgrade gold was to get other people to play other maps it failed. What it actually did was the following. 4 player Campaign map popularity is up. 2 player campaign pve is slightly up 4 player Bad Harvest is now the most popular campaign pve map. 4 player Guns of Lyr is still popular. Titans and Giants is rarely played Rpve game popularity has REALLY soared of People have stopped playing campaign Solo pve maps outside of unlocking them. Nothing else has changed except now people don't have any reason to p
  4. Summon on effect cards like Emberstrike, Soulhunter and Fireworm only really combo with Twi warfare and wrecker due to summoning sickness. Or Flesh benders........ and Second chance. Not ideal.... Since Summon on effect is a fire exclusive because it's so rare, It would be more thematic to just give 3 orb fire a creature or spell that grants rally in an area as an ability like wrecker or a spell. That or Pure fire 4 orbs or t4 3 fire 1 other orb etc. Then if necessary, put an exception block to prevent people using enlightenment for the card.
  5. Twi units with transform bonus abilities can be triggered by transforming into the exact same unit. Ie, Mutating maniac into mutating maniac. Requires 2 twi units minimum. *edit: There is no minimum, you can do this with 1 Twi unit card slot. Mutating maniac green aoe Transform debuff bonus also stops ranged attacks because the EA coders prolly copy pasted Mark of the keeper debuffs again. Ironically, this mistake is the only really useful thing about Mutating maniac green that can't be substituted by fathom lord, so I suggest never fixing this. You can use Evocat
  6. chickennoodler


    Btw, Twi can use Wheels and shrine of mem or war and Mo statue. And breeding grounds...... And Earth shaker, Curse of oink, cc. And enlightenment batariel. Primeval watcher etc Hilarously, if you have the right spell loadout, their t4 armies can afk farm any t4. Skycatcher low hp doesn't matter then, their Siege and abilities become gravy on top.
  7. EA really goofed btw. RPVE 9+ solo and various Expert maps were rebalanced with requiring Amii monu. It's awful.
  8. Edit2: I can log in now. it's fixed. Thank you guys. Description: Okay I've obviously been a user for a while. But minutes after the new update, I put my login info and password into log in screen, click log in..... And it says in red letters Failed to connect. Wonderful. 10/10. Will try again later and maybe screenshot, but literally full release and reset is planned and game still bugsplats. *sigh. Edit: really? Now i have another new type of red letter login status bug. Screenshot below. Reproduce: Go to log in screen, shov
  9. Do you mean Pm Mods on forums or within the game? Also What is discord?
  10. The guy seemed really mentally ill. He kept at it nonstop for at least half an hour. I thought a topic on him was needed because he's probably gonna do it again. I will report him again next time and add ignore him I guess.
  11. Hey uh, this *redacted* user fella is spamming trade chat real bad right now. Is there something we can do to stop this? It's been a good few minutes of straight weirdness so far. * I've finished a game and he's stilll going...... got to be over 10 minutes of comment spam now.
  12. Hello, I have the mail bug too now. Error message just popped up when I click mail, exact same problem as Original poster. Please help.
  13. The market is not really working. The only change is now everyone is mostly avoiding buying and selling boosters. Now they just either wait for daily discount, or they don't buy at all. Daily booster discount is not a 100bfp benefit. It's a 350 bfp drain daily. Essentially the system is designed to suck bfp out of players who then also have to dump commons and uncommons to try to not lose more bfp. This benefits newbies.... and pretty much no one else. Why is this bad? Boosters are now Cheap, cheap prices follow right? Market will correct itself? At worse no more idiot
  14. *edit: Kay, got in. The fullscreen stuff is buggy as shit, but whatever.
  15. Well, I can't log in. Earlier it was buggy tabs etc. But this time, I've discovered that even after opening Skylord updater, clicking no detect auto settings. Finally get stupid fullscreen to not instant glitch. Then this happens. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I require Windows On screen keyboard currently, see below. My keyboard is THE laptop original one, it's completely dead. I can't play without On Screen Keyboard currently. (hopefully get new job after covid, right now budget goes to potatoes and food.) Description: *Here's the bug. **No logs cause I can't
  16. That's not a setting in the config json..... It says fullscreen "0". Here is my Config json. I just reinstalled whole game, same problem, it says autodetect settings. Last time I clicked okay, this time I clicked cancel. It goes full screen log in screen, glitches, then forces you out of window. I try clicking it again, it's glitchy gray, kicks you out. Tab previews gltchy gray. I also get no logs because I can't even get past log in screen. Wonderful config.json Shit, need to add that clicking cancel to auto detect now gives more awful fun times.
  17. It says detecting settings on mine, then after that, the game window displays black only andcrashes afterward everytime. And now I can't touch the ingame settings now because the in game screen blackscreen now. Wonderful
  18. This is a correctly formatted Bug report of my other Bug report. Description: When you go to the Map screen and Click a Map mission, you then have to go and Create Game. As of right now, when you click Create game, the game either lags out and Disconnects, crashes the game, or weird bugs start to occur. The game either way, does not allow you to create a Lobby to set your deck, which means you can't even Join a game or get to the Step where you then click Ready and start the game. Which means currently no one is actually playing any games on Skylords EU. Rep
  19. Hello, just wanted to post what I noticed some weaknesses for Twilight Card selection overall in this thread as a mirror. --------------------------------- Twilight Tier 2 Has the weakest Tower selection in the game. Which Defensively, makes them worse than even just going pure Green and Pure Fire in Tier 2. Makeshift turret (Tier 1) Stranglehold( Good but not really a true damage dealer alone) And Infected Tower, A pretty subpar to weak tower with no Knock back intended for Support use. Mark of the Keeper (Not a Tower, and Expensive BFP wise anyways
  20. Yeah that's the bug I was talking about in the Bug thread. It also can crash the game or the Client and game gets stuck so you can't launch the map.
  21. chickennoodler


    Twilight also doesn't have any Tier 2 Ranged Units, and they REALLY need some sort of Twilight Tier 2 tower besides their only Tier 2 Tower, which is a Support tower that is Subpar to abysmal for damage and Knockback. Not helped by the fact that Red has Some of THE WORST tier 2 towers and Orb restrictions on them, and Green just doesn't have Tier 2 Towers besides Living tower, a Two Green orb tower. Also, no Tier 2 Swift unit of theirs, but that was probably originally intended for the Twilight Raptor by EA on the Behind Enemy lines map. We could probably do with some m
  22. Hello, it seems that recently, since a few hours ago, no one has been able to Launch the Maps to actually play them in Skylords EU. They can create the rooms, but when they rdy up to play, either the Game crashes or they get bugs bugs bugs. So right now, no one is playing the game, it's pretty widespread right now. This post is dated Urm . . . . Around 6/12/20 ish?
  23. My screen says 1366 by 768, so yeah, the game setting of 1024 by 768 is too big. I experimented quite a bit and found out, the problem is actually that The Game Code somehow forces the Window to automatically center itself and go back down when I try to raise it higher into the Task bar and the above the visible screen to stop hiding the bottom of the Game Window. And since the Windowed Game is 768 like my Monitor, when the Game re centers itself, it always does a bad job and shows the top White portion of the Window and cuts off the bottom which has the Deck and Cards bar at the bottom.
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