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  1. This leaves me a bit confused. From my feeling the latest buff had no impact at all. I don't think I have seen a single Rageflame at all in the last months in a game. I see you want to make him a sole supporter, but who would rely on a unit to freeze that does not hit air units at all and gives the same CC time as most spells. Coldsnap does this better as it is almost instant and hits flyers. Frost Shard does this better as it is instant and hits flyers. Maelstorm does this better as it covers the whole camp, does more dmg then a half dozen Rageflames and hits flyers.
  2. 50 energy for a (de)buff on a single unit is just poor and not useful at all
  3. Yeah, why not switch the motm to the wishes of a single player? 🤔 And if Abaddon does not show up (because he is not guaranteed) we switch as long till he shows... But you can be helped. The single player motm is fire (also three in a row) and those who will seek, find Abaddon 🙂
  4. Hey, bitte schreibe hier in Englisch. Wenn es dir schwerfällt, bitte einen Übersetzer nutzen (https://www.deepl.com/translator) Und Echtgeldtransaktionen sind schwer verboten, Skylords Reborn ist ein richtiges Free to Play! Hey, please write in english here. If you find it hard, please use a translator (https://www.deepl.com/translator). And real money transactions are strictly forbidden, Skylords Reborn is a real Free to Play!
  5. I never understood the problem about Infect. So you have to save up like 8-10 days to get one of the most powerful and most desired cards in the whole game. Is that really that harsh? 🙂 But yeah, Kubik comming with those weird numbers was the first great pleasure of the day
  6. Nice try... ...not "There is also a booster code hidden in the description." -> I can't find it, if somebody does please give a further hint
  7. Of course single flips happen all the time. But this is not what the TO was pointing at and this is not what we see in the chart. He was speaking (and I thought you all refer to it) about this jumps, that happen for every card: And those have nothing to do with manipulation at all, at least not in the way that he wrote. Of course it is a kind of manipulation too, if there is no shaman in the markent and you, me or anyone in this game puts it in the market for a high price in the hope to make some BF. But as said I feel this is not what hurts a market - even more the opposite -
  8. Sorry my friend - but I do indeed. At least I deny what you all here mean by "manipulation" Nah this is not what you see here. Perfect example, cause this card only follows (BF) markets behaviour and shows no signs for manipulation at all. First: The value of cards in BF never really followed the rules of demand and supply, therefore our market is way too small. Card have a certain "gut price" and thats it. And the last months show that even if cards get a stronger nerf or buff this usually only has a very slight impact on the price in longer terms. This is sad, it drives me craz
  9. Share the feeling @Draconnor
  10. you want to support 13 year old hardware for gaming? btw even my 8 or 9 year old budget PC (~200€) used by my wife workes perfectly for BaFo (one graphic card upgrade though) I said before: I like that you have older hardware in mind when developing new stuff, but supporting hardware from 2009 is going a bit too far imo.
  11. Did I hear gold sink? 🤔
  12. This is really hard for me. Even though, for example, Banzai and BH perform a notch better than Emberstrikes and Abo (Spelldeck, of course), I grouped them together as S to have more room for gradation in the lower tiers. Frost is certainly among the slowest A-tiers, but based on the incredible strength and decent clearspeed in T4, I wanted to see this one here. For fire, I would actually like to show A Tier as well, but due to the vulnerability on heavier maps, the light gradation. That other top players see Comet Catcher before Worldbreaker makes me think, but in my personal experience World
  13. At least I think this could help to make an intended playstyle more rewarding - I am very excited how this feels finally. I'm afraid to make me really happy, we'd need another reduction in the cooldown - but I know from talking to Windhunter that it's not that easy. But my happiness should also truly not be a measure 😄
  14. Like it! Really creative!
  15. Nah all good, I get your point, but I think you understood what mine is 😄 It is not that easy in this case - else the team would have done it already. But I hope you understand why I am still a bit disappointed. Sacrificing it is clearly a good way to play it - but this circumvents the hunger bar, what is clearly not the intended mechanic of this card. BH is in both decks (with Nature splash) or in Bandit colors one of the best decks around, here is the Tortugun clear inferior. Just to emphazise it: Tortugun is not bad. I chose every word carefully there. It is real
  16. Not really, it has its pros and its cons, you can work with it. But "really good" - not to me. I would rather call it "ok'ish" And it is sad to me, that the hunger bar still brings people to the mentioned playstyle of "sacrifice using Motivate, Blood Healing, or Offering, or by eating it with another Tortugun" cause that is clearly not what is the intended playstyle of the unit (though you are of course right that this is still the superior way of playing it). And though it makes a nice fun deck I think it would be cool if Tortugun would be a little more, as 4 Orb restricted UR card
  17. Hey Radi, thank you so much for correcting this. My first thought on the numbers was: plain numbers don't lie, Eirias is trustworthy, my gut must be wrong here. But the 85% robbed me of an hour or two of my sleep. 🙂 This is much more plausible and your postscript here is very important, the 22% is distorted by speed runs alone - but this is true for all 3 modes (1p, 2p and 4p). Still, it's not quite as simple as Eirias presented the difference between 1p and 4p. Yes, solo rpves are basically much harder due to the layout. And that good players on a 4 player map can pull less good o
  18. In solo matches there comes no one that says "Nah, not with this deck". We should have that in mind when comparing this numbers. Though still surprised about 85%. Taking early restarts into account, LS maps that most groups usually skip in 10s (even the better ones) I'm really surprised, though I don't doubt your numbers must be correct. May I ask about how many matches in what timespan we speak here?
  19. @Kubik Thanks for the insight so far! Strongly agree with every aspect, Kapo. If the team likes the idea, probably some basic basic features would be better then nothing for the begin and if there is ever time (and even more important - the technical feasibility is given) for more, then more features could be added over time. And max 3 Letters is kind of standard for such "tags". I already guessed that everything beyond basic features would not be easy at all, that why I wanted to share the basic idea first - and the reasoning for the proposal - and wanted to see what ha
  20. Hello all, the proposal has been brought up from time to time in recent years, but as far as I know it has not been discussed or followed up in any detail. This suggestion came again up during a brainstorming with like-minded. One of the strongest factors that keeps players in a game for a long time, besides intrinsic motivation, will probably be the community. And this is where this suggestion comes in: Most games (at least) have 2 "types" of community, once the common big whole, in our case represented by forum and the official Discord - and then the small, the circles of friends a
  21. Thanks for pointing out at my stream I feel very honoured! Just to mention, I just got a big donation of 380 cards from @THE_BIG_WET to share with newer players (we said we give them out up to Gold 1Star ranks in the first step, preferably to silver and bronze ranks) New players, make sure to hit the next stream on Thursday. Probably I will even make some extra streams to share this stuff with you. We got great uncommons, rares and even some ultra rares to share with you!
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