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  1. Slow, bad for some of your teammates, not good agains flyers and slow. Nothing crazy bout it and hopefully get fixed soon (my pc can't stand it if someone makes too much) Edit: Wheel does not stack good with other buffs, you sure that it stacks with the crystal?
  2. Volin


    45mins in a map that good players/decks manage in 10-15mins seems like a freaking lot time. 21mins in a common BG9 that can be done even with pure decks (that are nice but usually not suuper speedy) in 10-13mins is already a lot time for experiments. Else it would be like Coco said, auto wins even if you have just some random cards. And not every card must be viable in every game mode. And this mode is still about beating the enemys. Only in 4p 10s I'm still for 2-5mins more time, as it is hard enough with meta decks on some maps, a few mins more could enable a few other decks what would be nice. But this suggestion was already made.
  3. There was a reset after the beta, that was announced since ever. Game was released in Dec 20 and the will be no further resets. There are achievements for a nice start these days
  4. Understand that expanding to other platforms can extend the range of SR, but has it to be exclusive there? I mean this forum is where it all began and it would be a pity for veterans that we can't find any information here anymore. Don't say "don't go to Instagram", only would love to see here too what others can see over there
  5. Great piece of information once again, all great news but one please don't force us to use other platforms then forum and discord if we want to know stuff. That there is an Instagram only giveaway only makes it worse. Don't like that
  6. He means that he has none shown by default, as the default sorting shows the ones that can be applied still.
  7. Just this! PS: So glad I don't have to fight with Majora for the Promo Rogan 😄
  8. Yeah can't await it! Submited quite a nice run and I'm so curious how the competitors did
  9. If you want to play a certain card just for the sake of playing it: Totally fine, that is the core of any card game. But please don't run around and tell people above.
  10. Nice Rainbow deck! But consider Aggressor is not a carry for T2, it is a supporter
  11. Playing T3 only decks is possible, but always an extra challenge. If you say you should not try T3 decks yet tbh Perhaps possible, but never seen or heard of it. This is one of the weakest T3-only decks for sure. The only quite strong deck on T3 is the Ashbone deck, but still a quite advanced thing and has some weak points on harder 9s.
  12. There is stong doubt, thats what some of us want to say. You invest energy when needed most and get your "profit" when not needed at all. In fact Juice Tanks make things mostly even harder, draining your energy (when you need it) and slowing you down when things are prolly still spicy.
  13. I can add to this list aswell: - PS: But joking aside, I played one here and math says it was worth building it (as I had some unused slots anyway) or it did not matter (for the action count). If it not saved me an action, it was worth time wise, as I had a very long T2 phase.
  14. Volin

    Video: Slave Master

    Ofc would nature work with a nice rocky ballad! 😄 Biggest problem usually is to find music that is unlicenced. for the free use on youtube. Btw - if you are a metal enjoyer, did you know this one:
  15. Volin

    Video: Slave Master

    Fire + Metal and you have my heart forever! 🤘
  16. Only in this case better time wins. But all good mate, you came up with a great idea, didn't want to drag it down. Was just my very personal opinion
  17. Though it has effect on some longer maps it is never a life saver. In the most cases it drains your energy when needed in early game and gives you energy in late game when having enough anyways. If it was needed on any longer map all not-frost splashes would be not playable, which is not the thing. Think it is quite well placed in F. That does not mean it is not playable after all, but it is suuuuuuper niche and not optimal in almost any scenario. Cause even a frost splash would perform better without even on longer maps. Imo the only good thing JT is good for in most scenarios is for building up 120-pop armies w/o any energy management at all
  18. Great idea, though a bit sad that time gives this a second component which makes this, even more then other contests, a shoot in the dark. But don't get me wrong, the concept remains wonderfull! One question, playing a unit/building is an action too, or are spells the only card that count for that? EDIT: What is btw. about raising wells?
  19. We've had seen on the deck tierlists that one tier up/down was mostly a personal preference, same for me here for some cards. But this looks a world better to me! First things that came to my mind, for me Frost Mage, Coat, Shard, Ice Age, Witch and Shatter Ice one tier higher. One down at first glance would be for me Stormsinger, Hut, SoM, Sage, Lyrish, Wintertide and all building protectors from your B-tier. But as we are speaking about 1/20 parts of a deck and not about complete builds as in other games this is very much about personal flavors. But thanks to @KserSke for bringing the topic of tierlists back on the table, as @Metagross31 cut it perfect starting this some time ago - the discussion of such lists is always a big fun for many people!! Fire tierlist when? 🤗
  20. Just this. @KserSke Always love your content and watched almost every video. Sometimes I had small disagreement but this list is... strange 😀
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