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  1. Hello i was 3d place last month and didint get anything.
  2. Hello im native russian too if I join to this will i have GM mark on the game too?
  3. we have the technology Im done it yet it says im done or give me my boosters I must have or fix this pls same in the pve rank Im not the last pve rank its master of the forge and im not
  4. Hello everyone, So I did some work for myself and figured out that I need this exact number of bfp 320,693 in order to get all the collection of the game. would be happy to know and get some tips from you how I get this number. cuz in order to get this number you need to play 3 years straight.
  5. so what do you think ? this would be great for pve too
  6. Hello everyone, Well we have the new patch and a lot of new changes and that means to speedrun now is hard and you cant make anymore bad harvest for 3 min for example. then how about to raise a bit the exp and gold rewards anyway no one can beat the maps so fast and in the old days the exp and gold was rewarded for far a lot then nowdays. again I dont have nothing against your work I really love that the game is back but just think about it. or to make for 1 month for 1 week 2X boost for the players for exmple. thanks
  7. So first of all hello everyone. I have a few general questions about the game: * Where can I see how much xp and gold I earn from each map for example what map is giving the most xp and gold. * Why there is no option to send gold like in the old version of Battleforge I understand that is a different version but still. * There was once option of tokens and stuff to upgrade the cards ( in old version 2009). * What are the future projects that awaiting us where could i read about this ? * Is there any rewards any giveaways if it exists at all ? * Any speedruns
  8. Is it true when the game will be realesed from beta to official. all the corrent progress will be removed and we will have to start all over again ?
  9. Brocniken

    Server !!

    Thanks for the info man
  10. Brocniken

    Server !!

    Hello everyone, I have some questions 1. How many people could be in one server ? 2. how many servers there are or how many going to be ? 3. What should we do in the meantime, people who can't login ?
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