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  1. this two quotes make me think that you got a point with this @Cocofang And to explain it with all brevity to you @Asraiel Your first quote shows - this is no offend, really - that you are not deep enough in the topic to discuss - going beyond opinion - balancing. Making Enlightenment 40 Energy more expensive - 4 due to voidback - would only hurt casual players, but not affect the meta at all. (Unit and building abilitys return 100%) I think here is all said for me
  2. Both Enlightenment and Amii Mon couldn't be more far from the pvp meta - ergo they can't be OP there at all. On the other hand, both cards dominate the complete PvE, with a few isolated exceptions. And this on all levels: BG speedruns are currently unthinkable without enlightenment, you can usually even tell the break even to "normal" strategies from the rankings. Solo, the Amii Mon is then added as a more or less set. Does this only affect the speedrunners?Not at all, I regularly see casuals in random BGs using both cards, be it for orbswitches, for supposedly "early" T4s, to cast other
  3. Long story short: Please No Amii & Enlightenment are already too OP
  4. Thumbs up. Just one small mistake, but totally (and even very good) "readable" But I am a fanboy anyways
  5. Hallo Barul und Willkommen, bevor ich auf deine Fragen eingehe, möchte ich kurz darauf hinweisen, dass jeder Post in diesem Forum auf Englisch verfügbar sein soll, zumindest in einer Übersetzung. Dazu ist ein herkömmlicher Translator natürlich völlig ausreichend. Ein toller Englisch-Deutsch (und vice versa) Übersetzer, den ich sehr empfehlen kann, ist https://www.deepl.com/translator. Das bringt uns dann auch gleich zu deinem ersten Punkt: Ich denke auf Grund der Forumsregeln macht ein solcher - längerer Austausch - in diesem Forum auf Grund der Regeln wenig Sinn. Aber wenn alles übe
  6. Volin


    Yeah, the hardest part is finding a propper Pos3 player, but that is an issue as old as the game is
  7. Volin


    Check Check Check Only speaking people can be helped, Check! Or if you want a "tl;dr" Blame the attitude, not the game EDIT: And that also brings to mind what I think is a very good example. I like to play a round of rpve from time to time without the perma-present wheel. Do I need a checkbox for that? No. I open a game myself (the opener can define the "rules" of his game, in my opinion) and politely ask people not to play wheels. Works in 9 out of 10 matches without problems.
  8. Everybody wants to flip cards for profit, but nobody wants to pay the price. I don't get where this leads to, neither the intention .
  9. So you really ask the question again, that was plainly answered above?
  10. Ouch, usually pure nature is perhaps the worst color (color combination) with which to face Willzapper. My tactic here would be: Despair, scream, spit, pull hair, cry and sweat. Joking aside: The only option to kill the Willzapper clean(!) with Nature that I can think of would be the two XL-Root-Units, but both are basically not suitable for the Rpve The standard approach would be in my eyes, but maybe I'm missing something, to engage with a mass unit spam and always first full focus on the Willzapper. Until rpve9 Willzapper occur only in the 2nd row after T4, here you should
  11. Volin

    The rpve Willzapper

    Any siege range Unit like Gemeye etc.
  12. Volin


    I apologize if I have elaborated further, but in the meantime, unfortunately, it was not only about Bad Harvest. But if Bad Harvest is the problem, why change the Decomposer and not Bad Harvest? (There were already ideas about this)
  13. Volin


    Really - usally when I was reading a post of @Pritstift about this topic, I had to fully agree with the content on the one hand, while on the other hand I would have pressed the "Dislike" button if we still had it, because I found the sound every time just completely out of line. That changes...fast... I understand his clear way of writing every day more. Not only that still farming (best ratio of effort to benefit with maximum "simplicity" at the same time = max gold/exp) and speedruning (going for the fastest possible time = what is a gold reward, we don't care about it) are gettin
  14. Volin


    I think we have a problems with terms here. Some are speaking of speedrunning and some are speaking about speedrunning - but you mean complete different things. I would rather call the one speedrunning and the other farmrunning or something like that. And ofc all farming tactics are based on speedrun tactics, mostly in the way that is a most easy version of the speedrun. However, this exists in almost all games I've played, and if an instance/dungeon whatever is disarmed, then the next best farm possibility is sought. There will always be players who just want to have everything as f
  15. Great work Mister! Nice and fun to read and super solid information. Again a great work for the community - thank you! Though I do not want to know what hides behind "rpve defence" - the only part I didn't open ?
  16. Hallo Falcone, das Forum hier ist strikt englisch. Du kannst hier auf auf Deutsch posten, allerdings ist es dann erwünscht eine Übersetzung hinzuzufügen. Schöner wäre es ja, wenn ihr euch hier im Forum beteiligt und nicht noch ein deutsches Fan-Forum zusätzlich macht, aber ich denke ja nicht das etwas dagegen spricht. Aber ich bin auch kein Mod und kann es dir leider nicht mit Gewissheit sagen. Hello Falcone, the forum here is strictly English. You can post here in German, but it is then desired to add a translation. It would be nicer if you participate here in
  17. Reading the above would help. Making more posts and threads does not
  18. For the sake of credibility alone, because it was announced that way from the beginning Yes, and in addition there were some nice balance changes, that give a new experience for some cards and decks (look out for the new Emberstrike!!) Give it a chance! I can only recommend the restart, most of us had a lot of fun again. From now on it is also guaranteed that there will be no further reset. Any progress made now is for "eternity".
  19. Not sure what you want to do with it, but in any terms I would recomend shrine of war
  20. As there comes no reaction from a certain side I just had to found myself a solution for this problem: Sad but true - but if I don't fade out my compatriots, then the moronic permanent babble is not bearable for me. Ofc there is no simple solution for this divided comunity problem (and it is already divided, and it gets deeper every day) - but perhaps even a statement from the officials would be nice. But I am done with this topic, tell me if it gets perhaps better one day and I can return...
  21. Disagree - void return is already pure meta, it shouldnt get a click easier
  22. For example. In a solo map, or a special situation you could even switch the t2 to green and after casting Batariel switch a green to shadow again
  23. Hello Omni, after over 100 views w/o answer, I will try my best, though I fear my answer will not make you glad. But perhaps my post leads to the plain and simple answer you probably desire First of all: In my humble opinion there can never be a "the perfect" deck, unless we have a very special situation described - and even then I think I would resist this term. However, with the Batariel deck, at least you can narrow down the T4(T"5") orbs and also a good half of the deck is set. The problem to give you out the "perfect" deck is more about the T1-T3 Stage of a match, where y
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