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  1. Damn, thanks for all the info! I'll focus on rPvE 9 for now. Might make another deck for 10, or at least adjust it even further. Can't thank you enough for the tips in here! There is some really valuable info, thanks for that. I'll save the deck for later
  2. Didn't know that about Frenetic Assault, it isn't stated anywhere. I'll try it out though! Thanks for the tip! :)
  3. Hey guys, An update, again. I took in all advices and suggestions from you guys so a big thanks for that! I've been brewing and I think I got my lists. As said by @Volin I'll make 2 seperate lists. One for rPvE 9, and one for 10. For rPvE 9: For rPvE 10: Any more suggestions are always welcome! Big thanks to all who helped me!!
  4. No offense taken I'm really thankful you're helping me out so much. I'll put it in for equilibrum. I honestly wouldn't know what other card to cut. That does mean I'll miss out on Surge of Light. Maybe nether warp? It's quite handy but not necessary. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  5. Reading this made me think. I think it's best to split it into 2 decks just like you said. I don't think I want to miss out on Frenetic. So, deck brewing again I came up with the following: For rPvE 9: Still need to brew something together for 10, probaly with a nature start. I think the concept will be the same, but for 10 I would do: - Forsaken - Soulsplicer - Motivate + Windweavers + Shaman + Ensaring Roots +/- Equilibrum for Surge of Light (if needed) Obvious start green here: How bad do I need mark of the keeper? Al
  6. Hey guys, here's an update: Listening to you guys I decided to go with a nature start instead of a shadow start. I removed Equilibrum and Frenetic Assault with both T1 shadow units. I updated my deck list, here's how it looks now: Nature > Shadow > Shadow > Frost Potential removes: - Surge of Light - Ashbone Pyro Potential adds: - Offering - Frenetic Assault I have never used Offering before so I'm not sure if I need it if everything is upgraded. Frenetic Assault however is nice for big targets, which I'm missing now. Would love t
  7. Thanks for clearing that up! Looking at the deck, I suppose a green start would be best. Fire doesn't have a place in here, so that means I would have to destroy my starting orb to rebuild it. It's possible, but I don't think I want that. Wastes precious time and power ;)
  8. Allright, thanks for the suggestion! I'll swap out Nox for Forsaken and Dreadcharger for a Soulsplicer. Never used Motivate. Any idea what to swap out for that? I usually run about 2, sometimes 3 Overlord as both ground presence, but also emergency healing. They can stomp with the ships since they keep regenerating HP as along as units are dying. I really like them. I also use them to target remove specific buildings. Ships arent that great on that :P A standard camp would be engaged with Netherwarp, Regrowth and Stone shell, then just let them fly around. I found this works b
  9. You're right! I never even bothered to check them, this might be even better, I'll try it out. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Yea, the dreadcharger act as meatshields. I didn't think of the soulsplicer, I'll try it out. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, Long time fan of the game here. Still can't believe it's up and running again. I used to play Spirit Ships a lot, so I thought why not begin with that again. I'm trying to tinker a deck together for rPvE 9 (and if possible, also 10). It currently looks like this: I'm hoping some of you could give me advice or suggestions on how to improve my deck. Really appreciate it, thanks in advance!
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