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  1. Hmm I'll take this back on topic a bit if you don't mind. One question, because I don't really understand the thread creator I think. Chickennoodler complains, if I understood correctly, that he countered with Wintertide Red in PVE XL units, which is no longer possible? But that alone can't be it with all the further drama and completely failed sound. What exactly is the problem of the thread creator, because killing an XL unit as Frost t1 can not be it (if we play the same game). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  2. Volin


    Yeah, thats why I said "ofc we are not speaking of feeding here at all." I mean, I did less random groups lately then I did in open Beta, but still from my feelings the number of seen Decomposers is alot lower. This is one of the reasons why I love such overall statistics, because they help you to get away from the often very extreme personal point of view. Me too! That means that almost 1 out of 10 matches is played normal. Given that 9 farmruns are maybe around the same amount of time then doing the map the normal way, this is indeed surprising to me. And this is a nice prove,
  3. Volin


    Wow, what a revelation. Some of the numbers are really hard for me to explain, like the quite high values for PtD. I can see that on PtD the Decomposer would make for good farming, but I've never seen it before in any random group. It's already hard enough to do a proper round of PtD with 3 unfeeded runners on each map. Even harder to understand is the 41% value for rpve9, though ofc we are not speaking of feeding here at all. Love such statistics, happy to see more of them. @Zyna@Majora
  4. The power reduce should work for the Nomad Skill, not the unit itself
  5. One disconnect per week is prolly quite standard in online games
  6. I got my copy, but I'm feeling you. My full support for solution 2.
  7. Yeah, had the same after my first ok"ish attempt Failed with pure fire first and had a run that feeled ok with ice...and then I found out that the leaderbord times are contest related
  8. yes, top times in advanced are all contest related I heared
  9. “What do you mean, an African or European Swallow?”
  10. I don't get what you guys are doing there Those times.... jeeez
  11. Volin


    Agree in all points, and even more: Many have this "frame" but still have troubles to encounter several situations as hard BG10 camps, several bosses like Nyxia, Hellhound, Fallen Eve, Infester or have troubles encountering willzappers, or have troubles with orbswitching which prolly needs some practice to feel safe with it. All not that easy as many people say Batariel alone is far from beeing OP, and finding nice synergys that is what card games are about in my opinion. But hey, back to topic: Decomposer
  12. Speaking people can be helped often. I gave the same example elsewhere here in the forums: Sometimes I want to make a rpve9 random game w/o the perma present wheels, then I open the lobby myself and ask people not to play with wheels (Batariel, whatever). So far it always worked for me, but ofc there can be a troll sometimes that ignores that - THEN a kick would be ok in my eyes, else it is a bit rude imo. Edit: And the other way round, when people asked me not to play a Batariel deck I either switched to a fun/meme deck or looked for another group for myself - at least with me yo
  13. Or press the "save replay" button manually in the post-game statistics (only for completeness)
  14. Volin

    Gold and XP

    Hmm, guess you mix speedrunning with that BH-farming-shit Sorry if I repeat this over and over again. But I don't like getting people mixed who are out for the BEST time with people who are there for the best effort/reward ratio. And real speedrunning does not lead to much Gold/XP, as your stats may look like: One missclick, bad luck, whatever -> Restart btw only reffering to the last post, did not read the thread opener
  15. No, and the most never were viable for bg10 ever. Usually you want to bring own heals in BG10, a wide flexible t1, a t2 that is able to handle stonekin t3 camps, and a meta approach t4. Of course, even more the easier random maps, can be done with meme-, fun-, pure-, and faction decks, but that is more a thing for experienced players.
  16. Finally and gladly found it, did not check in browser before! Will edit the title to resolved
  17. Mein Freund, dass Du aus dem deutschsprachigen Teil der Schweiz kommst, kann man an jedem einzelnen englischen Satz ablesen. Bevor du sprachlich vor anderer Leuten Türen kehrst, kümmer dich doch erstmal um deine sprachlichen Baustellen. DU Vogel bist im Übrigen der Grund warum ich dringend nach einer Ignore Funktion hier frage... so viel Worte, so viel Meinung... so wenig Wissen - kann ich gerade nicht ertragen! (JA, ich bin krank und leide an einer schweren Depression mit einer sehr akuten Phase) Gerne passe ich - auf hinweis eines MUTTERSPRACHLERS - meinen Post an, wenn er missverständl
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