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  1. Single decks are build pretty decent, there are a lot of achievements (mentioned above) to have a good start, and finally there are nice 120 decks for pvp aviable, that you can take as a base to customize them. Who seeks a way will find it. And getting pretty everything (!) in 6-12months seems reasonable to me
  2. Reset in december and many have every card , all meta cards 4 time - where could the rewards be bad? I am no big trader or such, just played random stuff How can one be so impatient...
  3. The second questions were answered 🙂 I'm still unsure about those Bonus/Special but I hope on my mates here
  4. Second team meeting, more questions 😄 - Can you narrow down "offensive spells". Heals ok? What is with Infect/Revenge(no direct dmg) ? Where is the line here? - what taking about Orbs/Wells on the other side And we are still a bit confused about the Bonus and Special Rewards 🙂
  5. @Minashigo Hiko one clarification please: What happens if one team only manages the job for the color, they did it for nuts? 🙂 Btw. do you mean three or more teams in a color are needed, or three teams over all colors?
  6. Even though I feel more comfortable on maps where I can stop Moon from yakking (aka BG), I'll be there for the fun again. My plan so far: Participation in 3 different colors with 3 fundamentally different teams. The shadow team is already set. One of these teams I would like to form with someone with whom I have long nothing, or never done anything - which I am looking for here. There are still many familiar faces, with whom one has never done anything together, maybe one of you would like to? But I would like to emphasize, I am also very happy to work with a newcomer. Looking forward to messages to Volin#8101 (Discord prefered), or ingame, or in the forum. I am German, so active at usual Central European times. The only non-negotiable thing for me would be the willingness to voice-communication (in German or English). 🙂 PS: And my Shadow-Mate is still flexible. If you say: "Hey, I'd love to be there with you, but shadow would be my only option" please send me a message anyways. PPS: Prefered colors would be Fire and Frost, but open for everything. PPPS: Guess I got my teams, thanks everybody!
  7. If a unit has 150 HP and you do an eruption on it, the unit can have more than 150 damage dealt to it, the rest of the "overhanging" damage then goes to nowhere. When damage is dealt in a radius, it is always distributed from the inside out. If you repeat the test and apply the eruption only slightly offset, you will always get different results. The fact that units get 100% damage of a skill/spell even though they have less HP and that the rest is then just over it, is by the way a comprehensible and from other games quite known damage calculation for me, depending on the spells/skills mechanics. But even though it's understandable to ME here, of course our devs may agree with you here and consider the overhanging damage a "bug". Btw the result I get mostly with this is: 1 Dead, 3x 150 and 1x 75 -> so I usually "loose" only 75 of the max dmg - This 75 "missing" damage to the max dmg was then allocated to the dead gladiatrix in this case If you want to report bugs joining the Balancing Discord, as @Metagross31 already proposed, would be a good idea to keep track with already known issues and ongoing changes, to refer to the Frost Shard.
  8. Hey all, as the last deck that I showed was more an super-expensive expert deck, let's speak about the most beloved beginner faction this time - Stonekin. Prologue: Even though I don't want to present simple solutions with fixed 20 cards, I have to split the Stonekin topic into 3 parts. There are always nice cards that you can not take because of the limited slots, or other cards that offer other options, but that would be just another deck. Stonekin is a great example. So that the tension is not quite so unbearable, already the outlook for you: 1/3 will be a classic Stonekin deck with (any row), a macro deck, with a small budget and equally popular among beginners as well as suitable for them. 2/3 will be a bit more expensive and a bit more advanced, taking advantage of the -meta. The deck becomes (slightly) faster, significantly stronger, but in the same measure becomes more "vulnerable" and requires significantly more intervention from the player. 3/3 will follow with the next patch as I have some changes in view on the test server. Here we will focus on the freeze mechanics and build a nice strong, but even more micro-intensive deck. A great fun! 1/3 Classical Stonekin Theme/Scope: classic Stonekin deck with (any row), prefering Stonekin-Faction over pure Faction where it makes sense, easy to play Playstyle: Macro Budget: low budget Addresses to beginners Core Deck: (as RPVE Decks mostly happen in T4, every RPVE Deck considering should be done from T4 downwards imo - just to explain my approach) - Our scope sets Grinder as core unit as there are only 3 cards in this orb range. The other 2 cards have no value for us here, as they are about defense, a thing that we don't even consider for a second in Battlegrounds. Always forward, never backward. - The Grinder is an incredibly good tank, but unfortunately does very little damage - we need a Damage Dealer (DD) and here Gemeye offers itself, more on this below - Since we don't have good void manipulation ourselves, we rely more on armies than spells in all tiers. ("more" does not mean only) - We use our nice crowd control (CC) spells that we have through all tiers - We use large area buffs and heals for maximum efficiency with only a few interventions - the 2 dmg Spells that we have speed up killing alot T1: Either or Basically, with any deck, keep the T1/T2/T3 as large as necessary and as small as possible Nature Start - A classic, the most common start, and yet something to talk about, many do a lot "wrong" here - Windweavers (WW), Surge of Light and Ensnaring Roots are usually set and enough for any rpve9. This is the gold standard. - Dryad (B) is a great addition, but to me a waste slot as it is not needed. Shaman is a nice Quality of Life (QoL) addition but usually not needed either. If you want to take one of this two cards don't play too much. Usually build not more then 2 Dryads or 2-3 Shamans. For BG10 I would recommend Dryad (B), even more then a Shaman. If you play Dryad (B) I would recommend beginners to switch them to dmg (not using sleeping) it makes them easier to hold in line with your WW. - Treespirits or Mana Wings are Rare, aren't they an option to Windweavers? Not a bit, WW are the superior nature allrounder. Mana Wings can be a rare solution against Lost Souls (if you play a MOTM where you know you face LS) as some of their strong units can't attack flying. But this is a too rare case to use Mana Wings as allrounder - Melee Units or Amazon are simply no beginner options, please just trust me. Most melee T1 units lead to unintended pulls and Amazon is too weak for BG imo. - Other T1 options that are worth mentioning: Mark of the Keeper as Upgrade for BG10, Hurricane is great against S- Units but usually not worth the short T1 stage (nice BG10 Upgrade), Fountain of Rebirth can be a nice addon in 4player groups, solo not worth the pick (BG10 and such... 🙂 ) In BG9 usually bring out 4-6 Windweavers, root smart and have one Surge of Light ready and T2 should be clear. Against LS play 6-8 WW, one of the rare cases where you want to pull enemys to you a bit out of the camp and clean beasts one by one. Fokus your fire a bit and your troops will do better. Frost Start - the underestimated alternative, a shitload more damage but less sustain - Frost Mages mixed with Masterarches in ratios between 1:1 and 1:2 supported by Homesoil/Ice Barrier can handle any BG9. If you choose to go for blue T1 then there is no way around Homesoil/Ice Barrier, use this combination the whole match until late T4 for your Gemeyes - again melee tanks are no option in the scope of a beginner deck, though this is a valid option for more sustain melees usually do more harm then they give a benefit (aka unintended pulls) - Nice BG10 addons can be: Glyph of Frost, one of the Wintertides, Lightblade (very micro intense), Frost Sorc (very micro intense) Use your Homesoil (eventual Ice Barrier) to clear T2, ~6 Units deal insane dmg with that support, Barrier can be used to heal units too in some cases. T2 either or - the opposite of the T1 choice As we want to make a stonekin Deck, lets go Stonekin with our T2, where we get great options in our faction. As both colors come with some great splash cards at t2 too, we will focus on Stonekin and only go for "mandatory" splash cards, like the omnipresent Oink - never go out without your Oink! 🙂 Again we want to have a most lean T2, so pick at maximum 2 of the following considerable Units: - Razorshard (G) is my hidden champion here on the paper he may look not that great (another S-Counter, you need to use ability, delayed damage), but he performs outstanding against most BG9 enemys, he gives your remaining T1 force a nice basic heal that gives a shitload of sustain - Crystal Fiend (B) moooore sustain though is audio sucks - a really strong option, but beware that your army does not only consists of supporters and healers, a common "mistake" - Stone Tempest a bit fiddly but a good M counter and providing nice CC via his knockback, though in some cases annoying - Aggressor - ok'ish unit as L counter if needed, please consider that he is rather a supporter too then a damage dealer From the Mono color units the following might be worth mentioning: Stormsinger (any) as strong air-counter or Burrower as swift sieger. As most of the above mentioned are pure supporters or more-supporters keep some/all of your T1 force alive. Usually at T2 a Breeding Ground is not worth (building). After getting mix in - depending on the T3 situation - 0-4 of the above Units. All your T1 options are still viable and your army supported even with your T2 spells now should be fine to deal with anything and everything. The following spells are nice at T2: - Oink, as said, never have a deck with a that goes without - if you started Frost you still can consider to take a Surge of Light. Usually T1 spells are not worth a T2 slot, this is an exception - Matter Mastery, expensive but strong and fun, can be used in combination with Homesoil if you started frost - in rare cases: Gravity Surge (B) but Stormsinger would be prolly a better T2 choice for most uses here - and finally the big question "to freeze or not to freeze" -> Coldsnap It is a super strong tool in some rare cases but often used brainless, where it hurts more then it helps. I like to have it with me for seldom super hard T3 camps or to stop a frontline in late match when I am completly on my own. Always have in mind, that freezed enemys only take 50% dmg, which is a very significant penalty. Freeze is very strong against Lost Souls T3 camps, Coldsnap while running in and take out spawner + other buildings to weaken the Lost Vigils. And please be very careful about freezing units for others, decks that have high burst damage or also rely on triggering their infects can be put in quite a hassle by a single freeze. As a rule of thumb, if you want to help your mates, buff or heal them, but unsolicited freezes are rarely welcome. T3 (?) Let's speak about void first. Stonekin has two obvious options here, either Shrine of Memory () or Shrine of Martyrs () that both can be made available at T3, if we stay in the scope of Stonekin and mixed T2. I don't consider Shrine of Martyrs to be usefull in a deck that is not build around freezing, and even then it is doubtful. Shrine of Memory is very weak too, and I think leaving it out at all can be an option, but after hundreds of games with and hundreds without I have the weak feeling that the 2x 100 energy are just about worth the investment. I find it very difficult to make an absolute statement here, but my cautious recommendation goes in the direction of SoMem, hence the choice of headline "" As my Stonekin T1/2 units give usually give a very solid mix I tend not to take any T3 units for the usually quite short T3 stage - spells and my remaining force needs to do the job. If you want to take in a unit, it must be something really beneficial like taking in an XL unit like Deepcoil Worm or Deepfang. There are ofc other nice'ish units, but noting that really adds something that you couldn't do with your T1/T2. You may now say "Hey, it's Stonekin, what about Rageflame/Stone Warrior" and you are right, those give an excellent combo. But still in this deck they would be aliens and not really solve any ugly T4 camp situations for which you would take them in now. I will have a close look on those two in part 3/3 of this "guide". Spellwise T3 brings two mandatory ones for me, for this deck: - Revenge - Stone Shell (G) Easy to use, both stack, and make your already strong force almost invincible. Next "mandatory" pick: Thunderstorm - a perfect allrounder you want to have with you if you play a green splash. If there is a Shrine of War from your mates, use your Thunderstorm all the time either for waves (don't stop for them) or when you fight camps. Thunderstorm is as Curse of Oink - this card can't be wrong in most of your decks. Other spells worth mentioning would be - Equilibrium (G) if you feel need for more heal, here it is. Usually this should not be needed but can be a nice filler if you feel better with it Neither Enlightenment nor Frost Shard would add something at T3, so they are not considerable for me. And now comes the part where opinions differ: Support Buildings - Wheels of Gifts are no option for me in this deck whereby I have to emphasize here "for me" just as much as the "no" option. Wheels bind 540 (405 with construction hut) energy that can't be invested in units. Solo even with taking muuuuch time it is hard to reach even the break even point where the wheels are useful. In groups ofc wheels pay out earlier, but are usually not really worth slowing down one player that strong. The problem is compounded by the nature of the Stonekin faction, as individual units are not as strong here, but they become stronger when combined, having almost 2 units less on the field hurts me a lot there. Another reason for me to do without the wheels is that only one wheel buff is very profitable for ourselves, namely the attack buff. On easy maps, a skilled Stonekin player doesn't even need a single heal, to buff this further with Wheels (partly it wouldn't even stack) would be absurd for me. However, I also know my Battlegrounds so well that many factors are no longer random for me, but well predictable, that it is very difficult for me to fully take a beginner's perspective here. 20% is 20% more - and if you feel better to wait 1-2 min and take that 20%, then do it! - Healing Gardens - a great buff! But still I rarely play them, as I consider most content well doable if all decks around are build well, it's a bit the same as for the wheels. But again, of course, if you feel the 300 energy for 2 HG is worth it, then play them (in a group). I would also prefer the HG over the Wheels. T4 We have 2 Units in our Faction at T4, as both work together well, why not build around them? - Grinder is our tank, usually I would only want to have one slot for it and take one of either affinty. Honestly, the fewest will use the skill. But it's not completely useless, though, so give it a try. I therefore slightly prefer the purple. I think having 2 is recommended, the more the better ofc. Grinders benefit greatly from grouping, I would want to set up 2-3 straight up and have 4-5 towards the end, then they are actually almost immortal, especially if you buff them nicely. - Both Gemeyes are great for me, I like to have them both. Usually I play 1 green, put out all my purples and play Grinders or further purple Gemeyes when the cooldown is off. I would recommend to charge the purple Gemeye for this deck sooner or later. Ofc the green can be cut if you have other preferences. - always leave some energy left for 1-2 spells Ofc other Units can support this mix, though I don't feel a need for it. Primeval Watcher for example could go as supporter, Giant Wyrm as super budget DD. The two spells I recommend the most here are Regrowth and Ice Tornado. The former is mandatory in most unit based decks though I don't often feel the need to use it in a Stonekin Deck. The latter is a great damage spell and should be set in the back of most camps, while you fight the frontline. Also it is a nice support for bosses or just as helper to increase dmg on endless crossing fights. Tornado and Thunderstorm should be used all the time if a Shrine of War of a group member is running. Maelstorm can be an option to get even more sustain, but hey, freezing, we had this topic - be smart when you freeze! There are other cool spells in this color range, but none that I would consider for this deck Any more options throughout the the tiers? - Incredible Mo is important against LS, if you play random maps make sure there is one around or take yourself (Yellow buff to avoid anti-range debuff) - Amii Mon for solo purpose ofc possible - construction hut if you considered any of the Buff Buildings or Amii - Frost Bite (P) does work on bosses, usually not worth the slot to me but hey it needs to be mentioned Bosses you struggle with: - Hellhound can be dangerous, avoid to face him with a too small army alone. Keep your buffs up, take out spawner via Tornado and perhaps focus the boss then - fear very early Urzachs and Infester, keep your Gemeyes out of range but close enough for your Grinders to count for their passive heal Any other dangerous situations for this deck: - early bosses, especially when you are on your shitty SoMem. Know your deck and retreat if needed in time - Ugly T4 situations end in quite a "zerg" - even t3 units do not change much about that - usually not a deck I want to bring to BG10 random maps/groups as it is too slow for the given time frame - Willzappers in early match, reason enough for me to justfy Matter Mastery (that is useless against Lost Souls) Personally tested Deck proposals, as always from Spells over Units to Buildings BG9 allrounder BG10 Solo Replays: BG9_4pl_motm_Stonekin_noheals The very easy current motm, I guess I did not even use a regrowth in that match, perhaps one lazy one in the end. If maps are that easy usually this deck cannot ever be beaten. BG10_1pl_MOTM_Stonekin Current super easy motm tempted me to do it with a stonekin - slow but steady, deck above. I will add a replay of a close and ugly T4 situation (current motm 3/4 comes to my mind) the next days. This is noting you want to have with this deck, but still doable. BG9_4pl_MOTM_Stonekin_close_t4_fight As I have seen many people struggling with this Pos3/4 (I am sitting in 4 here) I was a bit afraid to play it with this deck. A very low rank, Deck lvl 7 sat next to me. He touched every next camp in advance to trigger useless further spawn and brought non-optimal units to the field - a perfect stress-test for our Stonekin deck. And what shall I say, have a look yourself, we are super-clean t4 in ~8min. Far from being fast, but for this map and situation still rock-solid imo. If you have feedback, suggestions, nice replays or storys about this deck, please feel free to post below! As always, all information without guarantee and with strong personal preference. See you in the Battlegrounds! Thanks to https://www.deepl.com/translator for helping me with some partly translations BG9_4pl_motm_Stonekin_noheals.pmv BG10_1pl_MOTM_Stonekin.pmv BG9_4pl_MOTM_Stonekin_close_t4_fight.pmv
  9. Thanks Metagross! The order is Spells (used often), Units (used sometimes) and Buildings used 1-2 times. I would not buy/trade/get the cards from cheap to expensive but priorize them a bit from their importance Please have in mind, that the deck as posted is heavy spell based and relies on the shrine of war. For the beginning add at least 1x T2 unit (perhaps Fire Stalkers, they are cheap and good), 1x T3 (perhaps Magma Hurlers) and 3-4x T4 Units as long as they have no charges. Here the Giant Wyrm could be a very good budget solution. For battleground, for the beginning, fill with random units and spells you have available. Usually you do not use any towers or green "Root Network" things. For your shopping tour I would priorize "Mine" "Shrine of War" and the "Abomination" (blue) and in the second step I would priorize "Thunderstorm" and "Cluster Explosion" (red). Twilight Pestilence gets "important" as soon as Abomination is added. As always, all information without guarantee and with strong personal preference 🙂
  10. At least once in the disscussion style it is not. By God, I'm really not always with the devs of one opinion, since my appointment to the "PvE Taskforce" I must even state that I have a different opinion in many topics, especially in the matter of inventory. But the rudely formulated question "What the hell were you thinking?" is simply an impertinence, given the mass of explanations for this decision. I "know" only 2 members of the PVP team, but to accuse them of thoughtlessness, ignorance or stupidity is just ridiculous. But I do like that the solution isn't chosen to be "obvious" or "simple", because most of what comes after "That's simple..." is bullshit. I'm still a bit fascinated where this much emotion comes from, especially in Wintertide and especially from the PvE side. Have you ever looked at the statistics how often this card was played? As if the PvE world would end here... It's a shame that I can't really have a say in the matter, but since it concerns PvP I have to stay out of it due to lack of knowledge. An insight that I would wish some, and here I mean really NO concrete, also. As for the PvE, yes a pity that there is a niche disappeared, but for that so many niches have already opened (yeah - I look at you Emberstrike). If every little buff there was would have been celebrated as loudly as there was drama for such mini-nerfs... again partly translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) - was lazy today
  11. I almost don't need to ask, but you haven't read whats written between OP and yours, or even followed the links, or?
  12. Situational, sometimes. Gives you only 1-3 healing ticks but if nothing else is in range I feel indeed tempted to do so 🙂 Perhaps not optimal, but viable for sure ^^
  13. UPDATED to match 1y-patch from 18.12.21 Hey all, since we have many requests here, but few decks are shown pro-actively, I would like to show some of my RPVE decks (deck kits) over the next few weeks. Each of the decks will be limited by a "theme", they will prolly not all be end-to-end meta approaches - especially since they are relatively simple to get to the point in the BG: Bata = Meta And the rest will run behind. But since I'm a little bored with the Batariel right now - let's take a look at what other fine decks for rpve are out there. This first will touch the meta hard anyways 😄 Theme/Scope: In any row , as much meta as possible and as independently as possible from other players help/heals. Playstyle: Micro > Macro Budget: most expensive Addresses to advanced/expert players Core Deck: - Unity (B) and Bloodhealing give the needed sustain - Heavy spell dependent - the meta makes dmg, distracts enemy via Frenetic, Infect gives dmg and meatshield, the dmg spells clean up most of the units - heavy voidmanipulation via Shrine of War or Cultist Master/Furnace of Flesh enables you to perma use of your spells and abilities - strong T4 options unit wise, with mass Bloodhorns as main carry - T3 is carried by spells and can handle ANY situation - T1/T2 is very flexible and can be designed according to taste T1 - Either or Fire: Nomad (G), Mine, Eruption (possible BG10 addons are Blaster Cannon, Suppression or Sunstriders if needed) Shadow: Forsaken, Soul Splicer (G), Motivate (possible BG10 addon is a good mate supporting your t1 with fire :P) T2 - in any case No matter what your t1 has been, your want a shadow orb as your second. If you started fire you want now to move asap to your double shadow, if you started shadow you want to raise your Boosters NOW 🙂 Isn't shadow T1 better then? Perhaps sometimes but not in general. Every start has its own pros and cons, the pros of a fire start is that it is lean, fast, self healing, team-friendly and due to its spells strong and flexible. I often prefer to run into a BG9 T3 camp with 3 nomads and my fire spells rather then having a few Forsaken and almost no support. Cool-kids-t2-stuff is - Best-in-Slot solution is probably Shadow Phoenix/Embalmers Shrine (almost mandatory for BG10) - Gladiatrix (Gladis shine only really with Green Support, but mass Gladis with good positioning can do the job, more an advanced players solution I assume) - Windhunter is the T2 alternative to Gladiatrix now (Bithday Patch) and outshines Gladiatrix in stats - Firestalkers (nice siege, cheap throw-away t2) - Harvester or Shadow Mages can be pure Shadow options if that suits, Undead Army can scale quite ok'ish with Bloodhealing into T4) - Skyfire Drake is not big carrier, but can do an insane job on some maps - Bandit Minefield is okish, but usually not worth the slot in this meta approach. If you come from Fire T1 to Shadow T2 you already bring your mine and if you start Double Shadow ... you get it 😄 - Undead Army shines with Blood Healing and is almost a must-pick for harder situations. This combo is way more flexible as the Grim Bahir option that I posted in the first run Be aware that map depending is one of the weakest (not weak, only in relation) options aviable but usually not much of a problem. T3 - you want to have now - time to shine! At the T3 stage Void Manipulation and your -spells kick in the door! Though some nice T3 units are aviable the only options for this deck are imo Cultist Master (if you prefer Culstist/FoF over SoW) and Fallen Skyelf (as boss-killer support in T4). T4 Camps can be taken out with Nomads/Forsaken and spells and so can be handled a possible close camp. As far not mentioned interesting T3 cards are: - Incredible Mo (not really needed here but always nice to have one) - Soulshatter (if there is a possibility to take it, do so! You want to have as much dmg-spells as possible) - Amii Monument (only for solo, but there very handy) Last word on t3: No, I did not oversee Sandstorm - not worth a slot 🙂 T4 - finally Carrier is the Bloodhorn (BH) - fast, strong dmg, heals nice via stampeding buildings. Get out 2 and play more as soon it is possible, if you play a second unit get it in the mix after the second BH. Always let 250+ energy left to have spell energy. Before engaging a camp bind your units together with a Unity (b) First spell when engaging is either Frenetic or Cluster (Amok can do the job too), the other second, asap Infect then further according to the remaining priorities. I like to use Bloodhealing on Undead Army skelletons or Grim Bahir crawlers - that a reason for the Grim Bahir for me, though ofc this is not mandatory. Bloodhealing does a nice job too on a BH with Unity running, it does not loose much HP. Earthshaker is a nice skill, but does not perform as stong as we know it in this deck due to the mass BH spam 🙂 If you have room it can prolly clean up last buildings, but I tended to cut it. Just to say it: OFC you can do various T4 units in the mix here, but naming them all would go beyond the scope of this. Though this is more a deck-kit then a deck, I want to give ideas how to play a faction not to give an overview over the faction as a whole. Any more options: - The classic shadow buffs (Life Weaving, Unholy Power & Hero) do a great job on BH! - Never go out without your Disenchant - Warp is always nice to have - Offering (g) can resett your stong spells, if you decide to do so, prolly cut the Cluster (P) (this will get an even nicer option with the comming Grim Bahir changes (Test Server)) - purple Amok gives a nice damage buff and can either replace one Frenetic or be added. Beware to play it not on your units, as they will take friendly-fire then. Also be aware not to play it on your teammates units (same reason) and this is grief play. Bosses you struggle with ... none that comes to my mind. Any other dangerous situations for this deck: Engaging Twilight Dragons with a spell-protected (Twilight Negator) Willzapper nearby (a ugly situation for most decks). Play your Unity as late as possible and strike HARD with the first engage! If more questions come, please feel free to ask or discuss this, I will edit this "guide" Personal, tested(!), samples of my decks are BG9 allrounder for random maps with random groups: BG10, adapted for 1Player-MOTM 2021-06 BG10, 4player, random maps with random groups, assuming SoW by Mate btw one Joker slot Replays deleted as they are broken due to patches. I attach a few replays to see it in action. Be aware, non of this replays is "perfect" or aim to be that. This are raw takeouts to give you an idea how this can be played. I played this deck a lot in the last weeks and can assure that it can work in ANY BG9 situation completly independent from other players heals and can even carry a group. Even the BG10 performance was not as bad as you may think without the perma present green splash 😄 BG10solo_pureBandittest A random BG10 solo in below 23min, easy Bandit map, but still not bad I think. Lost my t4 orb in the second last camp that forces me to retreat. This was my first test in BG10. Here a pure BH T4 w/o Grim Bahir BG10_4player_Pure_Bandit_Test Super nervous played mess - my first group attempt in BG10. In 14min I ran sleeping into a dragon = thx for the rescure group ^^ But hey, this is normal BG10 random group gameplay, nobody is perfect. Really not a carry here, but neither a total fail. Straight average BG10 shit BG9_Bloodhealing Showcase <- recommended!!! A quite strong performance in a 4player BG9 with Command Walker Boss in the End (for me alooooooone) 🙂 BG10_SOLO_MOTM_ PureBandit_rank7 And as last one the current 1player MOTM. This is a first try, I swear, and far from clean, but still a good perfomance I think and at least for now it is a top10 time. Finally: You have feedback, suggestions, nice replays or storys about this deck, please feel free to post below! I am looking forward to your reactions 😄 Is this helpfull? Want more of this?
  14. Hey Zackthundead, this is not as easy answered as your other request. First of all I assume you are asking about rpve/bg again? At least my answer is regarding to this 🙂 On the one hand would recommend "beginners" always to bring 1 green orb to rpve maps, as this one green orb enables you alot of sustain and makes the matches much more "forgiving" then w/o direct mass heals. On the other hand we not see much decks without the perma present green orb, not even from the veterans, which is sad because you can have alot of sustain even without the green splash. But if you want to play this faction pure or for example Bandits, be prepared for a steep learning curve. But lets get a bit more concrete: T1 can be played either Blue or Purple Blue: Frostmage, Homesoil, Barrier - perhaps add even Master Archers Shadow: Forsaken, Motivate, Soul Splicer (G) (Forsaken can be swapped with Nox Troopers, but Forsaken shine better as allrounders) T2 is usally Shadow here: Good t2 units can be Phoenix/Embalmers (perhaps best in slot(BIS)) other units that can do the trick are: Lost Dancers (I like the Red here) Lost Shades (prolly backed by a Viridya) Lost Reavers Stormsingers (any Aff for pve, what you like more) Darkelf Assasins If you started Shadow ofc a Harvester could be a choice too. T3 aims usually at the orb combination (any sequence) 2 shadow/1 frost At the latest the third Orb opens the strong 2 shadow meta: Frenetics, Infect, Booster, Voidmanipulation via Cultist Master/Furnace of Flesh -> this solves ANY t3 situation Still we have a nice super cheap unit here that scales not too bad into t4: Lost Horror is always worth a consideration T4 has a big variety of option which can't be all mentioned in all combinations, lets me give a few ideas: - Overlords are no LS Units but would prolly make the best tank here because of their heal - Lost Warlords are cool looking and quite strong, though they need some protection - Lost Spirit Ship is an OP unit used well, but dies as fast in this deck if not used well - Lost Dragons are inferior to LLS in many aspects, though still shine alot due to their abilities if well used - Spellwise Bloodhealing is you best friend here, try dmg-reducing Buffs like Life Weaving or such in combination (I like Undead Army as little helper here) - the Revenants Combo with Lost Evocation gives strong buffs and can give a nice proper tank too - Winter Witches can give a nice Combo with this deck if there is a lack of sustain still And I still forget to mention anything, I am sure - too many options here. This is a BG9 allrounder for me, but beware some cards are just for the sake of playing them 😄 T4 Playstyle in brief: Horrors give ground presence for the revenant to tank, heavy CC use to avoid getting dmg, heals via Undead Army/Bloodhealing or I buff a Horror to heal, Barrier/Homesoil scale great with Horror/Lost Dragons The approach from @Blashyrkh with the shadow T1/T2 is ofc closer to the meta! Still in T4 I would want to avoid freezes as he uses - here my appoach is prolly the more common. Did yesterday with this even the current solo BG10 motm (a very easy one this month) in what have been a top20 time - so this deck/faction is reliable if you know what you do.
  15. My personal additions to what @SunWu already brought up. If we are speaking of rpve9 I would add eruption to red t1, for green I would usally cut the dryad. T1 stage is usally fast and you want to keep it as lean and simple as possible. For t2 Vileblood are nice on some maps but "useless" for some others, Gladiatrix or Skyfire Drake or Firestalkers are more flexible I think. I don't go with the suggestion to take nature t1 spells at t2 when starting with fire - yeah you can do that, but this is far from the optimal. As you will encounter often/sometimes a close camp to t4 every deck should have options to deal with that, so I don't go with leaving out T3 at all. Twilight Creeper is quite inferior to other solutions here, but scales great into t4 as you can debuff enemys with that. Other options can be Magma Hurler/ Unity and your t3 spells can help too alot, SunWu mentioned all the cool kids stuff, only want to add Creeping Paralysis as option here. Shrine of War is btw quite essential for this deck as you have access to many strong spells you want to use all the time, SunWo brought this up too, I only wanted to emphazise that. And I think it was not mentioned, its the Blue affinities of Abomination and Twilight Pestilence that you want to take, they have great effects - use them alot 🙂 The 2 Green/2 Red deck is, by the way, quite suitable for BG10, for various reasons. If you don't want a Bata/BH here, Abomination would be one of the best options out there. The deck serves the current spell meta, can be played very lean in early T4 with only 1-2 units because strong buffs and a tanky unit are available, it kills fast (even bosses)... only the rather thin CC selection is somewhat limiting here My BG9 allrounder, for random maps with random mates is posted below, perhaps it gives you a bit inspiration. Always have in mind, there is no perfect deck for any situation.
  16. Someones Ashbones that ran today in an early Infester would strongly agree here 🙂
  17. Hehe. Yeah the priority - and the way to kill - the Windhunters was obvious to me. But I was so mind blocked, that I always took my t2, which buffs the Tortugun to get its strong range attack. A Killer to my Skyfires. Your creativity impressed me once again 😉
  18. Yeah really poorly executet 😄 May I ask how long it took you to came up with that? 🙂 This really helped me, delaying the orb/wells like that was the key, at minute 4:00 everthing became clear! My best attempt was a bloddy mess about 13 minutes, I hoped there would be better ways. Most of this should be adoptable to other Stonekin maps. Thank you once again kind master 🙂 Btw I appreciate so much that you not only tried yourself but you gave an example with your replay!
  19. Hey, some may already have seen my question on the discord or elsewhere, the title explains it quite good. I am not looking for theoretical input, I am searching for an expert with practical experience in doing BG10 (in this case solo) against Stonekin enemys with pure Fire, just because 🙂 We are speaking about fighting Camps like this with t2: (if you want to see live, it's the current motm BG10 1pl on the Test Server) The missing spawner does not really challenge me. If there would be one, we could do this with 4 Eruptions. I took it out once, but it was a bloddy, not cleanish, 8min massacre (the t3 fight alone). I can do it with pur Nature or Frost. Shadow has an easy life - but I can't find a propper solution for Fire. Am I missing something? Looking forward for your ideas and ideally for your replays. Cheers Volin
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