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  1. Pure Frost has become a quite decent deck since the birthday patch, but it is one of the more (if not most) expensive decks around. An endgame viable Frost Deck contains of more ultra rare cards then any other deck. Though it is expensive, it is hardly suiteble for BG 10s due to lacking mid tier tools, mainly in T2. I personally would recommend to play splashed decks from beginner to advanced player levels. Pure decks can be fun and decent, but are usually more expensive and need higher skill levels (for harder tasks). How good Frost works you can read here, a great guide
  2. That is why I gave the hint to destroy the bombard as soon as possible 🙂 Actually not mandatory (I did not kill it at all in my fastest run so far, but that was a lucky shot) but my intention was to help to keep the both ladies alive
  3. Both sides have pros and cons, they seem quite well balanced and I hear good times from both. Use hero abitlities and those you get from the crystals. No matter what side you decide for, get in asap, ged rid of the bombard asap and destroy the crystals. You don't need to clear all. Kill things (units/buildings) until the Boss triggers. Focus only the boss. Hope this is not a Cpt Obvious post, else please get more specific and we can see if we can help.
  4. Hehe, that was not "really serious" meant 😄 Thomas is our friendly and beloved forums troll 🙂 Stay a while and you will love him too! And Maulers! Cool!
  5. I can throw in my Lost Souls rpve 9 allrounder - not fully optimized but strong and fun Edit: Blue start for the fun btw, I had not much blue starts when making this deck. Same goes for the Dancer T2, this is not a meta approach, but slotted for fun and diversity. A double shadow start would be obviously better as usual in pve
  6. "No more reactions today"... (with other words I spend all my upvotes/likes) A like would have done the job, but as I am already writing: That was a great one!
  7. Why again was the "dislike" button removed? THAT is what I ask me reading about "liberal shit" and such other crude stuff like above
  8. I know - You won't compete for the fastest run 😛
  9. Funny one! Map looks very solid, gz on that alone One question on this if you don't mind to give us that hint: I have made 3 short runs and seen that the additional skills were each time different. Does this follow specific patterns we should look out for, or is is complete random?
  10. I am a bit torn. On the one hand, it was a lot of fun to build the decks (under certain time pressure) at the last Tome tournament and especially to take the one round from you. Damn I was a bit proud 🙂 But on the other hand I'm no pvp player at all and feel aways a bit uncomfortable. I will make up my mind until tomorrow evening. Anyways I'll join the stream party as usual of course!
  11. NAME: Leaderboard sorting issue (all time leaderboard sorted wrong) DESCRIPTION: Some 1 Player "All Time" have a sorting issue currently, it is sorted stragely by person and not by time. REPRODUCIBILITY: See leaderboards SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: For example LOG: not needed, or? ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Seen for Battlegrounds, Defending Hope, Encounters with Twilight, Siege of Hope and Soultree. 2player and 4player seems fine.
  12. I'd like to give the following video a little more context than the thread here, which of course it relates to. Of course, I could have played this better, we played a casual round with casual decks and had a nice chat in the Voice about everything and anything. I was a bit distracted. The Batariel skill was already placed and was supposed to hit the back third of the camp, usually a good idea since the Batariel burns away the whole frontline of a camp while delivering good damage to half the camp. Usually... And yes, I could have had about 5k more HP on the board, 500 energy reser
  13. After playing a few days again too much rpve I have to come back to this topic once again. 🙂 More and more I can't understand this "Fire is to easy" thing. Many people that I see struggle with the high damage output of the fire faction. I see a comparable amount of wipes against Fire then I see against Lost Souls. Even some above average players struggle if they come with (solid) non-meta decks. Meta decks struggle partly too, especially when they bring the standard Fire T1 which can perform nicely but must be played very clean. Same for usual FireT1 vs T3 bases - the meta here is c
  14. Short answer: It is not viable at all and can lead beginners to big frustration imo. I have much love for the guide I recommended and you would not guess how often I do that in the non public.
  15. Really that was not meant as an offense - not a tiny bit. I would not do it any different: Any work that can be done in almost no-time should be done at the moment it occurs. One of the best ways to manage many tasks which have different priorities and different levels of time consumption. Even low priority tasks should be done immediately if they consume no time - I understand that very well. It just reminded me as I felt this was "fun topic", what for me at least, would be the least priority in all topics. Still the above rule would also apply to me: If it is done in no time, I do it
  16. All good - many thanks for your super fast reply! This shuffling topic just reminded me of this one here and I felt free to ask about it. Nice to hear it is still on the table!
  17. May I ask what is about this one? Usually we get team feedback on the serious suggestions and this one sounds quite serious to me. This topic shows up every now and then ingame and so it did on the discord before I left. The current mechanic feels quite restrictive to many and the proposed way seems to be a nice balance between a nudge to do something you would perhaps not without the incentive of a quest and some QoL. I remember, but may wrong here, that it was on the to-do list. But as we haven't heard of it for a while and pure fun features like booster shuffling get dev-time I ju
  18. For a cheap beginning this may also be a nice reference - I liked it: Only beware of the "cheap Fire" that is linked, guess that one isn't such a good idea 😛
  19. The 18mins and 39mins are not the remaining, but the played time
  20. Of course I can't speak for Hiko here, but I am quite sure that you are allowed to do that. But why would you want to take that handicap? 🙂
  21. Hey all, I'm already in a team with one of my usual mates to compete for the top ranks hopefully, but I feel I would have the time and energy to participate in another team. I would rather look for a newcomer or experienced player that is usually not among the top10 then to make another top team with well know speedrunners. I would not want to share the tactic I use in my other team, nor I want to give out a whole new strategy, but of course I would like to give advice and share my knowledge if wanted so. For myself I had a few ideas for some strats that could be fun and would l
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