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  1. I checked the guide and made few adjustment. I think ill stick with shadow as my T1 at least for now. Deck looks like this after the changes. Wasteland Terror looks very cool tho. Kind a shame that it is off-meta. Which card should i consider swaping for nether warp(G) ? Thanks for all the help 🙂
  2. I have general idea how deck should look like, but idk how to use it and dont know anything about cards synergies also i m not sure about T1 and T2. I m in deck bulding phase so a lot of questions poped up in my head. Is it really worth to start shadow t1? do i keep harvester in my deck ( It is really expansive as a card and usually it is hard to take T2 without taking T3 at the same time). If i play harvester do I even need any T3 units ? Is it worth to play Wasteland Terror (G) instead of disenchant ? Which cards should i upgrade first. Is Unity must have ? Should i play soulshatter alongsid
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