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  1. NAME: Lobby only disbands for group leader after a gameSEVERITY: 3LOCATION: Postgame REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYSDESCRIPTION: After a game is over, a normal player will always see the other players assigned to a team, instead of the normal group. So the lobby is not disbanding after you close the post game menu. This can be problematic when the group leader changes.
  2. NAME: Region and global chat don't work in community maps regionSEVERITY: 3LOCATION: User generated mapsREPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: You are unable to use the region and global chat in the "User Generated Maps" Region (community PvE maps). Everytime you try to send a message to region and global chat, you get a system message saying: "You are not in match, you should be using other chat, for example group."
  3. This bug is fixed, can someone confirm if this case: is also fixed?
  4. "Hint of the day" messages will be disabled until we can change this message.
  5. Thanks to the team for accepting us You can all look forward to some nice client changes and additions
  6. Like I said, this bug occurs with higher resolutions. If you play the game in 1920x1080, then you will be missing the symbols, but if you play with 1280x800, then everything will look normal.
  7. This is a known issue. After testing around a bit, I found that this bug occurs with higher resolutions, e.g. if I select 1920x1080 I have this bug, with 1280x800 I do not.
  8. Did you get this avatar? If yes: I'm pretty sure that's just an older artwork for Razorleaf. Did you experience this on Kubik's local server? He used different servers for today's tests.
  9. It's a known bug, it seems to occur when you have your tutorial deck selected before you start the Introduction map.
  10. The bug mentioned here isn't fixed, but my previous post still applies:
  11. Right now if a player is alone in a lobby, "This player is already in a group" is given as an error when you attempt to invite that player to a group. So this is technically not causing any issues and is consistent in behavior now. However, being able to invite players which are in a 'one person group' would still be a nice feature.
  12. While I'm kind of sad there's a delay again, it's definitely the correct decision. Both the developers and testers have put in a lot of time this past week, but due to unforeseen issues development progressed slower than expected and the servers are still not stable enough. Releasing the servers in their current state would certainly be more frustrating than waiting a little longer. Just keep up the hype and wait a little longer, I very much doubt that there will be any more delays
  13. NAME: Requests do not get auto-declined if player logs outSEVERITY: 2LOCATION: ForgeREPRODUCIBILITY: AlwaysDESCRIPTION: If player A sends player B a request (group/trade/deck-show/deck-request) and player B logs out without declining or accepting the request, the request will not be auto declined and player B will not be able to send that same request to player A again (the button is greyed out) until a relog.
  14. It's not fixed. Today I was able to win Nightmare Shard - Standard 5 times without crashing, but with the 6th victory it started crashing again.
  15. Yeah, it's not 100% confirmed. I don't know when the server was last restarted, but just to make sure: you both played the map at same difficulty, right?
  16. I'm pretty sure that there is a pattern, as I've outlined in my previous posts in this thread. Here are imo the most important patterns I've noticed: 1. Once a difficulty on a map is won a specific number of times with a specific number of players, the same difficulty will always crash after winning the map with the same number of players. 2. A server restart resets the number of times a map can be won. 3. When you lose the crash does not occur. However, it did occur when losing when the Upgrades given despite losing bug was not fixed, which indicates that this bug might be re
  17. NAME: Unlocked maps do not refresh until relogSEVERITY: 2LOCATION: World map/ForgeREPRODUCIBILITY: AlwaysDESCRIPTION: After you unlock a new map, you will only be able to access it after a relog.
  18. Additional information: A server restart causes this bug. All speedruns made before a server restart will show an empty deck afterwards.
  19. I just did a run of Soultree and crashed on the first try. Yesterday I played through all difficulties of Nightmare Shard and started crashing on all difficulties. I asked @Ladadoos to play Nightmare Shard and he crashed despite not having won on that map before when playing alone. However, @Ladadoos said that he was able to properly complete Nightmare Shard and not crash when playing together with @RadicalX. My theory is that once a difficulty on a map is won a few times with a specific amount of players, the same difficulty will always crash after winning the game with the same speci
  20. Well, it might be related. But for example on "King of the giants" we crashed after we won but you are able to see the decks we used.
  21. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This bug seems to occur permanently (not sure whether a server restart fixes it) after winning a map/difficulty a specific amount of times. For example, yesterday I played through Nightmare Shard on each difficulty about 10 times (I used a trainer to speed up this process) and I noticed a few things: The number of times I was able to win the map at a difficulty was the number of upgrades available on this map divided by 4 I never dropped any duplicate upgrades When you lose, the crash does not occur. However, it did occur when losing when the Upgrades
  22. NAME: PvE rankings deck sometimes empty SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Forge REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: Some decks in the "Encounters with Twilight" rankings are empty. It says Mephisto's and Touchi's decks are both empty, while mine and Geradon's deck are normally viewable. Additional info: There weren't any changes in my speedrun deck after renaming, deleting, changing the original deck. Touchi himself couldn't see his deck in the rankings Touchi completed his speedrun before the most recent server restart, I completed it
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