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  1. Based on wiki facts that you posted, reverse engineering does involve taking code from software, or any project source code, and making adjustments to establish improvements, or understanding the purpose of the code, should there be any provided at all. In which case we are both correct, but according to what you're saying, you have nothing on terms of coding that was applied to Battleforge when EA had it, otherwise I wouldn't be missing anything from what I've already pointed out. This is all good to know, and at least the suggestions are here if they ever get implemented into this game. Othe
  2. I'm not sure if yall like a good morning Coffee, or Tea, but here's a little article based on my experience as a game designer, with familiarity working with others on projects. Basically, I don't have the time to learn coding apart from the game I'm already designing myself, and the good news is that I never run out of designing ideas for my game, and solutions to support those ideas for a stable implementation. Since I'm already a core designer, but have knowledge of what coding and blueprinting is like, I can setup task priorities, analyze a programmers progress from experience, and advise
  3. Thanks for the compliments and great response to the suggestions with valid points made. (Restrictions are important in game design to make each creative or ambitious idea work effectively well...) 1: "The Auction" for example would have the "Incredible Mo" card, sell from 250bfp-450bfp as the restriction price range allowed, so that players never see it reach 800bfp or ridiculous unnecessary prices that waste time, since almost nobody buys them that high without already having asked for the normal price. When players see the ridiculous price, it tends to cause others to do the same
  4. - Auction House restrictions = players can't abuse selling prices and prevents players from quitting the game since scammers in the auction can make the auction seem useless at times, which this restriction can prevent this issue altogether, so players can make use of it without slowing their progress too much with getting new cards they're after, basically restricting a card like "Mine or Mo" from going over 450bfp, or below 250bfp, this way nobody is ripped off, not even new players, possibly even adding a feature that indicates the cards general average true value/ worth. - More promo
  5. LOL I get what you mean! Replacing all that design and story would be quite a daunting task. Hopefully programming this to run smoothly works out, because if this becomes a finished game that runs smoothly and officially launches with maybe a few new creative additions, then a new version would be possible. I'm not sure if this is just a hobby or not for you developers but, if you're really into it as a profession, we can try something new when Reborn is finished. Until then though, I've really enjoyed the game so far, and thanks for unf***ing it!
  6. I just realized you're "a" or "The Main Developer," and there was a Youtuber several years ago I found out of interest in Battleforge's return, because I couldn't understand why they shut it down when they could have made it into something better at least. I contacted him a few times about the Reborn project, and made some suggestions about future potential plans. If this Battleforge project turns out to have less flaws than the original game by EA, it's possible we could make a game similar that's our own version of it. It's possible if this Reborn project does well, and ends up running smoot
  7. True, but I was saying to make another version of this, so it's a similar game inspired by Battleforge, yet is their own game they can profit off of. Thanks for informing me of the Logs, if issues persist and I can no longer get into the game "as I have now," I will check back on these other potential factors. Since I have login success, I'm guessing it's an error bug on their end that they still haven't corrected yet. Hopefully they find a developer who knows how to fix the little error bugs that can cause losses of tons of players for many games, especially if they can't afford to lose popul
  8. Connection Failed? Images taken of random "Successful load" after several login fails, and then I decided to wait after 4 or so tries of login fail error saying "Connection Failed", and 8 hours later or so...it finally let me in the game from a sudden last login attempt and it launched SUCCESSFULLY! (Coding a game can be so difficult, especially if things get mixed up and they can't debug issues that make logging in difficult. Smite MOBA, by Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge also had login issues, and account creation bug errors, but they've managed to fix most of them up to now...) I
  9. Why can't I post more than 3.9MB of images, I took pictures to support the issue of the common "Connection Failed" error, and can't post them all? Perhaps I can post more if I create my own Topic Main Page. I have pictures of my Task Manager, and the game loading up fine with active Windows Security. Some how it suddenly worked just from retrying after waiting for 8 or so hours. If it occurs again, there's only 1-2 issue(s) I can think of considering the rest works fine so far. Probably will encounter problems each time I log back in but we'll see, and I will post back if so. I'm not
  10. Wow quick support, I wasn't expecting such a strong support for a game in Beta, and seems the community here is as great as it used to be! I restarted the game, and still got the "connection Failed" error. It seems I've done everything right and it still won't load up the game. I don't see anything wrong here, but maybe you do?
  11. Yep and now i has Login Error that keeps saying "connection Failed" even though i'm connected to internet, entered the right profile info of Email and Password, and nothing should be failing to connect to servers.
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