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  1. Just finished my last exam. Passed them all, summer holiday and spicy memes here I come!

    Gonna get too much alcohol in my system over the summer.

    but memes>alcohol

    1. Deadman


      Indeed memes beat alcohol. Good job boyo :watermelon::)

    2. PlainVenom


      Memes is another kind of addiction

    3. BionicReaper


      More like dank memes, not spicy memes

  2. For anyone who doesnt remember its ARURF running from the 24-27th Febr. AKA this weekend, I play on EUW and would love to have fun with some BF peeps (real friends have stuff to do) :P

    1. Karl Jakobis

      Karl Jakobis

      Add me! Karl Jakobis, going online in an Hour :D

    2. Shotty


      I'd recommend you ask on the discord for stuff like this, I see a couple of ppl there who I never see on the forum who seem to like League.

  3. Congrats @anonyme0273 Hope this cheers you up just a tad! GZ.

    And that somebody celebrates your birthday! :hype::wrathgazer:
    You better get a better day if not I will make it better!:kappaross:

    1. anonyme0273


      Thanks mate! Cheers to you as well :) 

  4. That feeling when you almost break your leg skiing

    5 km/h quicker and it would've broke. 

    Happy fish! 

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    2. Rakkhot


      Ow man, I just came back from skiing, but all went well. Hope you're still on your feet :)

    3. Lukaznid


      Skiing 4 life! Or you know, death, depends on how well you ski.

    4. PlainVenom


      im okay @Ultrakool no pain no scratches that won't heal in no time.

      @Ladadoos Once fast always fast. :sonicballemoji:

      it was super fun definetly gonna revisit skiing in my life


  5. Lets launch the Skypenguins Clubborn Project! Whos with me!

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    2. Deadman
    3. Kiwi


      SkyKiwi's? What does that mean? O.o

    4. veryhasted


      I one can get banned, I'm in!

      Getting banned on CP is a hobby of mine :kappaross: 

  6. Again thank you Devs for doing this and everyone involved I can't display my gratitude enough. 

    1. Kiwi


      and thank you the community for being there for the project and keeping up the :hype::D<3

    2. PlainVenom


      Well what can I say. If this didn't exist I would die, I think a lot of others here would aswell. <3:hype:

  7. Sitting here at home with just my laptop, reminded of the old days where I played BF on this same laptop... Ooohh boyy I do miss it sometimes, hopefully it won't be more than a couple of years till it's done and up and running!

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    2. PlainVenom


      Sounds like a must to experience the real nostalgic feeling

    3. Eddio


      I don't have the same computer anymore rip that experience. :( 

    4. PlainVenom


      Haha you are right it really does add to the nostalgic feel playing on the same computer. Mine is old but gold laptop so I will be fine when it's re released

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