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  1. This is a fine card for people who dont have much bfp, quite heavy damage
  2. I freakin love this guy, a cool (literally cool) design, with a badass voice (at least in german) and how much i loved the sound of the bangings of those cannons. For a distance unit he gets really tanky and hes definitely one of my absolut favorite cards in the whole game. (Main reason for me to play frost in pve)
  3. @anonyme0273 If you already have skyrim with all addons, you get the special edition for free you know But yea i also prefer the old version, they could have fixed some of the bugs in the game, like that one time were i fast traveled and the first thing i saw was a mammoth spawning in the air, falling down and dies Also could make the marriage with Serana possible (i know there are mods for that, but i wanted those dialogues in german)
  4. @sylvix95 If i remember correctly that there was a real funny easteregg with him, when you saved the game right before that fight, and then dont play this game for 2 weeks and you load the game, that the End actually died because of his age?
  5. We were isolated from the world of Nyn. A nearly unbreakable wall has been raised to keep us away... A curse i laying on the world of Nyn and are not able to help. But then, a small bunch of skylords have gathered their powers and now summoning a mighty spell to tear down that wall. These skylords are calling themselves: The devs... They already created a small rift in the wall and a few chosen skylords are able to get down to the world and started with the cure of the twilight curse... Soon the whole wall will be shattered in pieces and we all can go back to our true homeland...

    Nyn, a beatiful world

    Skylords will be reborn!

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    2. Riviute


      thanks, i might not be possible to help with programming or stuff like that, but at least i can :hype:  for the game :) 

    3. Ultrakool
    4. anonyme0273
  6. I have another entry, but not a really hard one, it was such an absurd boss fight. From Conkers bad fur Day: The great mighty poo Yea... a huge pile of (sry ive got to say that) CRAP. Sitting in the middle of the room and singing opera. You always had to wait until he sing so you were able to toss toilet paper in his mouth... (wait what?!) That didnt really damaged him, but made him angry until he was singing a high sound that a wall of glass shattered... Behind that wall was the flush and you have to get there successfully to pull it and then the boss was just flushing...
  7. Boss fights are a really important part of video games. You have to figure out how to beat it and most of the time, you will be rewarded. The task is simple, tell me something about your most memorable boss fight in video games, either it was a really hard one, unique in the way you fought the boss or it was a funny fight. Im gonna start this with my entry: Alatreon from Monster Hunter This dragon elder gives you one hell of a fight. Hes swift, powerful and can attack you with a big variety of ailments, like thunder and fire. You have to fight this guy at least once alone. My first try took me around 44 minutes. With some of his attacks, he reduced my life by 85% so i ran out of potions pretty quickly. Hes really unstable and unpredictable, but he really gets annoying when he starts flying, and your chances to hit him are lowered. Always when i fight this guy, i instantly feel the adrenalin and become a bit nervous. But if you can kill him and the hunt is over, you feel so damn happy and lucky like you successfully finished an exam in school. So skylords and skyladies, tell me something about your favorite boss fights Im looking forward to some interesting bosses.
  8. my 100th: " cool stuff bro, nice work "
  9. I underestimated this card for a long time, but mostly when i made a deck, my decision went for other cards. Pretty strong, useful for several pve maps, not sure about pvp...
  10. Who dont like them, so important card, always wondered if this card wouldnt be in the F2P decks and would be a ultrarare card, how much would it cost? Windweavers + Shaman = Unstoppable
  11. I used it alot but yea, 150power for that is too much...
  12. Good card when you just began playing BF. Only 1 frost orb and 90 power seems to be ok for this... but later this card has to be kicked out of your deck
  13. Damn it. I read all those good tips, tricks and tactics and just think: Gotta try that out... but access to the forge is still far away But well, whatever. I just have to remind a lot stuff, gotta read this whole topic again when im back in the forge, all 39 pages of it To the card, i was a big fan of this card, 250 power costs and 2 neutral orbs was absolutely fine for me But i may used it wrong... So much to do when im back in the forge... so much to do...
  14. I liked this card, but i was also a noob. Maybe he wasnt the best choice but i liked it to use him in different pve missions were lots of small units or large units are around in the beginning...
  15. Does this card has a use?
  16. I used it as i was playing with my friend together dwarven riddle, i made the defense and he went for t4. Was pretty useful there
  17. Never used it, it was not really useful in my eyes...
  18. Any one else is playing stronghold crusader 2 and already got the steam achievement "Say my name, say my name"?  If yes pls tell me how you got that :S Even google has no idea...

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    2. Ultrakool





      Drezrak was on the right track, i wonder why his names didnt work. You might have to create a new ingame character.

    3. Drezrak


      This names have to work. I am not trolling

    4. Riviute


      @Drezrak  Thanks, it finally worked after setting the game on english, guess it just dont work on german though... :D 

      One step closer to accomplish the last achievements

  19. Oh yeah the corsair... Big fat cannon describes everything about this ship, i really loved that huge explosion. The assistance skill was a real nice addition, very important for titans on expert. For a ship, the corsair is pretty fast, shoots while moving, T3 and only 230 power costs... A very nice card
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