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  1. Flrbb

    reverse AH

    Instead of offering cards you enter a "want to buy a certain card for a specific price". Don't know how it affects the economy, but right now it sounds like a good addition to me. You instantly could get some BFP, if you want to buy a card. Also it could stabilize the prices a bit.
  2. Uhm. What? Seriously? Did notknow that. Ice barriers??
  3. At higher dificulty levels you have to hinder Viridya to reach another map for a certain amount of time. It is mantatory to win. As you cannot kill her, the players can only delay her forthcome. This cannot be done by all CC spells, only a few do work. This fact is unknown to most players. And it is somewhat anyoing to lose just because of this. So I recommend to add a note to the map description, which you can see when you wait for enough players. (The headline is Viridiyas Avengers.) As far as I know Coldsnap does work, Ensnaring Roots and Oink does not, Lost Grigori and Aggressor (to a certain point) and Lightblade. But I think I do miss some spells.
  4. Flrbb

    Buddelmuddels suggestions for the game

    each fraction allread has its own sort of healing. Bloodhealing for shadow, minor heals for fire (because .. hey, its agressive fire, not save n' secure nature) and blue has shields and a shrine and spells for damage reduction. Also, each fraction could stand near a building.....
  5. Flrbb

    Option to create "Buy" listing on Marketplace

    I suggested something very, very similar. Devs werent much exited about the idea, because they do not want to touch the AH. Same arguments as having an external way to access the data from AH - which I can understand.
  6. Flrbb

    Buddelmuddels suggestions for the game

    the idea behind the 2nd point sounds interesting. but honestly, I think every other suggestion is not good at all. mit to say: devastive for example, having 10 different levels in rpve is allready to much. who plays all these? making the top wanted cards (those who costs the most) all rare would rise their prices even more. very, very bad. droping every card from tier 4 to 3 would destroy the current meta (for sure, a new one will rise, but at which cost?). besides that, pve would get much easier. on second thought, you most probsply ment to change one orb to colourless. but which colour to take from cards like Lost Dragon? why do you want so much extra secutity?
  7. I can confirm, this bug description is not accurate. I allready played with 12 players. And if I remember correct, the last free spot was not place number 12. So I guess the bug is not related to switching places. Belormoroths' 13th player might be the case.
  8. Flrbb


    Bloodhorn is Swift? o.O Anyhow, as much as I second a complete reset when the beta is finished, as much I don't want that anymore, to be honest. I collected and upgrades all cards. I won't do that another time. But back to the topic: nice work!
  9. Flrbb

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    GoL: are ice brriers (with infernal machines) strong enough to kill the last wave which spawns when destroying the building in the corner?? also, when I remember correct, that tactic dies mit hurt flying units?!
  10. Flrbb

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    3.52?! insane
  11. Flrbb

    Frost T4 Card: Battleship

    Battleship is the air support for Construct. Both need to be slow, because Construct is too good. edit: imo Battleship could use a buff by reducing its energy costs
  12. Flrbb

    Numbers within Collection

    Under Cronicle->Statistics->Page3 are card upgrade levels shown. From those names I'd expect to count cards, which I allready do have applied the upgrades to. Instead, it shows how many upgrades I do own. (I don't know if upgrades, whose cards I do not own are taken into account). I'd say there should be another paragraph showing the numbers I had expected. Also, it seems that promos do not count as upgrades. I'd count their upgrades, too. Which might be arguable, though.
  13. Flrbb

    Spells of the Lost Souls

    Does anyone have experience with Revenents Blessing, Lost Evocation and Ethereal Storm? I tried to play Crussade on Advanced with a pure LS deck. Luckily those Lost Shades die simultaniously. Keeping the revenants alives requires both afinities (that are lots of deck slots) and in the end the charges ran out. Also, I did need shadows' void pool manipulation to have all the required energy (enabling the revenant ability and cast lots of spells). I wasn't that much pleased with the power level of LS (PvE-wise). I'd suggest adding more charges to all the LS spells and some automatic void return. What about enabling the revenants' ability as default when spawning those LS units? Or would that be to overpowered (especially in PvP)? Anyhow, does anyone else played more games with pure LS and can enlighten me with some tactics?
  14. Flrbb

    Test server Ultra Major Update

    12 player maps. ultra. cool. besides.... are they implemented as 3 sepreate missions or as they were originally?
  15. Flrbb

    Promoting long time playing

    I think that some rewards at "level up" would be a nice touch, too. But bfp or boosters are allready a reward of long time playing (via daily rewards). Gold or beeing able to chose a free upgrade would be an option.
  16. that solves the mystery! you may close this now
  17. Because I did not changed my settings. The two different styles of the anouncements should not be visible within a single screen capture.
  18. Originaly, this was not a bug report. I was confused why (within like 5 minutes) the format of the anouncement changed (without me doing anything inthe settings). With me gaining knowledge about this behaviour in here, now this is a bug report. I know that there is a template but as a) I cannot reproduce this bug and b) I can contribute to this forum wirh my mobile it is way to complicated to use that...
  19. Those 2 anounced promos from my first picture were very close together (within one game I was in, so two promos within less than 20 minutes. but I guess it was like max 5 minutes apart), also I did not even open the options inbetween. I am not aware of an short key to change this anouncement. Maybe there might be the possibility for hitting an unknown key-combination twice, but honestly I suppose there is a bug in here somewhere. But as this happend just once it will probably hard to trace.
  20. that is new to me. never saw names before. I did not chage anything (on purpuse at least). have to check my settings
  21. Flrbb

    Game coming out when?

    how to get onto test server?
  22. Flrbb

    Game coming out when?

    there is a test server? ...so basically the comunity is split in half due to two different servers?
  23. Flrbb

    Battleforge undocumented details

    Some (if not all units) do have a varity of attack animations. These differ in duration and dealt damage. So, the above number of 20 seconds is just roughly an average number by all means. CONSTRUCTION HUT Similar to Breeding Ground this one does help your allies, too.
  24. Flrbb

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    I have to admit that I did not play the deck versus LS (yet).

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