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  1. Topic title: Wheel of gifts bug - 3

    SERVER: whichever server the updater leads to

    NAME: Wheel of gifts buff bug
    LOCATION: Ingame/forge
    DESCRIPTION: Wheel of gifts will allow you to have 2 of the same buff IF you chose the same buff while in the animation of the first wheel of gifts.
    1. Wheel of gifts 1 and 2 are placed
    2. Wheel of gifts 1 activates green buff
    3. before wheel of gifts 1 animation is finished activate wheel of gifts 2 green buff
    4. by the end of both animations you should have 2 wheel of gifts with the same buff

    This was also possible in the old BF, but the gifts dont stack anymore though.

  2. I hated the 2nd one. But the concept of the first one was amazing (have not read the books)

    oh and 5/10 for kung fu panda animated movie
    dont like it now, but my younger self approves enough to make it a 5/10

    next up: Spongebob Squarepants animated movie (Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie/Sponge out of water)  :') lol


  3. This forum game is simple!
    It is exactly like the "rate the song" forum game but instead with Movies!

    What you do is you say your favourite movie then the person under your comment rates it out of 10 then says their movie and so on..

    To kick off the game my favourite movie is "The Maze Runner" (not the series, only the first movie :))

  4. Read the title @Tam Hawkins, "Clearing OPEN BETA Plans". We are not in open beta we are in closed beta. If we were in open beta people would be able to signup. Even above the chatbox in giant red letters "Closed Beta is still in progress. Date for OPEN BETA will be announced soon!" to my understanding that post was called clearing up open beta plans for the people who were wondering how open beta would work in the future, because a lot of people (myself included) did not know how open beta was going to work with the whole signup thing and whatnot.

  5. 3 hours ago, Tam Hawkins said:

    that was during the current "open Beta"

    As far as I understand it the next phase is indeed open to every one.

    There was no open beta yet. Were still in closed beta and waiting for open beta to arrive, its not open if you have to win it through a giveaway.


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