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  1. Title says it all. I think a "reset all filters" button would save us all a few clicks when we are looking through the Auction House.
  2. NAME: Convoy not unlocked after completing Slave Master mission solo for the first time SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: In the Forge REPRODUCIBILITY: Unknown, needs testing, will try to reproduce and edit the post. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: To be added, will be taken later ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: n/a
  3. I disagree. Tencent acquired Riot way after they became successful. Riot already had a working business model that exploded and made them big. Then Tencent gave them a good offer, and they took it. Notice how the game was already big and working when Tencent put their hands on it. On the other hand, Phenomic was acquired explicitly to make this game for EA. To my knowledge they disagreed with many of the development choices, but they coundn't do anything because EA owned them and they had no word in the matter. Just look at how Infinity Ward deserted from Activision and eventually joined
  4. Phenomic was a victim of EA's horrible "P4F" business model. EASY was another studio destined to die due to the same reason. All I'm seeing is a publisher buying multiple studios and then letting THEM bleed out after they made mistakes. All of this in times when League of Legends and other very successful F2P titles were already blossoming, effectively statuating a good example of how games can succeed with being TRULY and ENTIRELY (as the name suggests) free to ACTUALLY play. I agree though. Not the best place to argue about this matter, but it came up regardless.
  5. They shouldnt have shut the original game down in the first place, but they are only about money and this game was not making enough for them, because the fucked up the whole business model and couldn't care less about it. Yes, this move was nice from EA. Yes, they seem to be getting better. But one of these "okay guys, we won't kill you legally, and you can keep working on our trash that we threw away because we are stupid" will not solve the problem. It was a nice move. But I still have plenty of reason to hate this company with a passion. And I'm not the only one.
  6. You have no idea how much i love you for this. Thanks.
  7. @bobfrog I already sent a PM to apply as a streamer, but just read the full thread. I wanted to sign up here aswell, just to be sure.
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