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    Suggestions List

    Great effort, some cool things I would support, but given the magnitude of changes you demand, how many years are we talking until that’s going to be implemented? ^^ many of those things have been called for multiple times (that’s why the forum needs cleanup ultra ) and are simply too resource intensive to be expected anytime soon 1. auction house restriction: that is very unlikely to happen, as the value of a card changes naturally over time, there has been an alternative approach to fix the scamming problem by providing players with data on the average price payed in recent period but that will take a long time to get set up too, but is not restricting players 2. more promos / card variants in general / card backgrounds technically doable, but requires the artwork to be created and ingame animations / models aswell this is very time intensive and currently no priority 3. Desired cards Perhaps this could be done by adding a tab or filter for the inventory „desired cards“ and one can add cards to that by right clicking on them in the auction house and a menu would appear then, given that not all cards might be in ah at all times this would preferable require a card base tab instead where all available obtainable cards ingame would be shown. This ofc is another feature that first needs to be developed to make the original suggestion work, hence not anytime soon 4. 6Vs6 no Teams and 12 player as u say urself that requires first creation of that mode, then balancing and then as u demand even make it possible that players can easily create themselves, sounds almost impossible to me. Also getting 12 players for one game with the amount of players online ... Time horizon: years or never 5. balancing cards gonna happen after the reset, easier said than done 6. Decks greater than 20 cards needs to fit on players screen, apart from that this probably could work to be implemented

    PvP Rank Drops too Fast

    Funny how this post was about pvp rank dropping to fast and instead of fixing that, it ended up implementing lowered upgrade level requirements for pve, probably the not yet implemented change with highest pvp level instead of current would have been enough 🤷‍♂️
  3. And as promised now the fastest 2 player speedrun aswell

    BF Memeville


    Replay Repository

    I have requested permission to upload replay files on the wiki. Perhaps we could realize such an archive there Edit: Nope, Fandom doesn't approve it.

    PvP Rank Drops too Fast

    Ofc it is intentional but, you know just aswell that when it is this low, it is not necessary to have the rank restriction at all, cause the player doesn't have the thousands of gold required to actually upgrade the ultra rares, and has no way to get the gold besides playing which automatically puts his level above the rank restriction. Keeping a feature, that after the proposed change, has no practical relevance anymore, is what might be confusing for players.

    PvP Rank Drops too Fast

    Boring to have em all the same, also my wikitable remains purposefully, Secondly the rank is too low anyway. its reduced from 170k xp for most expensive upgrade now down to 5k xp. At this point u can remove the entire limit, as everybody will have the rank requirements met but not the actual gold to get the upgrade

    PvP Rank Drops too Fast

    I don't mind the rank going down, but perhaps we can still keep a little difference? like Common - uncommon - rare - ultra rare U1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 U2 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 U3 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 (numbers = rank)

    New Quest - Play 4 Ranked PvP Games

    Alone: (plenty of tutorials online ) King of the Giants, add more players and it gets more boring Siege of hope, 15 minutes of doing nothing tho Encounters with Twilight, literally doable with tutorial deck Soultree (with amii monument) Together (as 2 with 1 experienced player) Dwarfen Riddle Guns of Lyr Sunbridge Crusade Together (as 2-4) Bad Harvest Speedrun (3-4 min style) Ravens End Titans (less people possible but gets harder) Not saying the other maps are hard either but those above are harder to lose even when mistakes are made. General advice: Share orbs >> 1 player on t4 is better than 2 on t2

    Battleforge music used on AGT

    I literally cannot even focus on what is actually being said^^

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    Well it is ok, it was a concept of interlinked suggestive ideas. If they are being discussed that's already fine with me

    Sound problem Ingame

    For me there is narrative in the video 🤔

    Card Database

    Perhaps ur looking for this? 320x320 https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Building_Card_Artworks https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Spell_Card_Artworks https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Unit_Card_Artworks

    bf points

    yes, but unlike in EA times, you now cannot purchase bfpoints, instead you earn them by playing and completing quests, currently in a very much accelerated speed.

    New Quest Suggestion

    What map ? Rpve 6?

    Possible Fixes to the Upgrade Tab

    as far as I understood kubik, this feature comes at a cost, that it can no longer show the unupgraded either --> can no longer be used to set avatar

    Possible Fixes to the Upgrade Tab

    so the originally proposed change of disabling just one of those filter options is not gonna do a thing anyway? if that’s the case then I prefer the individual solution that you can disable your own upgrade tab instead of straight up removing it for everyone

    Possible Fixes to the Upgrade Tab

    The thing is, it can go both ways. Either it lags cause one has all upgrades applied: then the overview that shows applied will lag or the other way around if u have almost no applied but many acquired the unapplied will lag. So I don’t see the Point in removing only one of them, as they are equally lag inducing. The point is, if that feature is barely used by people, why bother with it lagging, when some that like to use it might not mind it lagging. If it is just for convenience that if someone that doesn’t use the feature doesn’t get a 4 second lag if he accidentally clicks on it, then I would suggest to instead give them the option to disable their upgrade tab in the user menu.

    Possible Fixes to the Upgrade Tab

    Well I understood it in a way that we remove a filter option. Or we remove the entire upgrade tab? Cause well if u get lag for the unapplied Filter then same lack should be there for someone who has all applied and even worse for show all upgrades

    Possible Fixes to the Upgrade Tab

    Well we lose a feature dont we? Cant we set it to the filter option that doesnt show all by default? So no long load time if u accidentially click on it?

    New Quest Suggestion

    Guys we are in stress, so it is the best time to test out new quests concepts. @Kubik if you can actually implement that quest (to live servers cause honestly the data u get from test server is meh 😕) for let us say a week (at best even make it refresh each day like the booster) and then after that week assess how it went, e.g. how many people completed it, how many completed it 7 times, what lvl were those players. Based on the results it might be easier to decide here. The influence it has in bfp gains on the market are completely irrelevant at this point anyway. That week is not gonna disrupt economy.

    New Quest Suggestion

    Before kubik says it, let’s define cards in a way that playing with different upgrades will be considered as still the same card also The cards need to be played out right? Not just being in the deck.

    New Quest Suggestion

    u mean quest or achievement
  24. Oh sorry, misunderstood this part then, what I meant it that you wouldnt have to invest any effort, as the tutorial deck is given
  25. if deck building is putting you off, use the tutorial deck and try to beat expert maps with it ^^

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