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  1. Donald Trump won the elections. I am sure you all know, but what do you think about that? 

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    2. anonyme0273


      I don't take this opinion as my own, it is just very close and better structured than if I said it myself.


      If you still are in desperation and looking for WW3 shelters in your area, try this


    3. Lukaznid


      @Eirias Yeah you can't really say unitedstatesian now can you? The only word from which you can derive a term which describes a person living in the USA is "America" hence most (if not all) languages call Americans as Americans. We do at least (Američani [Americhani]).

    4. Treim


      In german Americans from the USA are often referred to as "US-Americans" even though when calling someone an "American" it generally refers to people from the USA also.

      Basically it is used synonymous.

      If this discussion goes on, maybe using US-Americans for people from the US and Americans for people from the continent America is something we can agree to.


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