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  1. We all know reputation is a good way to satisfy ones ego and self-worth. Since the "Popular contributors" tab has been limited to 5, I think some may feel left out, since it's so difficult to stay relevant in this harsh world... so I want to share with you a URL haxxing system to raise the chances of seeing your own name in the popular contributions for your own pleasure


    The URL above will show you the maximum amount of top weekly contributors sorted by rep, from highest to lowest (can go into negatives, so don't worry if you got a -5 rep for asking for Beta access... again)

    In order to change the search parameters, change the word that comes after "&time=<Your_time_here>" with "month" or "year" or "all", which I think is pretty self explanatory.

    Next is the &limit. Feel free to experiment with it, I think max is 20 for time "all", but I may be wrong.

    Lastly is the &orientation. It's, as suggests the current "vertical", just a system of displaying names in either vertical position next to each other or horizontal position below one another. This may impact the usable limit.

    So for example top 14 yearly contributors will be this:


    Now go please your ego, we all need it once in a while. 

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    2. ferevus


      This was such a good post. I just had to give you rep for it. 


      You're welcome <3. 

    3. Treim


      @ferevus I am not to sure if anonyme is too happy about negative reputation though :D

    4. anonyme0273


      Sigh. Really?

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