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  1. One of the few game series that never left my mind is Age of ___. Whether it's Empires, Mythology, or whatever else, it has always had great emotional value, as Age of Empires I was probably the first game I ever really engaged in and that may have gotten me into gaming more deeply than any other game. Why? I dunno, I just loved it and it has always been there. The announcement I found today morning was really exciting, I immediately signed up for the Beta and I will be glad if perhaps some of you join me, if you are interested. See ya there ;):hype: 


    tl;dr - Age of Empires I is coming in a brand new version (expanded gameplay, 4K graphics, good stuff, Wololoo included), Beta signup is in the link above <3 

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    2. Dallarian


      Age of ... Wonders ofcorse ^^

      I remember when i inserted my LotV sountrack CD into my laptop. and when i started AoE i had soundtrack from Starcraft :D

    3. shadowxxs77


      It isn't on steam, but on widow store IIRC, might have changed by now since they got a lot of dissapointed people :P
      I don't know if I will get it myself though being a huge fan of the franchise myself

    4. Ultrakool


      signed up! ^^

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