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  1. I DID IT! It is now done and I am free for 4 months! So many plans I have it's unbeliavable, but the feeling of waking up and not having to rush for school, then back from school, but rather chill a bit, travel and meet new people, it's awesome. I am sure many of you have experienced it and many of you will. It's a great thing and it means a lot that you were here to cheer me up through the stressful days.

    If anyone wondered how I did, I must say I did better than I myself expected, and honestly, I surprised myself. I am not a stupid person, but a bad student, I really haven't studied much... ever, in school. This graduation was a great deal for me, so I did, for the first time in my life, really study a lot. And I think it paid off. My results were - a B from Czech, and A from computer sciences, a B from maths, a B from jewish studies and an A from English. 

    Thank you for believing in me, have a great day and if you stumble upon a pub with friends, have a drink on good ol' Anon :P<3 

    (also, cheers for @sylvix95 for his supportive thread, it was really great reading that after my first exam yesterday!) 

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    2. Malzawar


      "travel and meet new people" - let me know if ou ever have plans to travel to the west parts of Germany :D

      And big congratulations of course!

    3. Lukaznid


      Congrats :) Good on ya, hope you enjoy travelling around, you've earned it! Just as a side note, why pick jewish studies? Not criticising or anything, just curious, it's not a very common study route.

    4. anonyme0273


      I will be visiting many countries and I may go to Germany as well @Malzawar :P If yes, I'll let you know ;)

      @Lukaznid I have been attending a Jewish school, this seminar was mandatory. I merged it with programming, so it wasn't a big problem. Thank you all <3 


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