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  1. MephistoRoss

    Custom maps collection

    C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\Map\ At the moment it only works with maps that are packed as a .pak file I think (you can do this yourself though).
  2. MephistoRoss

    booster 3 - Booster opening error

    This should be fixed now, let me know if anyone still has problems with opening boosters.
  3. MephistoRoss

    Buggy Unit Movements

    Could you next time check what your ingame latency is? It is a green, orange or red dot next to the button to kill your own troops, it will show you your latency when you place your mouse over it.
  4. As just was announced on Discord: Games are not working at the moment, devs are working on it. Please have patience.
  5. MephistoRoss

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    As just was announced on Discord: Games are not working at the moment, devs are working on it. Please have patience.
  6. MephistoRoss

    My Graphic card should be Enough!!!

    Any temporary folder is fine, after you have installed it you can delete it anyway.
  7. MephistoRoss

    Please Help with this Error

    Try reinstalling the game.
  8. MephistoRoss

    Corrupt files

    Ive uploaded the Skel_dragon files here for you: https://mega.nz/#!PCBXzKoB!NfBoYfa-LxoBxDZTe_eEBU_BNmIvB75imZNBzX6cgXk
  9. MephistoRoss

    All files not archived properly in BattleForge folder?!

    Please post a screenshot
  10. MephistoRoss

    Extreme Client Directx bug, FIX = REWARD

    Or you can try to find dxdisable in your config.xml and set it to 0 or to 6: dxdisable="0" / dxdisable="6" You can find your config.xml in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\
  11. MephistoRoss

    AFK kicker

    This is already in place. Inactive people get automatically kicked from the server.
  12. MephistoRoss

    CPU 100% - i can not play

    Try switch graphics options in the game. Like V-sync and SSAO.
  13. MephistoRoss

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    People who are inactive will automatically get kicked out of the server. The devs are working as fast as possible to enable more slots, but atm 300 is max.
  14. MephistoRoss

    Launcher.exe detected by Avast, even after exclusion

    Not sure what you expect us to do about this, seems more like this is a bug in Avast. We are aware that most anti virus flags our software. I'm told this happens when one exe makes changes or opens other exe files, which happens with our updater. Nothing we can do about this right now.
  15. MephistoRoss


    You will need to install DirectX 9: http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/4/A/84A35BF1-DAFE-4AE8-82AF-AD2AE20B6B14/directx_Jun2010_redist.exe
  16. MephistoRoss

    Cards gone missing from auction

    Maybe your mailbox is full. Please try deleting some mails.
  17. MephistoRoss

    units dissapearing.

    Please use the bug report template. Try switching the ssao option in the graphics option menu.
  18. MephistoRoss

    Booster disappearing after opening booster too fast?

    Try relog. The booster should be back or 8 new cards should be in your inventory. Please use the bug report template next time!
  19. MephistoRoss

    1-Empty mail after winning a bid

    So you did get a mail, but there never was a card attached to it? Or Was it attached but got lost when you tryed to collect it? Could you post a screenshot of the mail please?
  20. MephistoRoss

    I cant use any cards (cards bugged)

    Does it still happen when you restart the game?
  21. MephistoRoss

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    No, atm you will need to have 64bit to run the updater/launcher. Maybe in the future there will also be a 32bit version, but this is not planned yet.
  22. MephistoRoss

    Can't turn on SSAO anymore

    Close the game. Open C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\config.xml with a text editor. Change dxdisable="6" to dxdisable="0". Start the game. You will now be able to change SSAO.
  23. MephistoRoss

    My Name got changed?

    At the start of the stress test there was a bug that it was possible to create characters with names that already existed. This leaded to several problems, for example the first guy with the name god would get your mails. So we changed all duplicate character names to something unique. Apparently you were the fourth one who picked the name God. After the next reset you will have to choose a new name anyway though.
  24. MephistoRoss

    SkylordsRebornUpdater has stopped working

    Do you have antivirus that might be blocking/removing it? If so whitelist all .exe files of the updater. Try running UAC.exe, if that doesnt work redownload the updater and try again.
  25. MephistoRoss

    1 - TRADE doesn't work

    Some more info: When player A invites player B to trade and B accepts it, player B wont see the trade window (player A sees it). When player A moves a card to the trade window, he gets a message from system: 'Unknown error', the card is not shown at the trade window and it is gone from inventory with some sort of visual error (the blank spot Zwyrtek was talking about). In the following screenshot I had 2 copies of Flame crystal and I moved the top one to the trade.

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