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  1. Card Deathmatch

    Actually Santa Claus was kind of useful as a sacrifice unit in Empire because there is an enemy unit that one-shots the first XL creature it encounters. CC isnt possible because the enemy unit is next to an anti-magic building. So to protect my Batarial I would put Santa in front of it.
  2. Play

    It is not possible to play the game at the moment. Please read the FAQ: /Closed
  3. were i can play it ?

  4. Origin of your name?

  5. Reset Win/loss ratio + ELO

    What do you guys think of adding an option to reset your statistics (wins + losses + ELO) to 0? I think many players made smurf/new accounts so they could start over with a fresh win/loss ratio once they got better at the game. Also players who want to experiment with new factions use smurf accounts so they wouldnt have to worry about screwing up their win/loss ratio. So by adding a reset button you could do the same without having to make a new account. The only downside would be that you wouldnt be able to see if someone is an old or new player from his stats, but of course you couldnt see that either when someone is using a smurf account. Please let me know what you think of this idea.
  6. Reset Win/loss ratio + ELO

    Interesting idea, I like it
  7. Hey, there will be a French translation?

  8. I've a replay that I'd like to see again [help request]

    It still works fine, so when I have some more time I can capture it for you (if someone else hasnt already done it)
  9. Shadow/Nature

    What do you guys think about this deck: Dreadcharger,Forsaken,Nightguard_nature,Nox-Trooper,Motivate,Nasty-Surprise, Amii-Phantom,Aura-of-Corruption,Burrower,Curse-of-Oink,Darkelf-Assassins,Nightcrawler,Shadow-Phoenix,Surge-of-Light,Ensnaring-Roots,Furnace-of-Flesh, Cultist-Master,Ashbone-Pyro,Mo,Frenetic-Assault_nature T3 focusses on Furnace+Cultist Master for void manipulation to get enough power to play Mo. I put frenetic assault in it because I think that card is a lot fun, but I guess it could better be replaced with one of these: Phase tower,hurricane, mutating frenzy or life weaving(just for use on Mo).
  10. AllCards new Deck

  11. BFP in chests

  12. Music from BF covered by Skytrias <3

    Just update the first post of this thread and add a new post here so everyone knows what you updated.
  13. PvP(vE) suggestions

    Here is the thread in which pvpve was discussed:
  14. The legendary forum game "count"

    1466 Done
  15. Help

  16. Music from BF covered by Skytrias <3

    Nice, thanks.
  17. Orb upgrade after time

    I have seen pve custom maps in which the next orb becomes available after an x amount of time. But you still had to pay for it though I think. I guess you could implement something similar in a custom PvP map to force players to stay t1 for x amount of time. For example that all orbs become available after 10 minutes. And I say 'all orbs' because if it would be just one orb for both players (and t3 after 20 minuted), it would mean if you lose an orb, your enemy just has to defend that place so you won't be able to get t2 again.
  18. Introducing .. The entire team !

    Hello, I am MephistoRoss. I live in the Netherlands and I am currently working for a software developing company. I played Battleforge from just after the start until the very end. At first I was just a casual PvE player, having fun with just completing PvE maps and Battlegrounds. I never got bored of this because I always thought the maps were very unique and with using another deck or playing with other players, you could play the same map in a totally different way again. I also did some PvP but I never really got into it, although I always was planning to play PvP more often. During the last year of Battleforge I discovered speedrunning which I really enjoyed. Now I am very happy to be part of the Skylords Reborn team and I am really looking forward in playing Battleforge again with you! MephistoRoss
  19. PVE 4 player map: solo play teachings

    Here is a list with replays of solo runs on youtube which you could use as examples: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/585-expert-multiplayer-maps-done-solo/
  20. Collector's list for printing and ticking

    I also made something like this in Excel: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1189-card-and-upgrade-collector-tool/
  21. Current Proposal: Rewards

    As MrXLink has stated several times in the past, we don't want to limit gameplay experience (including rewards/trading/collecting) by designing options just to prevent multi accounting. Still, I wouldn't worry too much about multi accounters as we can easily detect and punish multi-account abusers.
  22. If Fire-Frost was a hybrid faction, who would it be?

    I suggest you take a look at this thread: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/936-do-you-think-frostfire-has-a-place-thematically/
  23. Ideas for daily quests

    As was mentioned in the podcast, the devs probably will implement a daily quest system to earn BFP. Please dont discuss in this thread why you see daily quests as a good idea or not as that is discussed in other threads. The purpose of this thread is just to be creative and think of possible ideas for these quests so the devs can pick the best ones that are possible to actual implement (if they are going forward with implementing daily quests). Edit: @MrXLink just said in shoutbox (22-07-2015) that it is unsure yet if there will be one quest of several of which you can choose from each day. But it is most likely that if they go for more quests each day, there will be a cap. Small summary of what he said: "@MrXLink: this is beyond my knowledge as the system hasn't been made yet. However, design-wise i'd give a set amount of quests every day to prevent overfarming your accounts @MrXLink: several quests every day is unsure, depends on the bfp value we want to give it, if we do, most likely there will be a cap @MrXLink: we want players to last. If they need to play daily they stay, simple audience research. @MrXLink: if you have multiple quests to fulfill, most likely they would run simultaneously. But that's also a matter of how well it's programmable. I'd be for simultaneous completion though" Also, please dont discuss each individual quest that is mentioned. Dont get me wrong, I think you guys have made some good points why some quests would be bad, but the idea of this thread is just to be creative and think of ideas for quests. The Devs are smart enough to filter out the bad ones themselves. And maybe after a while we can summarize them in a big list and than discuss which are best. But for now, please just stick to generating new ideas for quests and I would only encourage to think outside the box. Here are some of my ideas: -PvE: Complete all PvE maps on standard difficulty -PvE: Complete 10 maps on advanced difficulty -PvE: Complete 5 maps on expert difficulty -PvE: Play 'Bad Harvest' 5 times on any difficulty (this could be used with any map) -PvE: Complete an expert map in over 60 minutes -PvE: Complete an expert map within 10 minutes -PvE: Play a 2 player mission on expert with someone who is at least 5 PvE ranks lower than you. (of course this would be something for when the game is online for several months) -PvE: Complete a Battleground (RPvE) on level 9 within 15 minutes -PvP: Play 5 ranked duels. -PvP: Win against someone with at least 2 PvP ranks higher -PvP: Play ranked with no upgrades -PvP: Play 5 ranked tome duels -PvP: Play a T4 card in a ranked match (reward only for once per match)
  24. Poll: Future Loot Lists

    I was just describing how it was in the old Battleforge...