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  1. Here they are: Elendil's_and_Kaldra_PvP_Guide.pdf BF-PvP Guide by Circadia.pdf
  2. I think this bug also happened sometimes when there were a couple players in a group who already played a map together and than the leader invites someone else for a next game. Only the new person will see the old lobby. Not sure how to reproduce this exactly though. Need to test if it happens when the lobby was created while the new person was still finishing up his own game or when he was not yet online or something.
  3. Are you sure the canceled trade is connected? Because I also encountered crashes with upgrading cards sometimes without having traded anything. I haven't been able to find the cause/reproduction steps though.
  4. Could you also try to set the resolution to 1920 x 1080?
  5. Could you try reinstalling your videocard drivers? Your log detects a different videocard than you say you have. Or maybe try to change the dxdisable setting in your config.xml and set it to 0 or to 6: dxdisable="0" / dxdisable="6".
  6. This is caused by a unstable / slow connection. Are you on a public/slow wifi for example or on a slow internet connection on the other side if the world (server is in EU)? I had the same when I tried to play on a hotel wifi, but at home it works fine.
  7. Updated with my new record of Encounter with Twilight: 11:28.6.
  8. Seems like something is wrong with some of your files. Could you try re-downloading the client and the newest version of the updater?
  9. Yes, maybe not even possible to select it in the drop down, not sure. And I also think it was not possible to tick the Speedrun checkbox in the lobby.
  10. Because the Introduction is not a normal map but just a tutorial in which you can only use the Tutorial deck and have to follow fixed instructions from Moon. In the old BF it was also excluded from the rankings (also ingame), Kubik just shows the rankings ingame now because it is possible.
  11. /closed, please continue here :
  12. AH requires way less effort to buy or sell something. I would still use it even if it would cost 1000 gold per trade or a couple bfp.
  13. Updated the thread and I have added a note to Titans that it are multiple runs (same with Crusade) to avoid confusion. I will fix the layout later when I am on a decent computer.
  14. Did you try everything from this thread?
  15. I would change the orbs to Frost T1 Shadow T2/3 Nature T4 so you'd have access to the shadow spells and void manipulation in T3. This is the deck I built: I have added Overlod as a secundairy T4 unit to kill flying enemies (also use spells for this) and to be able to Nether warp the constructs to them when the constructs get too far behind. You could also consider Lost spirit ships for killing flying units and alround damage. If you still want T2 to be nature then I would use mountaineer in T2 with some nature spells: (I dont have Mountaineer myself so I used razorshards)
  16. Could you also upload the log file from the error message please? The one ending with 08.24_3.log
  17. In the old Battleforge it was possible to create a new lobby as leader while people of the old match are still ingame I think. When the other players would leave the game later, they would end up in the same lobby and are able to pick a spot in the new lobby. I think when the new match starts however, the groups would split into 2 groups so that only the players who are ingame together are in a group together (players who are in not in any game would be kicked from the group, this happens when someone is in a lobby but hasnt picked a spot when the game starts). I am not 100% about this though,
  18. I havent encountered it anymore, but I also havent traded very much. Anyone else?
  19. The leader is still kicked (with a message), but I dont think the lobby is created anymore without the leader so I guess it is fine now and it is supposed to work like this?
  20. I havent experienced it anymore since you last patched it.
  21. On live there is still a bug now when the leader leaves and creates a new lobby while someone is still ingame. The leader now gets a message that someone is ingame in the old group and the leader gets kicked out of the group (half). The new lobby still gets created though (without the leader in it) and when others join that lobby they get in group with the leader (while the leader still cant see the lobby). Additional info: If the leader recreates a lobby, all seems to go to normal again.
  22. In the EA days, when someone had connection problems all players would have lag/freeze for some seconds (sometimes much more than 5 seconds though) and if it would take too long the player would get disconnected. There was a negative side effect however: when the player got reconnected or disconnected, the game would speed up very fast to make up for the frozen time (in which players were not able to do anything). If it happens like 1 or 2 times during a match, the freeze option (max 5 seconds) sounds good to me, especially if you are able to not introduce the same side effect as EA did.
  23. Name: Crash when leader leaves and makes a new lobby Severity: 1 Location: Ingame Reproducibility: Yes Description: When you are ingame with a group and the leader leaves the match and recreates a new lobby (while you are still ingame) you get the popup screen of the lobby while being ingame. After 1 or 2 seconds the game crashes. Additional info: This seems to be an old bug that was resolved some time ago but it is back again now.
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